Everything You Need to Know about Staffing Agency in Portland Oregon

If you have been away from work for a long time, starting with temporary work is a good option. It can also help you earn some extra money alongside your permanent jobs. You can pay your bills, improve your skills and expand your network by taking up a short-term assignment. Have you ever thought about it this way? If you live in Portland, Oregon, you have great chances of being hired by the staffing agencies as they offer a lot of temporary jobs.

There are a lot of Staffing Agencies in Portland, Oregon and this blog is all about those companies. You will get to know the kinds of jobs, eligibility, benefits and applying for a job in such staffing agencies Read on.

Staffing Agencies Portland Oregon generally places people in different work areas like finance, accounting, legal office, technology, human resources and marketing jobs, If you are seeking a job in any of these fields through a staffing company, here are a few things you should know.

Types of jobs offered by staffing agencies in Portland

You will come across different kinds of staffing agencies in Portland. Some look for a one-day part-time janitorial job at Memorial Coliseum, while some may directly hire someone for the position of CEO. Staffing involves everything – a direct hire, contract positions, consulting, etc. Different agencies specialize in different things.

There are companies, which are now well-established in staffing for a wide range of fields but started only with just a few primary administrative jobs

Typical applicant you will find at staffing agencies

There’s no such thing as a typical application that you will find at a staffing agency. People don’t generally reach out to one such agency in search of a temp. Most people there are in search of direct hire positions.

As they get to know about temping (doing a temporary work), it seems to be the right option to choose while looking for a perfect fit as a permanent job. If you can pay your bills and survive well while waiting for the right job, what could be wrong in that!

Benefits of temping

Besides aking money, temping has several different benefits. You can consider it as a paid interview where you work for a company temporarily showing them what you can do and getting paid while looking for a permanent job. In most cases, the temps are hired as permanent employees in those companies.

There are even companies who partner with staffing agencies in Portland, Oregon saying that they are not yet sure about who they need for the position, but know that they need someone to manage certain work. These companies decide to hire temps before creating a proper job description.

In such cases, it is a great opportunity for a temp to show their skills and experience and increase their chances of getting hired as the permanent employee for the job.

Finding a permanent job while temping

Temping works well in providing recent references to employers who are searching for direct/permanent hires for their company. As an employer, a person looks forward to hearing from someone about a candidate who has been in the workforce doing something fruitful in the relevant field and has some work ethics. This is how temping helps in getting permanent jobs.

Helpful advice of you are looking forward to working as a temp

Know your abilities and what you can do in a  specific position. Make sure the timings when you are available for work and when you are not. Work on your likability and flexibility and hone your skills before going to a staffing agency.

Always carry your references, addresses and numbers with you to ensure you do not leave any section black on the application.

You can reach out to one of the many staffing agencies in Portland, Oregon and find yourself a good temporary work that pays you enough to make a living.

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