Kitchen Upgrade: 9 Cabinetry Trends for 2019

Do you only use your kitchen for practical purposes? Or do you care about your kitchen’s design? Even if you’re not a master chef or one who spends lots of time in the kitchen, you probably care about your kitchen’s aesthetics.

If you’re not satisfied with your kitchen, you can always renovate your kitchen. But the process isn’t cheap.

The average person spends between $20,000 and $33,000 for a kitchen remodel, depending on their kitchen size.

To ensure you’re spending your money wisely, you should be smart about your kitchen design selections. Start with your cabinets. To ensure you get the best kitchen cabinets, here are the 9 cabinet design trends of 2019.

1. Color

Think back at stereotypical kitchen cabinets. What color are they?

Usually, they’re a neutral color that matches your kitchen. Homeowners are no longer satisfied with minimalist kitchens. They want something that pops, and the easiest way to start is by painting your kitchen cabinets.

Colors such as blue and even yellow make a bold statement. Other colors such as green and plum will definitely catch any eye. Just make sure the colors match with your overall design.

2. Open Shelving

Instead of the closed-cabinet look, the doors in this style are unhinged and your kitchen essentials are on display.

This is convenient for many purposes. Open shelving is easier for any homeowner because you can easily find ingredients and utensils. Open shelving is also easier to clean.

It’s also a simple way to give your kitchen a “wide open” design and helps your kitchen look bigger.

The key to open shelving is great organizational skills. Otherwise, your kitchen will look cluttered.

3. Traditional Design

While we’re seeing lots of contemporary cabinet trends this year, rest assured that some classic trends still remain. And one of them is traditional design.

Traditional cabinet design encompasses many aspects. They’re likely made of wood with doorknobs or handles. Some of the wood is textured for a more unique look.

Fortunately, achieving this style is easy if you already have wood cabinets. You may not even need new cabinets, just some refinishing to polish the wood. This company can help you out.

4. Oak Wood

Going back to traditional design, what type of wood is commonly used? You can use any type of wood but we’re seeing an emergence in oak wood. Oak is a subtle-looking wood, featuring a light grain look as opposed to heavy patterns.

Oak is also easy to dye. Some homeowners choose a honey-colored wood for a brighter kitchen and others prefer to tone down oak wood’s brown hue for a neutral kitchen.

Oak cabinets were popular from the ’70s to the ’90s and took a break due to more contemporary design trends. Now, they’re re-emerging as a staple cabinetry trend this year.

5. Multiple Colors

Taking the color trend a step further, many homeowners will see multiple colors featured in kitchen design. This especially applies to cabinetry, specifically with multiple color finishes.

This is thanks to increasing cabinet design technology, allowing you to subtly combine multiple colors. The result is a seamless finish looking more aesthetic rather than tacky.

What are good examples? Shades of red and even pink give a striking appearance that is toned down enough for the kitchen.

If you prefer a neutral kitchen, you can still use this technique. Combine different shades of brown for warm-looking cabinets or combine different shades of gray for a weathered and vintage look.

6. Clean Cabinets

No, we’re not talking about freshly clean cabinets. We’re talking about clean-designed cabinets. Clean design is a style aspect that emerged with the modern minimalist movement.

These cabinets are constructed with clean design techniques such as straight lines and symmetry. Matched with a neutral color such as white, this gives your cabinets a consistent look.

This look is recommended if you want to ensure your cabinets match with your design and if you want a look that’s less likely to go out of style.

7. Smart Technology

Smart homes are all the rage. Now, you can implement smart technology into your kitchen.

How do you achieve smart cabinets? Smart cabinets offer more duties than just storing your essentials. They serve as a charging station, they’re made with small screens or are optimized to hold your tablet and phone.

More advanced cabinets can even play music, change the temperature of your kitchen, and control the lighting of your kitchen.

Smart cabinets come in a range of different looks but the neutral look is the most popular and versatile.

8. Functional Design

Kitchen cabinet design isn’t subjected to the appearance. Functionality is one of the core design trends for every aspect of the kitchen and can easily be applied to cabinetry design.

For example, you can construct your cabinets above and below your sink. You can store your cleaning items in the cabinets to quickly clean your kitchen.

It’s also becoming more common to install a 33-inch kitchen sink above or near the oven and/or skillet. This is convenient when storing cooking essentials such as spices and utensils.

9. Lighting

From LED bulbs to strip lights, lighting is the new innovation in cabinetry.

Lighting serves many purposes, helping your visibility in the kitchen and illuminating inside the cabinets.

The best lighting option is under-cabinet lighting. This small change will light up your whole kitchen. Choose LED lights that come in strips, pucks, or bars for more energy efficiency.

For an eye-popping effect, choose colored bulbs. This way, you’re adding a splash of color without investing in new paint.

Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinets Today!

Are you on the hunt for the best kitchen cabinets? If you renovate your kitchen with these cabinet trends, you can be sure you’ll have a beautiful kitchen with the hottest cabinetry!

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