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Contact Lens

Whether you are used to wearing contact lenses and are looking for a cheaper alternative or you are planning to start wearing them, ordering them online is always a good idea. It’s not only a smart way to save time but you are also able to save money. All you have to do is make an online order and wait to receive your contact supplies for the month on your doorstep. It’s that convenient. Besides, you always have the time to shop around for the finest deals.

Contact Lens

Talking of the best deals, my favorite store has to be EZ Contacts. There are a couple of reasons why. For one, they don’t have hidden fees. Basically, the price that you see on the website is what you’ll pay. You don’t even have to pay something extra for shipping. The lenses are generally inexpensive if compared to most stores. They have incredible discounts for their top contact lens brands such as Acuvue, Dallies, Air Optix, and Biofinity.

Secondly, they have amazing reward programs for their customers such as EZ Points Reward Program which gives you a point that is worth a discount for every 2$ that you spend. Additionally, you can find EZ Contacts USA coupons online and be able to use them to score a significant discount on your purchase. So, if you are looking for the best prices for contact lens, you have to consider EZ Contacts.

Here are my favorite picks:

Day Acuvue Moist

This is a 90-day pack that is very cost-effective. You are required to wear a single contact lens a day to be disposed of when you go to bed. Basically, you need 4 boxes a year for a single eye.  The lens is a product of Johnson & Johnson and is tinted for easy handling visibility. The interesting thing is that you are able to earn about 223 EZ points when you buy the box. So, the more boxes you buy, the more points you accumulate.

Acuvue 2

This is also another Johnson & Johnson product. The box comprises 6 lenses and you’ll need four for each eye in one year. They are also tainted just like the 1-Day Acuvue Moist lens. However, unlike 1-Day Acuvue lenses that are meant for daily disposal, Acuvue 2 lenses are meant for biweekly disposal. Therefore, they are a cost-effective option. The other unique feature is that they do not have color fill, so they tend to look clear.

Acuvue Oasys

This Johnson & Johnson product allows you to get 107 EZ points for every purchase you make. Each box has 6 lenses and they are meant for biweekly disposal. You’ll, therefore, need 4 boxes a year to meet the needs of a single eye. The lens is generally soft-designed to give you absolute comfort even when sleeping. They are a cost-saving option since you are not required to dispose of the lens after a single wearing.

Dailies Total 1

Like the 1-Day Acuvue pack, this pack contains 90 lenses that are meant for daily disposal. So, you’ll also need 4 boxes for each eye in one year. Each time you make a purchase, you gain 339 EZ points. You are guaranteed the most points than any other purchase. It’s a product of Alcon that’s characterized with no color and comprises 80% water. Thus, it’s a softer, moistened, and clear lens. You’ll feel comfortable wearing it all day.

Biofinity 6 Pack

These contact lenses employ Aquaform technology to guarantee hydration and breathability. Thus, the lenses stay soft and alive for long to guarantee you extra comfort when wearing them. Each pack contains 6 lenses and you can wear each lens for several days

Air Optix Aqua

This is a monthly disposable contact lens pack that’s a product of Alcon-Ciba. Each box contains 6 lenses. For this reason, you need 4 boxes in a year for a single eye. The lenses are produced by advanced technology to necessitate comfort by minimizing hydration. Oxygen flows freely to keep the lens healthy and active. So, you are guaranteed a natural feel all day. Their soft nature means that you can use them for at least 6 nights.

With the above contact lens from EZ contacts, you are guaranteed incredible savings. The products are really great in performance and you don’t have to fear for anything since they are certified and are of high quality. They may be your favorite too.


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