Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth: The Man Of The Hour

Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is $217 million. The Leonardo DiCaprio net worth total includes $325 million in earnings. The actor earned $20 million for The Revenant and $55 million for Titanic.

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

The man, for whom billions of girls went drooling over, along with a lot of men being inspired by him, is none other than Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, fondly known as Leo and Lenny D.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born in on 11th of November 1974, in the city of Los Angeles, California. He is the only child of his parents and his middle name is derived from his maternal grandfather’s name. The story behind his name Leonardo is rather an interesting one. When Leo was in his mother’s womb, she was witnessing an artistic piece by the famous legendary artist Leonardo DaVinci when she happened to experience the first kick in her womb. His father being a comic-book artist considered it to be a comic sign, and the couple named their new born as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio net worth: per movie

Leonardo DiCaprio net worth per movie

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s career had already taken a flight with the release of titanic, with which he landed into the highest paid actors club.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio was quite unlucky with the Oscars affair, however his acting skills and everlasting charm never failed to bad him the best movies with the most unforgettable roles.
  3. Initially Leonardo DiCaprio used to be paid a whopping $20 million per movie, however for his exceptionally outstanding performance in the thriller “The Wolf of the Wall Street” he grossed a payment of $25 million which encompassed his producing fee.

Leonardo DiCaprio net worth: After Oscars

  1. Even after being a symbol of charm, things with Leonardo DiCaprio regarding with Oscars were not fair. He wasn’t awarded an Oscar for the movie which are recorded in history, and the reason behind is not understandable by anyone.
  2. Before winning an Oscar In the year 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio net worth was approximately $217 million.
  3. However after his winning shot in the Oscars, his net worth is estimated to read above $245 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio net worth: Assets

  1. Like many other celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio interest lies in having luxurious property at various destinations.
  2. Talking about his assets we will be first taking in consideration his carbon beach house, which is situated in Malibu. The exotic beach house is not the only ocean front property he owns. He owns two more ocean front properties at the same location.Leonardo DiCaprio net worth Assets
  3. Back in 2002 when he purchased it, it costed him $6 million however with the change in rates, the value of the property has reached to almost $23 million. He has commercialized his property by ascertaining the monthly rental to $150000 million. However if bookings are made in bulk which ranges for more than 6 months the rental is paid in half the price i.e. $75000 million.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio is a proud owner of adjacent attics which is situated in Hollywood hills. Back in 1999 when he purchased them it costed him $4 million. His exotic property sets a perfect example of achieving the best without harming the environment. The lightning system runs on solar panels, and the beds are covered with organic sheets.
  5. As said earlier he has two adjacent attics in the same location, with the other one costing him a whopping $3780000.
  6. His River house apartment clearly proves his love for nature and its beauty. Leonardo DiCaprio never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to prove that luxury can be achieved without harming the environment.Leonardo DiCaprio net worth After Oscars
  7. Leo purchased this apartment back in 2010, when he became a die-hard lover of nature’s essence.
  8. The apartment is located along the Hudson River, where its lightening system runs on renewable resources along with the best environment supporting systems.
  9. The Blackadore cay is an initiative taken by Leo, to make luxury available to the commoners. The 2.2 miles long island was purchased by Leo for $1.75 million, in which eco-friendly renovations are under construction and will be available for the commoners to witness the eco-friendly luxury.

Leo achieved his stardom, after a lot of fluctuations, however, when he achieved it his success was praised by all. He made his debut in the year 1993, starring in the horror thriller critters 3.

Later he starting bagging major roles, amongst which Titanic came out to be most successful one. As Leo’s stardom was taking hike, therefore he was requested by his agent to amend his name to Lenny, however he refused. He is also an animal lover, and during his Titanic shoot he used to carry his pet frogs, dogs, and lizard along with him on the sets!

Leonardo DiCaprio definitely has a brighter future ahead. It doesn’t matter whether he is amongst the actors with highest net worth or not, Leonardo DiCaprio captures everybody’s attention through his charm and his acting skills. So above were Leonardo DiCaprio net worth in a nut shell. We hope you liked it.

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