Things You Didn’t Know About Mukesh Ambani’s House – Antilia

Mukesh Ambani is a renowned business tycoon who has spread his business across diverse segments. Apart from the talks being discussed on the various businesses making enormous profits, how can we miss Antilia?

Some Outrageous Facts About Mukesh Ambani’s House(Antilia)

Antilia is a well-known private residence that is located in South Mumbai. The proud owners Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani have instructed to design the house with utmost precision and care. It is located in Altamount Street, being a very posh locality. It is surprising to know that there are over 600 staff members who maintain this house on a daily basis. The name Antilia is inspired from the mythic island of the same name. The total area is of 4,00,000 sq. ft. with outstanding interiors. Considering the expensiveness, it stands next to Buckingam Palace.

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The construction started in the year 2006 and the time taken to complete the building was about four years. It is known to have a distinct appearance. The materials used for the construction, the desiging ideas etc. are all unique. As per Nita Ambani’s wish every element in the house is known to have a unique design.Antilla 1

It is a 20-storey building with an area of 400000 sq feet. The attractive feature of the setup is the 6 underground level parking and 3 helicopter pads. It is said that the construction cost of the building itself is more than $1 billion. Another thing to note is the electricity bill in one month at Antilia would usually be around Rs. 70 lakhs. The ceilings are at a greater height and this is one of the highlights of the building. It has 9 elevators that are meant for the family members and guests. You can also find a salon, a private movie theater with a capacity to accommodate 50 people, a ballroom, an ice cream parlor and also many guest suites. The crystal chandeliers that are fixed to the ballroom are amazing and makes the entire room extremely lively. It is also an earthquake proof building.

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The theme of the set up is of sun and lotus and it is made with the help of the finest materials like rare woods, marble and mother of pearl and crystal for crafting into a shape of sun and lotus. It is also featured with a snow room and the chamber is made with man-made snow flakes.

The four-storey open garden houses an atrium which is covered with lawns, gardens and flowers. You can also find a huge temple here and it is neatly decorated with many idols of god. The private room is also featured with exercise center, spa, yoga spot and prayer room. The house is inspired from Atlantic ocean. The W shaped beams support the upper floor. The interiors are designed in an extremely fine way for saving energy and the hanging gardens are featured for absorbing the sunlight for keeping the house fresh and cool. The house is elevated so that maximum sunlight can be got to keep the house bright and lively.

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Four floors have been reserved for parking and 200 cars can be parked at a time. There is also a car service station towards the seventh floor. It is truly wonderful even to view such a set up as every element is featured in a beautiful way.

Antilia is a beautiful residential building that has hosted numerous parties till date. The whole residence is  decked up during the special occasions and parties. It is truly a modern home filled with Indian values.

Soon there would be wedding private parties related to the wedding celebrations in this mansion and we cant wait to see how the entire house will be decked up. It is sure that the pictures would be taking rounds on social media with the amazing pictures of the people and mansion. We can usually find Nita Ambani posing for pictures at her home that gets circulated on the social media platform and that is when we get a slight sight of Antilia. We must say that the house is well-maintained and a royal touch has been given by the interiors, furniture etc.

Getting a glimpse of Antilia would itself be a great thing and it is undoubtedly considered an architectural marvel.

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