Most Iconic Royal wedding Dresses

A marriage is made in heaven. And a well-known thing about it is that marriage and love goes together like a horse and a carriage. For a bride it’s a very special day.She should look as bright as sun. But what makes her look adorable? Yes…. her pretty look is all because of her massive and attention capturing wedding gown. The wedding dress should be as nutty as the wedding cake.

In a wedding the bride is considered as the beauty icon.She is just as luminous as a winner of a beauty contest. Her dress is the main element of her beauty but being massive it is a great task to carry it for the whole time during wedding. So, her dress is pined up to keep it in its fixed position. There are many ordinary pins used for such purposes, but the lapel pins are the best ones due to their superb performance. But the color combination and design of her dress matters the most. Here are some best color combinations for wedding dresses;

4 best Outfit Color combination

bridal lehnga

As the most mesmerizing color is red and also considered as a symbol of good luck so it is likely to wear on wedding. But with the passing time, trends and fashion have got a new look. There is a vast variety in the colors and sizes that can be used in wedding for fixing purposes.

1. ROYAL BLUE lehenga with BRIGHT RED blouse gives an amazing look. The stroller should be of net piece with heavy silver work on its border. It gives a royal look to the bride. Golden heavily stoned jewelry with such colors is the best combination.

2. PEACH colored long frock with light silver work on the border side spreading up looks brilliant. A maroon color stroller with simple work of silver fiber makes it attractive.Bride looks more beautiful by wearing silver light weighted jewelry with high heels.

3. COPPER colored lehenga with a blouse of deep blue color and heavy stoned work on it gives bride gorgeous look. Fancy stroller and jewelry with such dress looks amazing. Hair color of bride also matters and it should be light brown so that every design looks good.

4. BRIGHT RED lehenga and blouse with heavy golden work at the extreme borders of both, the stroller of bright red color with golden work adds to its beauty. Here again the heavily stoned golden jewelry works best with high golden colored heels.

Bridal wedding outfit

As we are trying to make things more attractive they are getting fragile too. The bridal gown is one of them. Now a days brides are wearing long tailed gowns with high heels. Wearing a shoal has now become a tradition. Not only this but the stroller choose for wearing to cover head is usually of silk or some net stuff with really heavy work on its extreme borders.

Talking about the bridal wedding outfit, most of the bride also wear silver big boarded long frock with royal blue patch full of silver shinny stones. Flowers in the hands of bride should also be in contrast to the bridal outfit. Most of the flowers used in wedding for such purposes includes calla lily, tulip, hydrangeas, peony, ranunculus, stephanotis and  sweet peas.

But the most likely and frequently used flower in wedding for such purposes is rose. It’s not only the king of flowers but also looks really fair with the outfit of the bride.

Casual Groom outfit

The groom is the second most charming personality in a wedding. His outfit and style is as essential as bride’s. His dress should be in contrast with brides. Most of the groom are nowadays wearing relevant colors to the bridal dress likewise, the groom use designed lapel pins of their bride’s name that is super easy to order online. Tuxedo is a formal dress for groom with a big bow or a tie with it. This dress is further medals with decorated pin of their bride’s name at the right or left side of the dress.

Royal jewelry with bridal dress

Pure gold is used in making the accessories use by bride. But their combination to the bridal dress should be perfect. As all the jewelry is in gold and bride don’t want to wear any accessories except gold then there is another option to order stone in any kind of metal she want.

But the work on the dress of bride also matters with the selection of jewelry as if the dress is fully stoned, the jewelry should be simple and plain. But, if the dress is not much heavy then the jewelry should be large and fancy. It is done with great perfection. None of the stone will be attached at wrong position. That give the pin great look and makes it best in its quality.

The accessories used by bride includes bangles, earrings,rings and much more.If it is a royal wedding the accessories with huge stones don’t give a flaw. But wearing light weight jewelry with a long dress is a perfect match.

Latest trending bridal Gown designs

The gown of a bride is really long tailed that six to seven flower girls are supposed to manage it for the bride. The most iconic royal wedding color is white but now off-white color and light pink color is also inn.The overhead stroller is in net stuff that is light and is relatively small to ordinary stroller. The gown goes after the bride but the stroller used to cover the face is designed so that the head side is full of flowers or a crown. The most frequently used design is that of crown because of its majestic look. The crown is either made up of flowers or stones.

The frock or bridal dress have a number of designs. But tailed frocks are more common and their belt of flowers in the meddle gives it more worthy look.

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