Long Term versus 30 Day Inpatient Drug Rehab

While treating substance abuse, many individuals try to look out for different rehab programs available for the problem. There are two types of treatments available. It includes long term treatment and 30-day inpatient rehab centers. While both the treatment methods have their benefits, studies have revealed that the long-term treatment method for substance abuse is more effective. Most individuals these days go for the 30-day treatment option owing to the length of the treatment. However, various medical practitioners have emphasized the importance and effectiveness of long term rehab centers.They provide standard treatment methods, adjust the duration of therapy, extend care for a longer time, and ensurethe patient’s optimal level of physical and mental support.

The 30-day rehab program also provides a chance to stay clean without the requirement of long term treatment. However, for most individuals, the long-term rehab program has emerged as a more viable option because of the continued use of various kinds of therapies. It helps to curtail the chances of reverting to the previous situation. Moreover, the different types of rehab centers’ financial policies need proper evaluation before choosing the one that suits your needs and requirements.

Comparison between long term rehab centers and 30-day rehab programs

It is essential to make a note of the fact that the duration of long term rehab center programs extends from months to almost a year. There is no specific time limit, and it depends on the particular case. The extended duration is responsive to the fact that the treatment program is too short for most patients. It is the primary reason why patients go for long term rehab programs. Therapeutic communities form a long-term rehab program where the individual moves in an organization for a considerable period. The community supports the recovery of the patient, and the patient, in turn, can participate in various group therapies created for a specific purpose.

The support

The long duration of treatment provided by thecenter gives an ample amount of time to the individual to stay away from the drug. Various programs get introduced with new kinds of skillsfor the patient to cope with craving. With time,the urge for the drug slowly subsides. However, it is a long process and requires a considerable amount of patience. Studies have revealed that long-term treatment enables the patient to resist the craving better than patients who go for a 30-day treatment program where chances of relapse are much more.

Structure of the program

The 30-day treatment programs provide 15 days of a detox program and 15 days of care therapy. However, on the other hand, the long term drug rehab programs offer treatment for a longer duration of time. After the process of detoxification, the patients have ample amount of time to attend the therapy. They have time for counseling and training, as well. The program also provides time for building the structure, constructing specific exercise skills, waking up on time, regular diet, building on hobbies, and any such related activities of everyday life. It is tough to provide proper counseling and therapeutic services to the patient in a 30-day program.

Mental health

The rehab centers in Charlotte, NC, try to focus on the mental health of the individual. There are various kinds of therapies thatare especially to focus on mental health and provide support for building social skills, dealing with anxiety, stress, and managing varied emotions.

Physical health

Along with mental health, physical fitness is also of equal importance, as stressed by the long term rehab centers. Some patients have physical health problems as they do not exercise, have nutritional deficiencies, mood swings, stay depressed, and have inferior physical conditions. The centers use various tools to improve the quality of life of the patient and develop healthy living habits in them.It is tough to teach healthy habits in a person in a short time.

Keep the pace of the patient into consideration

Every patient has a unique rate of recovery.  Some may take a short period to recover, while longer duration of treatment becomes necessary for others. The inpatient drug rehab in Tampa FL, is specifically designed to cater to different individuals’ specific needs. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the patient returns to everyday life with full social, physical, and mental health.

The long term rehab centers have emerged as a more viable option in comparison to 30-day rehab programs. The above-given benefits show up on their services in connection to the latter. Experts recommend that patients who struggle with substance abuse go for long term rehab programs for their purpose. The long term rehab treatment program reduces the chances of relapse in the patient. Many patients may opt for 30-day treatment programs because of the financial aspect; however, it is always beneficial to go for long-term rehab programs that may have a lasting effect.

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