List of 2015 Comedy Films You Absolutely Can’t Miss To Watch


You’ll take sides in the battle between vampires, zombies and humans in the Kitchen Sink and fall in love with The Wedding Ringer. If you grew up in 80s, then Vacation is just the flick for you where National Lampoon comedies are revives yet again. Let’s take a look at the list of 2015 comedy films you absolutely can’t miss to watch.

List of 2015 comedy films

Hot Pursuit (May 8, 2015)


A drug dealer ends up getting caught in Texas by a committed female police officer. However things go off beam as the police officer ends up running with her prisoner, who’s the wife of the drug dealer. Things go smokin’ hot when you merge the most admired blonde of Hollywood Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara in an action comedy which proves you should never mess with Texas women. This is definitely one of the best comedies on our must-see list of 2015 comedy films!

The Wedding Ringer (January 16, 2015)


The Wedding Ringer is an action pact romantic comedy movies based on the story of a timid young groom who intends to impress his future in-laws. So how does this simple man do it? He turns to the help of an unconventional best-man-for-hire service to help him out and if your best man is Kevin Hart then obviously you need to be prepared for his bizarre plans and hysterical strategies. You may just be fortunate enough to attend your own wedding.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (February 20, 2015)


The hot tub time machine is back again and this time Jacob and Nick travel back in the past to save their friend Lou before he gets shot but they miscalculate the time travel and end up 10 years in the future! What they must to do now is to change the future so they can save their present-day life.

Unfinished Business (March 6, 2015)


Unfinished Business is the next contender on our list of 2015 comedy films, starring James Marsden, Dave Franco, Sienna Miller and Vince Vaughn. It is a story about a meticulous and fussy small business owner and his 2 associates. All three of them travel to Europe to close a business deal. However their business trip turns into a Euro trip as everything starts to go off the rails. What is a Europe trip without a formal global economic summit and an invitation to a sex fetish event?

Get Hard (March 27, 2015)


A millionaire is found guilty of fraud; he panics as he discovers that he’s heading for San Quentin prison. Before being sentenced and going behind bars, he hires a sturdy tough guy named Darnell Lewis to toughen him up and prepare him for prison. Definitely one of the funniest and must see movies of 2015!

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (April 17, 2015)


Paul Blart is an adorable mall cop and he does his job really well. He takes his job very seriously and because of his devotion and commitment he is sent to attend a Security Guard Expo in Las Vegas along with his daughter. Once again Paul is taunted and teased because of his abilities and weight however while he is in Vegas he manages to take on a bunch of dangerous art thieves.

Kitchen Sink (January 9, 2015)


Dillord is not an ordinary community. This is the place where zombies, vampires and humans get along though an unforeseen event made the residents turn against each other and the situation turns into a zombies vs. vampires vs. humans mortal combat that you would never see again in any movie! The only hope for this once serene community is in the hands of 3 teenagers who are making all possible efforts to return their community to the way it was before. Certainly one of the best comedy flicks in our list of 2015 comedy films that you can’t afford to miss.

Magic Mike XXL (July 1, 2015)


Magic Mike XXL is a comedy drama about strippers. Definitely a comedy movie that you shouldn’t miss! It is a sequel to the 2012 film Magic Mike. The strippers go on a road trip this time, to attend a convention. The road trip is one hell of a funny, long and sexy ride that would take them all the way from Tampa to Myrtle Beach. You’ll love Channing Tatum seeing as he has written as well as produced the film. This movie is must watch in our list of 2015 comedy films.

Train Wreck (July 24, 2015)


Despite having a love-hate bond with her crook of a father Gordon Townsend, Amy Townsend has learned one thing from him – that monogamy isn’t practical; Amy’s mom dad broke up when Amy was young they broke up due to her dad’s infidelity. She gets drunk and stoned often in her pursuit of random sex, with a tacit rule that there is no sleeping over after the sex is over.

Vacation (July 9, 2015)


Grown up Rusty Griswold is out with his family following the footsteps of his father Clark, for a much-required family bonding time. He surprises Debbie (his wife) and their 2 sons with a cross country trip to America’s most favorite family theme park Wally World. Will this be the bonding that this family needed or is Rusty just trying to reprise the memory and misfortune of his father again? Vacation is based on the National Lampoon series that has tickled our funny bones all through the 80s. This movie is an absolute must watch in our list of 2015 comedy films.



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