Learn What IC3 Certification Is And Everything Else About It

IC3 Certification

With so many certification tests available in the market, it can be a challenge for even a seasoned professional to pick one and say ‘it’s the right choice for me.’ In that scenario, how a newbie would feel is not much challenging to discern. If you are a job aspirant and want to enhance your hiring opportunities, then give a thought to an IC3 certification. Having this certificate shows that you possess critical computer and internet skills required in a professional as well as an educational milieu.

What Does IC3 Stand For?

IC3 is an abbreviated form of Internet Computing Core Certification. When you pass this test, it means you are well-informed about computers and its use. In plain terms, it indicates your digital literacy.

 IC3 Certification

It’s not compulsory to do this certification program, but if you want to improve your eligibility for a particular job, then pursuing it can prove beneficial. Generally, people believe that this course is most suitable for IT aspirants only. But with this certification, you can quickly get into an academic, sales, IT, or any other professional job. How? Nowadays, almost all the fields require you to have a good understanding of computer and internet usage. And IC3 enables you to achieve that.

How To Obtain IC3 Certification?

There are usually three steps to getting this certification.

• Sit through the three modules of the exams that can be completed in about one and half hour. Module 1 tests your knowledge of computing fundamentals, such as hardware, software, and operating system. In the second module, your skills in the areas of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are tested. The last module covers network fundamentals, internet basics, electronic communication, etc.

• Buy each exam voucher. You can also avail a retake voucher online.
• Register yourself for an exam at the nearby available center.

To clear this exam, you need to have fundamental computer skills. Knowing specifics about the functioning of the computer is not necessary, but you need to be comfortable working with computers.

Why Doing IC3 Certification Can Be Useful?

An IC3 certified candidate can earn more than the average wage worker. Those who possess this certification can make an average of $15. However, income can significantly vary based on a person’s location and skills.

Besides, the professional course can increase your chances of employability. When employers screen resumes, you will most likely stand out from others for having an extra qualification.

That apart, IC3 certification can earn you employers’ confidence with ease as it shows you are well-equipped to take care of the regular functioning of the office. It signifies your capability, knowledge, and keenness to take on responsibilities.

However, the benefit of having a certification like this is not limited to the professional arena. Because of spreading digitization, it has become essential to be aware of the use of computer and internet. When you do this course, the level of your confidence rises, making your overall life much better to manage.

So, opt for a trusted program like Certiport IC3 Certification for IT newbies and give your career a better chance.


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