Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids – For Health, Skin, Hair

“It’s time to live a life that you have always imagined.” For leading a healthy life, you need to follow a proper diet routine where you need to exercise as well as take the proper nutrients for your body. One of the very important facts that we need to include in your diet is Omega 3 fatty acids. It is one of the best that is always prescribed by the physicians. It is better to enhance your knowledge that omega 3 fatty acids are the kind of acids that you may not want to cut.

What is Omega-3?

  • The shorter version of omega-3 fatty acids is Omega-3.
  • This is one of such important fatty acids which doesn’t form normally in the body rather you have to include it in your diet.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous double bonds in the chemical structure which is also known to be as polyunsaturated.
  • There are a certain amount of omega-3 that is found in plants and the rest in the animals or algae.
  • The intake of this fatty acid is mandatory for the optimal functioning of the body as well as for severe health benedictions.
  • Commonly, the omega 3 fatty acids are available in certain fishes. The two crucial elements – EPA and DHA are the most crucial elements in the omega 3 fatty acids, which provide proper nutrition to the body.

When it comes to benefits, let’s take a short overview of it.

Benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids

Benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids 

  • Lowering the blood pressure among the patients
  • They help reduce the triglycerides
  • They slow down the plaque-building inside the arteries
  • The elements reduce the chance of normalizing the heart rhythm
  • This help reduce the chances of heart attack
  • Sudden heart attacks can also be curbed with the help of omega 3 fatty acids

Where from one can get the Omega 3 fatty acids?

  • As mentioned already, omega 3 fatty acids are available from fish oils. In order to get these fishes, usually, a lot of fishing is required to be done.
  • Certainly, omega 3 fatty acids can also be chemically produced but rather than that it would be beneficial to collect the fatty acids directly from the natural source and that fish.
  • Doctors may ask you to eat such fishes or medically produced (extracted oils from the fishes) supplements can be consumed to enrich the consumption of the fatty acid (omega 3) in the body.

Health Benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids

health Benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids 

1. Prevents Depression and Anxiety

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are one of such things that helps in the prevention of the mental disorders.
  • One of such factors is depression which showcases symptoms like laziness, sadness, cornering oneself from the daily social life.
  • Another same factor is anxiety where a person suffers from nervousness and constant tension.
  • That means a person suffering from the above disorders can take up omega-3 as supplements or through food to get the relief from such occurrences.
  • Even studies have showcased the same factors. As omega-3 is filled with 3 fatty acids, out of which EPA is the one that helps in the prevention of depression. It acts as an anti-depressant.

2. Helps in reducing Metabolic Syndrome

  • Metabolic Syndrome consists of gaining belly fat, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, low HDL level as well as high triglycerides.
  • This is one of the major health issues which are a warning call to other diseases in the body including heart and type 2 diabetes.
  • Intake of Omega-3 fatty acids or supplements helps in the prevention and reduction of the insulin resistance.
  • It also heals the risk for heart diseases and reduces inflammation.

3. Fighting against Autoimmune Diseases

  • This is one such form of disease where mistakenly the immune system considers the healthy cells to be the foreign ones and attacks them.
  • One of the core examples is where the immune system attacks the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. And this is known to be as type 1 diabetes.
  • Research has showcased that the intake of right about of omega-3 fatty acids is directly linked to the prevention of autoimmune diseases in the first place.
  • Also, studies state that omega-3 is known to treat lupus, ulcerative colitis Crohn’s disease, and psoriasis.

4. Might help in the prevention of Cancer

  • Omega-3 is known to be one of the effective prevention of certain cancers at an early stage.
  • As per the research, almost 55 percent of the people have lowered the risk of colon cancer.
  • Intake of Omega-3 has a direct connection to reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.
  • Helps in the reduction of fat in the liver
  • There are liver diseases that occur even when you are non-alcoholic.
  • This results in an obesity epidemic which is one of the chronic liver diseases in the world.
  • Intaking of omega-3  fatty acids in the form of supplements that are shown to reduce liver fats as well as inflammation in people who are suffering from NAFLD.

5. Makes Bones and Joint Healthy

  • The worse disorder in the skeletal system is arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids help in the improvement of bone strength by increasing the calcium in the body. This also helps in the reduction of osteoporosis.
  • When it comes to arthritis, omega-3 supplements tends to reduce the pain in the joints and enhances strength.

6. Helpful in Sleeping

  • Good sleep is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Due to sleep deprivation, people face problems like depression, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Intake of a low level of omega-3 helps in the prevention of sleep problems in children and sleep apnea in adults.

Omega-3 Benefits for Skin

Omega-3 Benefits for skin

  • There are special benefits of intaking omega-3 supplements that highly enhances your skin. Let’s delve into more details –
  • Omega-3 has an anti-inflammatory property that helps in curbing out inflammation. Thus, there is a prevention of redness and swelling on the face. That is why omega- is highly recommended for eczema and dermatitis as well.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids have healthy fat content that works as a bridge to keep the skin moisturized and keep the irritation out from the skin.
  • When there is a dry weather, the skin tends to face irritation and also gets prone to dulling agents. Intake of Omega-3 keeps your skin fresh, flawless and hydrated.
  • Having good anti-inflammatory properties, omega-3 fatty acids layers fats that help in the protection of the skin cells which acts as an active barrier against UV rays.
  • Eating packaged food filled with omega-3 fatty acids like chia seeds, spinach, and kidney seeds help in supporting skin’s structure that helps in the preventing wrinkles.

Omega-3 Benefits for Hair

Omega-3 Benefits for Hair

  • As omega-3 is not naturally produced, you need to intake the fatty acids in your diet for several health benefits and one among such benefits of omega-3 fatty acids is luscious hair.
  • Intake of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements helps in the prevention of hair loss.
  • Not only this, it encourages healthy hair growth, reduces breakage and nourishes your hair.
  • Intake of the proper amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the body will help reduce and prevent dry, itchy scalp, increasing natural hair elasticity and leaving your hair with a beautiful shine without the use of hair products.

Omega-3 Benefits for Men

Omega-3 benefits

  • Omega-3 fatty acids helps in the reduction of inflammation in the body which might occur or lead to heart diseases, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other risky diseases.
  • Prevents from the risk of obesity by helping in the improvement of the body’s response to insulin through the secretion of leptin. This is one of such hormones that helps in the regulation of excessive food intake, gaining body weight and metabolism.
  • Enhancement in the memory and brain functioning.
  • From prostate, esophageal and colorectal cancer, omega-3 is highly beneficial in the prevention of such cancers at the early stage.
  • The cell membrane’s fluidity is maintained that is highly important for the maintenance of your health.
  • Not only this, implementing omega-3 in your diet helps in male fertility. That means the intake of the proper amount of omega-3 in the diet of men can result in stronger and high-quality sperm.

Is eating Omega 3 rich foods be proper?

Omega 3 rich foods

Eating Omega 3 rich foods will certainly be helpful but that will not fulfill all the requirements. As an example, Omega 3 helps curb the stiffness of the joints alongside pain (caused by the stiffness). They may also perfectly cure depression among the patients. Certainly, in order to achieve all these things, one does not only need to eat healthy foods in a proper way but also needs supplements. The omega 3 capsules can properly fulfill the requirements of the patients and help them live a better life. Moreover, would be mothers also need the Omega 3 supplements, as DHA is known to improve the visual and the neurological developments among the infants.

When do you need to have Omega 3 capsules?

Omega 3 fatty acid capsules

If you are suffering from problems like –

  • Depression
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Having high blood-fat levels
  • In order to ease the menstrual pain among women
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mood-swing (especially during pregnancy)

In these cases, you need the Omega 3 capsules because you may not be able to deal with these troubles by eating cooked fishes (Omega 3 rich) only.

Cardiovascular problems may also be taken care of by Omega 3 dosages. Apart from that people can use the Omega 3 capsules for the betterment of the brain-health. In fact, Omega 3 fatty acid supplements also help prevent dementia. People with bipolar disorder also need the Omega 3 capsules.

What potential problem may appear with lack of Omega 3 fatty acids?

  • Low Omega 3 may affect the teens badly enough. In fact, the low Omega 3 may make the teens more anxious. Different sorts of pressures regarding work and other factors during the teenage years may not fall easily on them.
  • However, on the physical part, the anxiety among the teens may affect them badly enough. Considering the factor, the doctors may suggest them using Omega 3 capsules, which can effectively treat such nutrition-induced trouble.
  • Lack of Omega 3 fatty acids may affect the new born babies and infants as well. Therefore, based on the symptoms, the pediatricians and other doctors can prescribe required medications to the patients.
  • Anxiety during the pregnancy periods is not new or surprising. However, with the help of the dosages of Omega 3 capsules, the would-be mothers can shed the anxiety and give birth to healthy babies at healthy physical state.

Does Omega 3 fatty acid increase fat

All humans need to deal with two kinds of fats –

1) Saturated fat

2) Unsaturated fat.

The saturated fats are known as “trans fats” as well. They are found in cakes or other processed foods. They tend to increase the number of bad fats in the body. The same will certainly not happen when it comes to the dietary fats.

A dietitian associated with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, named Ms. Kellie Hong, says, “…some fats, namely monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which are good for health and help reduce the risk of heart disease. In particular, Omega 3, a type of polyunsaturated fat, is the key to optimal health”. The human body cannot produce Omega 3 all by itself and therefore, it needs external help. That is why it seems essential to keep Omega 3 in the daily diet.

It means that all human bodies need fats. Not the bad source of fat indeed, but certainly the good source of it. Omega 3 supplements can help people with those useful fat substances for sure.


Omega-3 fatty acids has numerous benefits. It is all about the quantity or the amount that you need to include in your diet. It is always better to consult the expert if you are allergic to any of the natural source of omega-3. Before intaking the supplements, get in touch with the experts to garner the knowledge for a healthy, fit and young life.

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