Most Engaging Ethical Topics For Your Assignments

As a student, you will come across different topics. Indeed, the major aim of being in college is to develop your ability to understand the world around you. This may mean engaging in topics that others may consider to be controversial. Such essays that have ethical aspects require deep analysis to present your point of view. If you want your assignments to earn high marks, the following are some of the argumentative philosophy essay topics you can focus on.

Plastic Surgery for Teenagers

The society has emphasized on outward appearance. The media, in particular, has focused on looks. Adverts on traditional media and social media argue individuals to purchase products that enhance their beauty. This has captured the attention of more people in society, especially teenagers. Plastic surgery has been propagated as one of the effective ways of achieving the “dream look.” Undergoing the procedure presents a level of risk and also lifelong consequences. This is one of the philosophy topics to write about since you can argue whether or not teenagers should be allowed to proceed and undergo plastic surgery. You can get in touch with a write my essay online writing service to get more ideas on this topic. 

Abortion and Consequences

The advancement of women’s rights has seen the rise of pro-choice and pro-life groups. On the one hand, women’s groups believe that women should be allowed to determine what happens to their pregnancy. On the other hand, pro-life groups hold that women should protect the lives of the unborn. As such, the first group supports abortion while the other one is strongly opposed it. Given the weight of the matter, your ethics essay topic can be based on abortion and its implications, both to the mother and society. You can be creative and come up with topics that prove people to think more about the issue. 

The Pills Industry

Family planning is a major critical issue not only in developing countries but also in the developing world. The family planning industry has grown to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the widespread acceptance of the use of family planning pills. At the same time, the pill industry has been criticized by some religious organizations for promoting what is against their religious faith. Some of the questions that have been raised include:

  • Is the pill industry reducing population and hence reducing the workforce
  • Does the pill industry unfairly target underage children?
  • Should the industry be held accountable for the adverse effects of some of its products? 

This is among the easy philosophy paper topics you can discuss since there is much written about the topic.

Should the Choice to Die be allowed?

This is a good ethical question for discussion because of the controversy surrounding it. On the one hand, some people have pushed for people to have the right to choose to die. The proponents argue the need to allow people with chronic sicknesses and pain to be allowed to die. In other instances, some individuals have been on life-supporting machines for a long time. This causes psychological distress to the family and also increasing medical expenses. However, other groups believe that life should not be terminated, even with the permission of the individual. Since this issue raises dilemma questions, it would allow you to argue in favor of or against the issue. 

Animal Cloning

In animal cloning, scientists create an identical copy of an animal. The process entails removing a somatic cell, then transferring the DNA into the somatic cell of the recipient. Cloning is not a new thing since it has happened in many instances. The safety and efficacy of the procedure have raised controversy, with people taking different positions. As a result, this is among the ethical topics to write about. You can choose to support the issue of animal cloning or oppose it. 

Social Media and Its Implications

In the modern world, social media has become an integral part of individuals. The penetration of the Internet has led to the emergence of various social media platforms. While this has enhanced communication, it has also led to the emergence of cyberbullying, addiction, and stress among others. A critical thinking and ethics essay on this topic will enable you to prove the implications of social media on society. 

Immigration Problem

The issue of immigration has resulted in debates. According to experts from , for instance, the U.S. has been working to prevent immigrants from accessing the country. The Trump administration, in particular, has taken radical measures to prevent immigrants from the U.S. with the current immigration issues, there are various ethical topics you can come up with.

ethical and controversial topics

Conclusively, the topics provided are examples of ethical and controversial topics you can focus on. When considering these topics, you need to undertake extensive research.  

Your aim should be to impress your instructor with a well-researched essay. Once you identify any of the topics, take time and focus on an area you are interested in. Working in an area you know will enable you to write an impressive essay.

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