Kitchen upgrade ideas with apron front sink in the scheme of things

Whether you like it or not, the kitchen is one of those integral corners of your sweet home, where you arguably spend a considerable amount of time. You two see each other often, regardless of the short or extended hours. It is also the place where you create a masterpiece or a disastrous item. From one-to-one telephone conversations to friendly chit-chats with guests over lunch/ dinner, you must have done so many things here. It is where you witnessed some of the quietest and lively moments of your life, too. However, now you must be feeling a little bored. You may be in love with your kitchen, but there is something amiss.

If you have started Googling about apron-front sinks, open floors, and many other elements that can go in your kitchen, it means you believe this crucial part of your house needs a bit of your attention. Hence, you are looking for renovation ideas for it. While doing this, plenty of thoughts may have crossed your mind. For instance, you may have wondered if you could apply white paint everywhere in the kitchen or break down its walls for a full makeover. Unless you have a considerable budget and mind space to invest in these, it is not recommendable to opt for full-blown remodeling efforts. 

If it is about rekindling your romance with this space, you can choose rather simple hacks that don’t require too much money. For instance, you can play around a bit with a kitchen sink. A kitchen sink can be just an efficient appliance for you, but its contribution to the overall ambiance is hard to miss. With it, you can make a few other changes to renew the vibe. Most modern kitchens use farmhouse or apron-front sinks for their elegance and performance. You can check an apron sink by Kraus for the experience. 

Anyway, here are some interior suggestions considering that you want to give your kitchen a fresh twist with apron-front bowls.

Remodeling cooking area with apron front sink

The role of an apron sink in white shaker style kitchen

If your existing kitchen theme is a shaker, you don’t have to put too much effort to reimagine your interiors. This décor is famous for its clean and orderly look. The cabinetry doors remind you of the classic, country, contemporary, and modern-day appeal. Whether the panels are plain or beveled, they create the perfect sophistication. Everything in the surroundings feels simple in their unique way. To keep the sanctity of this uncluttered arrangement, the choices of color remain limited, not to say that white dominates the vision almost. The chances are that you have an island in the center as most shaker-based interiors feature this. 

If this is the scenario, you can select a gray, black, or white composite granite sink. You will not need to take tension with this choice even a bit if the countertop is either quartz or granite. The combination works well in terms of appearance and functionality. A decent-sized apron-front sink on the island gives an attractive profile to your cooking area. To make it more refined, you can buy a brass gooseneck faucet to go with it. The addition of golden touch to a sink in white, black, or gray can be effortless in reviving the lost charm of your kitchen. 

So, with just two things, you can achieve a lot from what you expected. As far as other components are concerned, it is up to you to decide. If your pocket allows, you can replace the old drawer pulls with brass material to give your kitchen a cohesive character.

The pairing of an apron sink in the Mediterranean kitchen theme 

Many homeowners prefer their kitchen to be bright enough and relaxing. And since the Mediterranean concept gives them plenty of room with finishing and accents, they don’t mind experimenting with this kind of dramatic look. It also imparts beauty and luxuriousness to your kitchen. That’s why you, too, may have adopted it for your kitchen.  But now it has become tiring for you to spend the same amount of time within this stale atmosphere. Well, you can make some quick fixes if this is the reason. In a Mediterranean kitchen, black cabinets and backsplash in white mosaic tiles go quickly. If you want to visit a vintage charm through the transformed space, then consider adding gold ring pulls to the drawers.

And to complete the new look, bring a farmhouse sink in black or white color. This kitchen sink has a bold presence. The moment you introduce it in any theme, the entire view of the place changes quickly. Whether you select a white or black color for it, you can rest assured that it will perfectly vibe with the vintage effect. Just remember, while a white apron sink will stand out a bit, the black one will merge with its background due to such a prevalent color palette. No matter what you choose, you can increase its attraction by adding a golden faucet. If you want to highlight this area more, a bridge-style faucet with apron front sink can be the right combination to seek.

If you are mindful, you will realize how effortless apron style kitchen sinks tend to be. They can revive any design look with their simple presence. How smartly you use it with your ideas can further make a considerable impact. But no matter what you intend to do with it, you can trust it to achieve your renovation goals.

An apron-front or farmhouse sink doesn’t get attention just for its ability to match any look like a breeze; it is also well-known for its performance in the kitchen. The ergonomic design takes care of your furniture as well as well-being. The protruding edge ensures that the water from the sink doesn’t seep inside the wooden cabinets. Also, the same feature gives you easy access to dishes so that your back doesn’t have to take a burden when you bend. Hence, it makes sense to incorporate this design in your revamped kitchen to help boost its efficiency.

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