Most Amazing Video- Elephant Painting Elephant Performance

An elephant paints at the Maetaman Elephant camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephant amusement is ordinary in elephant camps like this, and many communities rely on this income.

Probabilities are you’ve seen one of the numerous videos of an elephant clutching a paintbrush, dropping it in paint by number, and creating a work of art like something a 5-year-old could make. It is highly unlikely this can be real. Correct?

Incorrect, the insight of elephants is similar to primates. In the interim, their apt trunks allow them to use tools to draw on paper. The peculiarity, on the other hand, lies in whether the elephant is painting spontaneously or has been prepared to do as such. As you likely have speculated, the recent is most often the case.

Watch an elephant painting elephant performance from start to finish in the video below –

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