Lil Dicky Net Worth, Success, Career Graph, Collabs, and More

Lil Dicky Net worth

Lil Dicky net worth will leave you amazed at how successful this young rapper has been! He is one of the most surprising and one of the most successful rappers in recent times.

He is a massive star with many collaborations with other prominent artists! People search for many things about Lil Dicky, including Lil Dicky net worth, albums, and songs.

Who is Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky is a professional rapper from America. His songs had become quite a hit back in 2016. People are interested to know about Lil Dicky net worth because he is a rapper.

Rappers are known to have much wealth and fame. So, if you are curious about Lil Dicky net worth, then you are in the right place.

Uncovering Lil Dicky net worth and his success can be helpful for upcoming rappers and singers. They can get an idea about how to secure such fame themselves.

He has released his songs on YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify. These are powerful platforms where artists can showcase their talents.

It is a beautiful way of attracting an audience and making fans who would then purchase your creations. Lil Dicky has collaborated with many big names in the rap industry.

A few prominent names he has worked with include Snoop Dog and Fetty Wap.

Lil Dicky’s success

Lil Dicky net worth indicates a measure of the success he has accrued over the years. He is a relatively new artist in the rap industry. But he quickly shot to fame with the release of ‘Ex-boyfriend.’

This song catapulted his career and gained his attention worldwide. Due to his quick rise to celebrity status, people are curious about Lil Dicky net worth.

But before going deeper into Lil Dicky net worth, some information about him is present. This can help you to know the artist well and determine if you want to support him.

Though he became famous in 2013, he had been making songs before that. He has been active in the music industry since 2011.

Lil Dicky has expanded his brand to include acting and performing comedy skits. This has helped broaden the scope of Lil Dicky net worth.

His breakthrough single, ‘Ex-Boyfriend,’ gained over a million views in just a day on YouTube. This was a big deal, and it helped launch his career.

Afterward, he would go on to appear with many celebrity actors and rappers. His album Professional Rapper’ was released in 2015 and gained popularity quickly.

Lil Dicky Net worth

Early Life and Career

Born David Andrew Burd on March 15, 1988, he is better known as Lil Dicky worldwide. This name is his stage name. He was born to a well-to-do Jewish family in Philadelphia.

Alternative rock and hip hop have influenced him from a young age. His childhood inspirations had been Jay-Z and Nas.

The influence of these great artists can be seen in his music and presentations. In interviews, Burd has confessed that becoming a rapper was not his intention initially.

He wanted to try things out with rap to get attention for his comedic writing. He had wanted to write or act in movies or series.

But then he fell in love with the craft, making him pursue his career in rap music. His original debut in the industry had been a mixtape that he had been working on since 2011.

After the initial success of the first song on the Mixtape, ‘Ex-boyfriend,’ he worked on releasing 32 songs. He also released 15 videos on YouTube.

But after that, he opened a Kickstarter campaign to start the rest of the project. The goal of his campaign was met quickly and exceeded. This proved how much people loved what he did.

The career of Lil Dicky

Dicky didn’t stop once the Kickstarter campaign was a success. He soon announced his first live concert in 2014.

He intends to continue his career in writing, performing rap songs, and working in movies or series. Dicky aspires to become a comedian and an actor along with a rapper.

For that reason, he signed up with Tyga, Chiddy Bang, and CMSN. He released his first album, ‘Professional Rapper’ on July 31, 2015.

He managed to get a lot of big names to appear on this album. Dicky collaborated with great artists such as Snoop Dogg, Hannibal Buress, Brendon Urie, T-Pain, Fetty Wap, RetroJace, and Rich Homie Quan.

This was a big success, and his career skyrocketed after this point. This also helped Lil Dicky net worth to become a main thing in the public mind.

In 2017, he released his new song ‘Pillow Talking’ on April 12, which was a big hit too. It was a big project with a lot of ambition.

The special effects on the video made it very expensive. It was on the list of the top 50 expensive music videos ever created.

This gained him a lot of traction.

Earth Song

The release of ‘Earth,’ his new single in 2019, was a big deal in his career. Previously he released ‘Freaky Friday’ in 2018, a hit.

It topped the charts and gained over 100 million views. The video for the song featured Chris Brown. This song was viral in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

He also went on international tours during this period, which marked a lot of success in his life. That is why the next project felt like it should be ambitious.

He wanted the next song he released to be meaningful. It was a project that he was passionate about. In ‘Earth,’ he worked with Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran.

They all voiced some of the animated characters in the video. Lil Dicky created the video in association with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

This project was a conscious effort on their part to be environmentally active and spread awareness about the world. To Lil Dicky, this was an important project in his career.

This also increased Lil Dicky net worth tremendously. At the present moment, his net worth is $8 million.

Lil Dicky Net Worth 2021 – 22

Lil Dicky net worth 2021 was around $6-$8 million roughly. The net worth is calculated based on many things.

You consider the person’s total wealth income coming from various sources. Most of the time, the information you find about people on the internet does not reflect the actual wealth they own.

But regardless, it can give you a glimpse of what that person most likely has. The net worth is worth checking because it helps people understand how much wealth they have.

There is no doubt that Lil Dicky is a millionaire. He has had tremendous success and still goes on tours. However, he has not released any new album or single.

But even then, his close associations with other artists are worth mentioning. His videos on the official channel that he has on YouTube are pretty popular.

The videos on that channel have been viewed around 325 million times. That is a lot of views. So, he earns a lot of money from his YouTube channel alone.

Some sources have speculated that his yearly income is anywhere around $100,000.

Add to this figure the royalties and revenues he earns from touring, merchandise, contracts, and the internet. All of this contributes heavily to his net worth.

Lil Dicky Net worth

Lil Dicky Net Worth 2018 – 19

Lil Dicky net worth 2018 was $6 million and above. The correct estimations are not. He was still actively making and releasing new songs during this time.

He released ‘Freaky Friday,’ which topped many charts in the UK and New Zealand. It was a viral song and was a success in his life.

Lil Dicky started working on the next project he would release in 2019. For that, he had to arrange and work on many things.

He also brought many popular famous singers of that time, like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, to the mix. Just making the song was not a priority for him.

He also wanted to focus on the music video. The music video was animated and had much thought and effort. ‘Earth’ came out in 2019 and was popular.

Though it was not as trendy as his other hits, this song has more of a soul and message. It raised awareness about environmental concerns.

The music video was a beautiful shot and animated. Prominent artists lend their voices to the animated characters in the video.

Lil Dicky Net Worth 2016 – 17

Lil Dicky net worth 2016 was reported as $6 million. He had shot to fame a couple of years earlier.

He had gone viral due to his song and became an internet sensation.

The nature of online virality is fascinating. You can’t predict when you might become internet famous. Many people try that.

They try to follow new trends and do outrageous things to become internet famous. Sometimes, even with undoubted talents, artists don’t find easy success.

So, when Lil Dicky’s song ‘Ex-boyfriend’ became so viral, it meant a lot of good things to him. He got a lot of opportunities and chances after that.

He also had greater exposure. Since people discovered him online, his song could spread to a broader audience. The nature of his music was also trendy, and the beats were likable.

Many people shared it on various social media platforms, making it even more popular. He managed to keep up the success of his life.

Dicky released trendier songs in the years following that and collaborated with many big names.

He also had a passion for writing and doing comedy that came through the series ‘David,’ which just got renewed for the second season in 2021.

Music Style

Burd is well known for his comedic flare in the songs he makes. His songs are relatable, which is why it has so many viral factors.

He makes songs about everyday things and shared experiences. There isn’t anything to be uncovered and theorized about.

His songs offer a sense of simplicity that is relatable on many levels. The visual aspects of his songs are the intense focus of his talents.

He is very concerned about the way his songs are presented and the narrative story it tells. In some interviews, Burd noted how egotistical some rap songs have become.

And he wants to tell a different story. He doesn’t want to focus on the wealth and grandiosity that comes with the industry. Dicky wants to tell simple and everyday things.

He wants to rap about ordinary things and occurrences that are not extraordinary but mundane. As he is focused on the visual aspects of rap songs, he creates his videos with care and effort.

That is best reflected in the music videos of ‘Freaky Friday’ and ‘Earth.’ The last tour that he went on was in 2018. He has not been touring lately.’

Lil Dicky Net worth

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is interesting to follow the journey of an artist. That is why you might be interested in knowing about Lil Dicky net worth.

But now you know all there is to know about Lil Dicky and the career he had. There are no current updates about his next big project.

He had been busy with his series in the last few years, but that seemingly wrapped up in 2021. You can follow him on social media if you want to be updated.

Otherwise, Lil Dicky is a rapper, comedian, and actor. He is pretty well-known, and his songs are trendy.

Though they are not very innovative, the thought and work he put into them are visible. The last piece that he released was in 2019.

But then, due to the pandemic, many things had to stop, and some were delayed. If Lil Dicky plans to release a new song or album that is known entirely.

But if you are interested in learning more about him, you can follow him. His songs are available for streaming on all primary streaming services like Spotify and other well-known platforms like Apple.


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