Most Useful Tools And Features That You Should Know About GoGoPDF

It’s crucial that you are familiar with your PDF tool so that if you need to use it in the future, you’ll be able to use it easier and faster. GoGoPDF is one of the best choices of PDF tools right now, and here are some of its most useful tools and features that you should know about GoGoPDF.

PDF Converter

If you’re often working with PDF files, the essential tool you’ll need to use or find is a PDF converter. So, what PDF converter does? It’s pretty beneficial yet straightforward. So what it does is that it converts your PDF to different formats such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, JPG, HTML, and vice versa.

This type of conversion is beneficial and, at the same time, helpful, especially if you need to revise your final paper, update some financial report, send your presentation, or even create your monthly report. It’s also crucial that the PDF converter you use is reliable, or else you might end having a damaged or corrupted PDF file.

If you haven’t tried using GoGoPDF’s PDF converter tool yet, you don’t need to worry. Here’s how you use GoGoPDF’s free PDF converter online. The very first action that you should do is upload your PDF to the PDF Converter. After uploading, GoGoPDF’s system will automatically start scanning your PDF, and it will proceed to convert your PDF.

Compress PDF

If your file size or PDF size is just too big, and you can’t easily send it to your recipient. GoGoPDF has a straightforward solution for you. This tool lets you reduce or minimize your PDF size so that you’ll be able to send or transfer it easier. Also, GoGoPDF’s Compress PDF is free of charge, which means that you can compress multiple files without paying anything.You can use free pdf editors online to help you out with your documents.

Compress PDF is also one of the fastest PDF compressors on the market right now. It can compress files within just minutes, which is pretty impressive. Furthermore, GoGoPDF’s Compress PDF can reduce particular PDF files up to 114 DPI, allowing you to transfer your file easier and faster. 

Compress PDF also provides an easy download feature. Once the compressing process is done, GoGoPDF will give you multiple download options. You can download it back to your personal computer, email it, publish, and even share it directly to your social media account, which is a pretty convenient option to have.

Repair PDF

If your PDF has been corrupted or damaged, and you couldn’t recover your invaluable information, if that’s the case, the Repair PDF tool by GoGoPDF will help you solve your problem. To start repairing your PDF, you need to upload or get your file from your Google Drive or Dropbox and put it on GoGoPDF’s Repair PDF tool.

After adding your damaged file to the Repair PDF tool, the system will automatically start analyzing your file to know how badly damaged it is. It’s worth knowing that not all damaged or corrupted files can be repaired or saved. If a particular PDF is heavily damaged, GoGoPDF will not save your file; the Repair PDF tool can only do so much.

PDF Reader of GoGoPDF

If you need to view, flip, or you need to read a particular PDF, GoGoPDF’s PDF Reader will help you access your PDF directly from your browser. Another awesome thing about this PDF reader is that you can use it in any browsers out there, such as Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome, and even Edge.

GoGoPDF’s PDF Reader also provides useful and fun multi-features. You can rotate, renumber, and even zoom a specific PDF, making it the best PDF Reader right now. GoGoPDF also provides excellent customer privacy protection, which means that all your information is safe from cyber threats.

Takeaway of GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF offers a wide range of PDF tools that you’ll not often find from other PDF sites, making it unique. Also, GoGoPDF is not only limited to PDF Reader, Repair PDF, Compress PDF, and PDF Converter tools. GoGoPDF has still other PDF tools that were not mentioned here. You can check them on GoGoPDF’s main site.

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