Top 18 Most Haunted Places In India


There are a number of haunted places in India with a mysterious history and spine-chilling stories around them. Some even dare to visit such haunted place and have claimed to have encountered with screaming noises, following shadows, disappearing figures, floating heads etc. These places are scary and creepy and are a home to paranormal activities.

Most of the times, the haunted places are generally old hospitals, cemeteries, deep forests, etc. these places look very scary and the tales that run around made by the folks of the area create even more of a terrifying picture. These tales and stories have moved from generations and nobody dares to defy the fact of the presence of supernatural powers.

List of the Most Haunted Places in India

Ghosts and spirits can be found anywhere; nobody knows what really happens in a room after the sun goes down. They may be present in a crowded train, on hills and valleys, on the streets, in institutions, organizations or even in some hospitals. Here are the list of most haunted places in india:

1Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Located in Rajasthan, Kuldhara is a spooky town situated 20 km to the west of Jaisalmer. It is known to be one of the most haunted places in India.

The village was once prosperous with Paliwal Brahmins as inhabitants. Everyone abandoned the village overnight. Legend says that Salim Singh, the Prime Minister of Jaisalmer State, kept his eyes on the daughter of the village chief. When the chief opposed this match, he was threatened of levying huge taxes by the minister. To escape the minister’s wrath and save their honor, the entire village packed up and vanished. Nobody knows where they have gone.

Currently, the town ruins abandoned. Post sundown the gates to Kuldhara are shut.

2Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh fort is one of the most haunted places in india, comes at number two in our list. The mystery behind Bhangarh fort has two stories.

The first story is of Baba Balau Nath, a hermit that lived around the fort area. He was asked to permit building a city by Emperor Madho Singh. The saint permitted with a condition that the Emperor’s palace’s shadow should never fall on his home. If the king fails to do so, the city would be cursed and crumbled into ruins. The king failed to keep up the promise and the city ruined.

The second story goes that a wizard named Singhia was rejected by a princess named Ratnavati. Tales say that he offered her a charm-oil that would make her fall in love with him. She rejected him and threw the oil away. Humiliated by this, he cursed the palace. He cursed that the inhabitants died without any scope of rebirth. The locals also believe that anybody that spends the night in the Bhangarh fort is never seen again.

3Shaniwarwada, Pune

This home was built in the honor of Peshwa Bajirao in the year 1732.

The story of this haunted place goes that in 1773, the fifth ruling Peshwa Narayanrao was killed as per the orders of his uncle Raghunathrao and aunt Anandibai. Rumors say that people still hear the spirit of Narayanraoscreaming in Marathi,“Kaka mala wachawa”meaning “Uncle save me”. Also, a great fire started in the palace in the year 1828 and continued blazing for seven days killing several people in the fortress. The ghosts of these people haunt the fortress today.

4Agrasen Ki Bauli, New Delhi

King Agrasen built the wide historical step in Delhi in the 14th c. It measures 60 meters in length and 15 meters in width.

The intensity of negative energy and supernatural vibrations rises when one is stepping down the well’s 108 steep steps. The visitors have felt a strong spooky presence. The local folks also say that the well water entices people to dive into it and kill themselves.

5Ramoji Film city, Telangana

The property stands on the battle-field of the Nizams. It is a film studio as well as an amusement park. The place is haunted by the spirits of the dead soldiers. Strange words in Urdu scribbled on the mirrors, bathroom doors being knocked loudly etc. are seen.  The spirits attack mostly women rather than men.

6Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

An old palace of the early 19th c, Brij Raj Bhavan Palace was converted into a hotel in the 1980’s. It is haunted by the spirit of a harmless ghost, Major Burton.During the mutiny of 1857, the Indian sepoys killed him. The spirit is said to be walking in the palace corridors and slap the guards that slept during duty.

7Dumas Black Sand Beach, Surat

This beach in Surat was a used as a cemetery for several tortured souls for a long time. People that visited the beach have reported hearing whispers while they were alone on the beach. And those that went for a stroll in the midnight never returned.

8Tunnel No. 33 on Shimla-Kalka Train Route:

Tunnel No 33 on the Kalka-Shimla train route was supposed to be built by a British engineer Captain Barog. He failed to build the tunnel so the British penalized him. Captain Barog got humiliated and killed himself of shame. It is rumored that his spirit roams in the tunnel. People that encounter with is spirit have reported of having a friendly conversation with them. Local folks also claim of having seen a female spirit that runs screamingly into the tunnel and then vanished.

9Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Charleville Mansion belongs to the British Era and is among one of the haunted places in india. It is a hundred year old abandoned mansion.

In 1913 the British officer Victor Bayley and his wife rented the mansion. He was unaware of the fact that the house-mates included a poltergeist. He came to know of it through some of the tales told by the local folks. So to test the truth behind the haunted tales, he decided to conduct some experiments. He locked-up the room where most of the ghostly activities were seen. After some time he was shocked to see the situation of the room. After opening the room he found that the room was shattered. A number of other stories also have been reported by Bayley and other people that resided in the house.

10Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie

Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie is one of the most haunted hotels in India. Haunting tales of a woman’s spirit named Lady Garnet Orme are very famous. It is believed that the lady was murdered by consuming strychnine that was added to her medicine bottle. After some years, the doctor who added it to her medicine was found dead in similar situations. The incident created so much buzz that several books and novels including the Agatha Christie novel-The Mysterious Affair at Styles have given a reference of the hotel.

11Delhi Cantonment Area: Spooky by the night

Cantonment area is a beautiful place to see as it is clean and green. When the sun goes down, the beauty of the area turns spooky. Local folks and passersby have claimed of seeing a woman draped in a sari asking for a lift. They have also reported seeing the woman chasing the vehicle at an inhuman speed.

12The Karkardooma, Delhi Court

A number of lawyers at Karkardooma Court Complex have experienced paranormal activities. Many areas of Delhi have haunting encounters; of them, this one is really scary and unanticipated. The court has the Surveillance camera installed everywhere and has recorded the opening and shutting of doors, drawers being pulled out and the files being plucked off them, flickering lights, shady figures appearing on and through the walls, and also the movement of empty chairs.

13Malcha Mahal in Delhi:

Built back in the Tughlaq era Malcha Mahal is a haunted one. The mystery behind the spookiness of the palace is that one of the last progenies of the royal family of Oudh, Princess Wilayat Mahal, was not given her estate back post-independence. Stricken by grief she killed herself by drinking powdered diamond. The royal palace area is haunted by her spirit ever since.

There are also rumors that say the people that have tried to enter the palace without authorization have never returned alive. The truth behind the rumor does not stand on facts, yet it does not stop the people from believing this palace to be a haunted one.

14Kundanbagh Witches’ Lair Hyderabad

The mystery behind this 2-storeyed house in Kundanbagh is that a thief broke into the house and found 3 dead bodies of the owners. Terrified as hell, the thief ran to the police station for reporting the case. The Forensic reports of the dead bodies stated the death date to be approximately 3 months before the thief broke-in. However,the neighbors report of seeing the mother and 2 daughters walking in the balcony at midnight and also lighting of candles in the house. These activities were observed even before a day prior or to the detection of their dead bodies.

15Chandan Nagar, Pune

Ten years ago, during the construction of a building in Chandan Nagar, a girl from the locality died. Since then, her spirit haunts the area. People have reported seeing a young girl holding a doll in her hand dressed in a blood-stained white frock. The reason for her death is still a mystery.

16The Mansion on Residency Club Road

The reputed mansion nearby the Residency Club in Pune is one among most haunted places in India. It is haunted by the ghost of an elderly lady. She lived in the mansion and was murdered in her own mansion. Passersby and local folks have reported of seeing a mysterious shadowy figure of an old woman staring out of the window screaming for help.

17Vas Villa on St Mark’s Road in Bangalore

Vas sisters lived in the Vas Villa. Doice Vas and Vera Vas were the daughters of a well-known lawyer. The story is that one day; Doice was killed by stabbing to death when she was in her home. She was buried in the house yard and then Vera moved out. The house is now haunted by Doice’s spirit.The research teams looking for paranormal activities have established the presence of some negative energy in the villa.

18D’Souza Chawl Mahim- Mumbai

The residents of the Chawl experienced sightings of a lady walking around. She doesn’t cause any harm to anyone but vanishes into thin air. The story behind the spirit is that a woman living in the Chawl died plunging into a boundary-less well while filling water.

Top 18 Most Haunted Places In India
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