Leonardo DiCaprio: Young life, Wife, Career & Parents

The blonde, Blue-Eyed actor of the legendary romantic thriller Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, is someone, the world doesn’t need an introduction about. The actor who has been ruling millions of hearts worldwide since years, has made it huge in the glam-world, and is still counting!

Leonardo DiCaprio ChildFrom being a child actor and progressing towards the bigger projects, Leo has been successful in making a remarkable statement of excellence worldwide. Along with his talents of acting, his everlasting charm is something even the haters can’t take their eyes from.

Here’s a quick look inside his world”

Leonardo DiCaprio Young life and Career

Leonardo DiCaprio Young life and Career

  • The blue eyed charming heartthrob was born on 11th of November, 1974 in the city of California, Los Angeles.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio’s parents are George Paul DiCaprio, and Irmelin. He was the first and only child of his parents, where his father George DiCaprio was a comic book distributor and artist, and his mother Irmelin was a German and worked as a legal secretary.
  • Leo was just a toddler, when his parents parted their ways, by divorcing each other, and his mother undertook the responsibility of raising him.
  • His parents’ divorce didn’t affect him much as even after separation, Leo maintained good relations with his father.
  • Since his father was a comic artist, therefore the creativity of his father was passed on to Leo.
  • Leo started conquering his creating sides, and took initiatives in acting.
  • He was a charming cheerful boy and used to imitate everyone, and used to joke around. He even used to rehearse his own skits and there is where he decided to make it huge.
  • Leo’s childhood was rather a very struggling one.
  • The actor who is now an owner of worth millions of assets and off course rules millions of hearts as well, used to be beaten black and blue just because of his harmonious nature.
  • As a child Leo was also exposed to the dark world of violence, drugs, crimes and prostitution.
  • Back in Leo’s schooling days, when he attended a public school, he was desperate to drop it as he was treated in a very inhumane manner.
  • To avoid such upsetting circumstances in the future, Leo probed his mother to take him for auditions.
  • Leo any how initiated his career in acting, however his lady luck started working when he struck his early teenage years.
  • He started working as an actor on television serials including a few guest appearances.
  • Later bagged a role for his debut in the horror flick Critters3.
  • The debut was not enough for young Leo to bring out his artistic personality on the screen.
  • Later after two years his work started being recognized amongst the best directors, and so his career started taking its shape as Leo always dreamt about!
  • Sooner Leo started being casted in one of the most remembered movies, however his lady luck was still far away in receiving the grand honoree awards…the Oscar awards!
  • After twenty two years of a fluctuating career and destiny, Leo’s luck finally shined when he won an Oscar for the movie revenant which was released in the year 2015.
  • Never does it happen that the success of a celebrity is celebrated by all.
  • However, Leo’s Oscar became a worldwide festival, as the internet was boomed with the best wishes for Leo throughout the word…now this is what is called success! Cheers to Leonardo for never giving up!
  • Along with his peculiars in the acting field, Leo has been a die-hard fan of the beauty of the environment, therefore he brought his love for environment to actions, and established an environmental supporting organization, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which basically emphasis on saving the earth in all possible aspects. It includes prevention of extension of wildlife, reforming the damaged and disturbed communities and ecosystems.
  • Its objectives are basically divided into the following categories:
  1. Oceans
  2. Conservations
  3. Protecting environment
  4. Climate
  5. Wildlife conservation

Leonardo DiCaprio Wife

Leonardo DiCaprio wife girlfriend

Leonardo finally won Oscar but there’s still one BIG thing missing from Leonardo DiCaprio’s life: a wife and kids! Leo after having multiple relationships with the leading beauties of the world, Leo hasn’t married yet but here is the list of List of Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriends who knows anyone may be picked from this list as leonardo dicaprio wife in future!!

Leonardo DiCaprio Parents

Leonardo DiCaprio Parents

Leonardo dicaprio parents were alienated when he was a year old. The two lived in adjacent houses with a shared garden in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

a) Mother:

  • Leo’s mother was a German, her name is Irmelin.
  • Leo was a toddler when his parents got divorced
  • Leo’s custody was given to his mother
  • His mother was a Legal secretary and handled Leo Single handedly.
  • His mother now graces the awards functions with her presence.

b) Father:

Leonardo DiCaprio father

  • Leo was merely one year old when he was separated from his father after his parents got divorced.
  • Even after separation he maintained good relationships with his father
  • Since His father was a comics distributer and artist, there is where Leo got his inspiration to be creative
  • His father never imposed his interests in his son and set him free to go for anything of his choice.

Above was a complete breakdown of Leonardo’s life. We hope you lobed this article. Stay tuned for more informative stuff!

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