Moving From The US To Study In Canada

From government structure to healthcare, there are some major differences between the US and Canada and education is no exception. If you or someone you know is considering attending college in the Great White North or the US, there are a few factors to keep in mind, from the cost of tuition to the campus experience.

You’ll get a multicultural experience without going that far from home. You can get to Montreal and Toronto from New York in just a 90-minute flight or less, so you don’t have to go far from the United States to broaden your horizons. The natives speak English–and French.

Moving From The US To Study In Canada

Applying to university in Canada as an international student does not happen overnight, so make sure you start planning at least a year in advance. You will choose and apply for a specific major when applying for university in Canada but unlike the UK, this tends to be more flexible if you change your mind.

The application process varies widely from course to course, and university to university. So, reach out to the universities you are interested in and they will send you their own application packs that should explain the process. Make sure you double-check the start date on your visa to ensure you arrive in the country when you are supposed to – nasty surprises at immigration are a pretty bad way to launch your new life in Canada.

Most people who live in Ontario probably know that it is, overall, a great place to live. It’s home to Canada’s biggest city, two renowned wine regions (Niagara-on-the-Lake and the super on-trend Prince Edward County) and some very lush cottage country.

The process of buying real estate in Canada is quite different from buying a home in the US.

Because the Canadian and US real estate markets have had such different experiences in the last 10 years (the Canadian recession of 2008 lasted about 6 months), there aren’t REOs, short-sales or foreclosures in Canada. The market for homes is extremely strong. For example, if looking at Halton Homes for Sale – you’re likely to experience a bidding war over a deal. You’ll want to work with a local real estate agent who can help you balance the risks and opportunities of owning a property in their community.

At every level of higher education in Canada, student life is a huge part of your experience. Colleges and universities connect you with friends and colleagues who will remain valuable contacts throughout your career. You’ll likely enjoy a fun and active social life—whether it’s meeting friends for coffee, going out to pubs or clubs, experiencing your city outside of school hours, or travelling around Canada during your study breaks with friends.




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