Must-Try Labuan Bajo Culinary!


Every region in Indonesia is famous for its cultural and culinary diversity, same thing with Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. Besides being famous for its extraordinary natural beauty, Labuan Bajo also has unique dishes that are different from other regions.

Maybe for those of you who have never been there before, you may only be familiar with Labuan Bajo’s seafood dishes. But, actually there are still many other culinary varieties in Labuan Bajo you must try while on vacation there.

  1. Stir-fried Papaya Blossom

Not only enjoyed on a regular day, stir-fried papaya blossom is also known as eid food as a side dish served with rice. This is a well-known dish and you must try it if you visit Labuan Bajo.

Don’t hesitate to try stir-fried papaya blossom which is known to be bitter, because with the right processing method coupled with the appropriate spices, eating stir-fried papaya blossom as a side dish is a very enjoyable thing to do.

2. Bose Corn

Corn is an alternative food that contains carbohydrates besides rice. If you are on a diet program and are going on vacation to Labuan Bajo, this kind of alternative can be an option. Because besides being processed using corn, bose corn consists of several ingredients such as red beans and pumpkin.

It tastes savory because it is processed with coconut milk. This signature dish is too good to be missed. 

3. Jintan

In contrast to the kitchen spice (Jintan also means caraway in English), Jintan is a typical Labuan Bajo dish that is suitable as a snack. On Komodo Dragon Island and the surrounding islands, Jintan is served as a light meal and eaten with hot tea while you’re relaxing.

The ingredients used are simple, flour, butter, eggs and sugar. This dish is also available in the form of packages that are sold in gift shops there.

 4. Flores Coffee

Labuan Bajo is also famous for its Flores coffee. This drink is served in many taverns, restaurants and souvenir centers. For those of you, black coffee lovers, you should not miss tasting a cup of Flores coffee.

 5. Rebok

The last Labuan Bajo culinary dish discussed in this article is Rebok. Unlike the others, this dish is a powder made of rice flour mixed with grated coconut.

This dish is similar to Sagon on the island of Java. Usually, this dish is served at certain occasions, such as a traditional party or a welcoming party at home.

 That’s a small part of the signature dishes of Labuan Bajo that you must try if you visit there. Apart from these dishes, of course, there are many other Labuan Bajo culinary delights that you can explore there.



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