Mandatory Fitness Items for Your Next Business Trip

Schedule Workout in Advance

Business trips, in particular, can make it difficult to continue your fitness routine. On the one hand, there is a strict time schedule you have to respect so that you do not miss your flights and most importantly, business meeting. On the other hand, there is the natural temptation of visiting local attractions, checking out street and diner food, and taking long walks to discover new places. However, there is a wide range of cool workout gear that can easily fit in your traveling bag, so all you have to do is to choose the best one for you, and schedule a training program that can go along with your itinerary. The most important thing is to schedule this in advance and stick to it after you have arrived.

Top Fitness Items for Business Travel

When you are packing your bags for an upcoming business trip and decide to include exercise equipment, you will automatically have to unpack it the moment you arrive. This fact alone will seriously increase your chances to continue your exercises during business travels. You will also be able to avoid overcrowded hotel gyms, where you might also run into fellow coworkers and colleagues.

Mandatory Fitness Items for Your Next Business Trip

So let us cut right down to the best travel workout equipment you could go for:

1. Jump Rope

When it comes to workout gear, jumping rope is one of the lightest and most efficient items you can bring along on a business trip. Any model, even professional ones weigh in less than 3 lbs. Therefore, it will occupy almost no space at all, regardless of how full the traveling luggage is. Most importantly, jump rope helps workout almost every muscle of your body, so you will not really need any additional accessories.

2. Yoga Mat

The yoga mat can also occupy minimal space when folded. Some of the best models available on the market are no thicker than 2mm, so they can go almost unnoticed in your suitcase or traveling bag. Moreover, the best part, if the weather allows it, you can visit local parks, bring the mat along and practice your yoga routine in nature.

3. Fitness Tracker

Whether you have a fitness tracker, an activity band, or a smartwatch, you can bring it along with you without having to worry about over packing. You can even wear it on your wrist during your flight, and this way you will reduce the chances of forgetting you ever packed it, once you arrive. The fitness tracker is the perfect travel workout equipment as it is already preset to your regular fitness routine.

4. Running Shoes

Running shoes might take up a bit more space in your luggage and might not fit in your suitcase. However, if you are a passionate runner, you can go for some of the newer models, which are incredibly thin and light. Instead of an extra pair of shoes, you should consider packing your running shoes. This way, you will be able to mix your running routine with sightseeing.

5. Resistance Band Set

Band sets are perfect for loop exercise, and regardless of their level of resistance, they will all occupy minimal space in your luggage. All models available are extremely compact and lightweight. They are perfect for working both your upper and lower body muscles, and you can easily use them in the comfort of your hotel room.

6. Workout Shirt and Shoes

Instead of packing an extra suit, or more shirts than you actually need, you could consider packing the best workout clothes for travel. One sweatshirt and a pair of adequate shoes should do the trick and fit easily in your luggage.

7. Vitamins

Vitamins are another great example of light and compact gear that goes along with your training program, and that will not occupy too much space in your traveling bag. They can be very beneficial for your health, and they can remind you not to overlook your diet.

8. Headphones

Music can be an extremely important factor in any workout routine. It can help your mind relax and reach the proper state for body exercise, and it can also motivate you and make you focus more. Whether it is wireless headphones or small earplugs that can be connected to your running watch or phone, they will easily fit in your bag and make you stick to your training routine during business trips.

9. AB Wheel

When it comes to workout gear, AB Wheels are one of the best and most efficient ways of exercising. They have a major impact on all your muscles and can be used both indoor and outdoor. They will occupy a bit more space in your bag, but still, nothing too significant.


Business trips can become part of one’s lifestyle, and when they are not correlated with constant body exercise, they might end up having a negative impact on health and silhouette. This is why all the workout travel equipment enlisted above can create a perfect balance between work and fitness. Their goal is to make travels healthier and more accessible to any road warrior out there.

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