Life Changing Smiles: 5 Ways Dentures Can Boost Your Self Confidence

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If you’re unlucky enough to have bad genetics, your teeth may not be in the best of shape. No matter what you do, you just seem to have a myriad of problems with them. Even if you do have good genetics, maybe you haven’t taken good enough care of your teeth throughout the years.

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No matter what it is, now, you’re faced with the possibility of having all your teeth pulled, and you’re afraid you won’t be as confident as you once were. But 890,000 Americans wear dentures, so you won’t be the only one.

In this article, we’ll discuss what dentures are, the types you can get, and how they can help boost your self-confidence.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that are made for your mouth to replace your missing teeth. Dentures also come with artificial gums so the whole thing looks real whenever you’re wearing them.

While in the past the majority of denture wearers suffered from ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures, that’s not the case anymore today. Modern dentures are made with better materials and are fitted to perfect so you barely notice them in your mouth.

Types of Dentures

Most people think of dentures as a full set of false teeth that go in the mouth, but that’s only one type that you can get. Below, we’ll go into more detail about the types your dentist can fit you with.


This is the type most people know. Even within this category there are two types: conventional and immediate. When you have a conventional set made, you have to wait until your pulled teeth have healed to use them. However, you only have to get them done once.

With immediate full dentures, you can wear them as soon as you get your teeth pulled, but you have to return multiple times to get them relined. This is because while your gums are healing, they change shape, which may make your dentures loose.


Partial dentures fill in the gaps of where you have teeth missing and are attached to one another and your natural teeth with a metal framework. A similar alternative is the use of bridges; however, you can’t remove these, which is why many people prefer to get partial dentures instead.

How Dentures Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Here are the main ways dentures can boost your self-confidence.

1. You’ll Have a Beautiful Smile

If you have a good cosmetic dentist, then they’ll create a set of dentures that look no different to normal teeth. In fact, people can take a close look at your pearly whites and they wouldn’t even know you had them in.

That’s because your dentist can take care to make the teeth in your dentures an off-white color, similar to that of normal teeth with staining from tea or coffee. They can also make the teeth different sizes so they don’t look too uniform.

2. You Can Eat with No Problems

After you’ve lost a few teeth, or have had them pulled out, it may be difficult trying to eat your favorite foods, such as steak or nuts. You might be disheartened to give up those delectable things.

With dentures, you’ll be able to eat with no problems. Do note that it’ll take some time to get used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll be as natural as eating with your original teeth.

3. You Can Speak with No Impediments

When you try to speak with missing teeth, you may have some speech impediments due to your tongue not having the proper surface to rebound off of when pronouncing certain syllables. Over time, you may feel self-conscious about it and may shy away from conversations.

When you get fitted with dentures, you’ll regain proper speech, meaning you don’t have to excuse yourself from dinner parties anymore. You can feel free to talk all you want without someone thinking your speech is strange or off.

4. You’ll Look Younger

A lot of people don’t know this, but your teeth play a big part in keeping your face looking young. Once your teeth are gone, your face can be more prone to wrinkles, and there will be more loose skin around your jawlines. If you having missing teeth early on, then it may cause you to prematurely age and look older than you really are.

Not only will dentures restore your smile and help you eat and speak better, but it can help you fight Father Time as well. Dentures can help you retain your face’s original shape and keep your skin from drooping and becoming sunk in. While it won’t completely prevent wrinkles, it can stop them from developing quicker than normal.

5. You’ll Have Better Relationships

When you’re not focused on how your missing or damaged teeth are impeding your speech, eating, or smile, you’ll be able to let loose more easily. As a result, you’ll build better relationships with everyone around you.

No longer will you be withdrawn because you feel self-conscious about how you look and act around others. Instead, you’ll facilitate the growth of your relationships whether it’s your teacher or your spouse. Feel better about communicating and smiling genuinely around them.

Get Dentures to Improve Your Quality of Life

Now that you’ve learned a bit about dentures, perhaps you’re more open to the idea of getting them. They’re not just for the elderly, and they can be made to look like your natural teeth so no one knows you even wear them. So feel good about your smile again and ask your dentist about dentures.

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