Most Interesting UK Cryptocurrency Statistics

To most people around the globe, so little is known about the crypto realm. In 2021 UK crypto statistics showed that at least one owns some crypto in every five people. Some held them for well thought through reasons while others not so much. In this article, we shall be looking at some of the statistics we hope you will find interesting about crypto. Let’s get to it then.

Bitcoin’s Market Share in 2021 Was 60%

In the crypto realm being at the top of the food chain and staying are two different things. Today, you can be on the top list, and you are knocked out in the next few days. In 2019 more than a thousand rose and fell. However, for Bitcoin, it is a bit different. Statistics confirm the day in and day out that it takes about half of the market share. In addition, the stats also imply that other cryptocurrencies are evaluated against them by marketers.

In 2021, London Was The Only City to Surpass 100 ATMs for Crypto

In 2021, the UK had about 230 ATMs for crypto, and 141 of them were in London. it meant that the distribution was quite uneven. In addition, two cities, Manchester [13] and Birmingham [23], had more than 10 Crypto ATMs. Other close ones included Cardiff with seven and Leeds with four.

By February 2021 9.8 Million British People Owned Crypto

In 2018, only about 1.5 million people had cryptocurrencies in the UK. But following the statistics, UK cryptocurrency statistics noted a six-fold increment in the number of crypto owners in the UK as of February indicates the adoption rate of crypto in the UK alone.

Half of Crypto Owners had Crypto Worth Less than €260

A survey carried out in 2020 revealed that about half of crypto owners had less than €260 invested in cryptocurrencies. The survey also went ahead to show that about 5% of them had more than €7000 financed while 1% had invested more than €22,588 in crypto.

About Half of The Owners Stored Crypto Where They Bought It

46% of crypto owners decide to keep their crypto where they purchased it, while 34% of owners transferred their cryptocurrencies to another online crypto-wallets. The remaining percentage chose to hold their crypto offline or refused to disclose where they stored their crypto.

March 2021, About 500 Businesses Began To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

The business that took crypto in the payment either through ATMs or in-store payments were from the fields of consumer electronics, Information Technology services, restaurants, media cafes and coffee shops.

Bitcoin has a Market Cap of 814 Billion British Pounds

A market capitalization is a calculation carried out by multiplying a cryptocurrency’s price reference by its circulating supply. Bitcoin’s market cap, for example, would be taking its price reference €44,000 and multiplying it with the number of Bitcoins circulating in the market-18.5 million, giving us a market cap of around €814 billion.

Don’t Get Left Behind

The number of Crypto owners is growing day by day. Furthermore, crypto payment, more so Bitcoin, is also on a steady inclined rise. It is never to late to invest in this expanding field. It is also important to note that the numbers from UK cryptocurrency statistics suggest that the growth of cryptocurrency is based on belief and how rigid the belief is.


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