Kim Kardashian Net Worth: The Dollar Diva

How much is Kim Kardashian net worth?  How rich is Kim Kardashian or exactly what amount of cash does Kim Kardashian have and make? We’re going to answer every one of them!

Kimberly Noel Kardashian, Or should we say Kim Kardashian, does she ever needs an introduction? From being a stylist, to being an owner of the most stylish clothes lines and also being tagged amongst the most high profile actresses of all times, Kim Kardashian has yet another milestone added to her career tree, that she is also the most renowned luminary in the whole Kardashian kin.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2016

Kim and her lifestyle, no matter personal or professional, she has left no stone unturned to make her a life an ultimate and unending source of fodder. Along with creating unrelenting controversies her god-gifted assets are what makes her prominent amidst the glam-world.

Ok so coming to the point of breaking down Kim Kardashian Net Worth, below we will be jotting down, the chattels the Controversy- queen owns, which adds to her grand-net-worth!

Kim Kardashian net worth: Forbes:

Kim Kardashian net worth Forbes

  1. Kim Kardashian belongs to a family where from the oldest to the youngest, the legacy of fame has been passed to all.
  2. All the members, by hook or by crook, made it huge in the glam world, however Kim was the one who surpassed the fame levels of her whole clan.
  3. She initiated her career by deploying her style sense for her former Kindergarten classmate and a successful actress Peril Hilton.
  4. After being introduced to the glam world, she later stepped into acting, by getting featured in the ever-running Television series “keeping up with the Kardashians”.
  5. The illustrious arrays was a huge success and Later she got transitioned into a huge celebrity which made Kim Kardashian net-worth of $28 million in the year 2014.
  6. Now she also gets featured in “Khloe & Kourtney Take the Hamptons” aided with her other projects which has elevated Kim Kardashian net worth to $53 million excluding her assets and investments she owns.

Kim Kardashian net worth: Business:

  1. The Kardashian Clan is a huge one, and with the number of their members, comes a huge net worth which all together scores to around $300 million.
  2. The Kardashian corporate is not only indulged in acting, they are also prominent business dealers and run various Cosmetics lines, books training to click selfies, weight management merchandises, clothing lines, Mobile applications, Socks, Novels, Perfumes and so on.
  3. The amount Kim has earned even before completing half of her lifetime, and is still gaining pace with every advancing project she undertakes, she is surely going to have a splendorous lifestyle, post her retirement from her business empire.
  4. The maximum revenue earned by Kim is from the huge success of her mobile apps and games.
  5. No doubt, the way she deployed internet has also sponsored Kim Kardashian unremitting net worth!

Kim Kardashian net worth: with Kanye west:

Kim Kardashian net worth with Kanye west

  1. The star duo together, as a farfetched net worth which sums to around $230 million
  2. Usually the duo’s earnings keep on fluctuation in relation to one another, however, the average earnings of Kanye are usually higher than his wife.
  3. Kanye being a renowned rapper worldwide, he spends most of his retributions on expanding his music empire and also stimulates his clothing line, Yeezy.
  4. The duo manages their earnings proportionally where their extravagance expenses are all carried out by Kim’s earnings.
  5. The amount utilized by the duo are calculated accurately by maintaining separate accounts.
  6. They usually tend to merge their share of finances when it comes to the expenditure for the kids.
  7. Though Kim Kardashian net worth of an estimated $53 million she alone possess, however, confusions broke out when the duo’s investment in the amount of property they own was revealed.
  8. However, the duo’s relationship is on the verge of its end, as Kim has filed for a divorce. Let’s see what the fate has it for Kim’s marital statuses’ validity!

Kim Kardashian net worth: properties, assets:

  1. Although Kim Kardashian has mountains of treasures to her name, however she doesn’t gives her excessive-spending attitude a second thought.
  2. When it comes to her luxuries, Kim invests loads of her earnings which usually confuses people worldwide about her actual net- worth.
  3. When taken in consideration her investments made for her houses at different places, and the amount it takes to renovate it into a luxurious paradise, the overall appraisals are usually predicted to be more that what is actually estimated.
  4. Since Kanye fell into the debt-trap of a whopping $53 million, therefore Kim bears the expenses of all the luxury.
  5. Currently it is said that Kim Kardashian net Worth has elevated to around $105 million.

Kim Kardashian net worth: expenses:

Kim Kardashian net worth expenses

  1. Her cars collection also consists of a royal Royce Ghost, not forgetting 2010 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible which she is seen driving frequently, a Bentley GTC Continental, a 2013 Mercedes G63 which she grabbed even before it made its entry into the showrooms, Porsche Panamera Turbo
  2. She also owns a range rover of the year 2010 which she slightly got remodeled.
  3. Kim is also a proud owner of a White Ferrari (458 Italia Spider) for which she spent $325000.
  4. During the beginning of her TV series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, she grossed $15000 for every episode. However with the hike in popularity of the show, her earnings elevated to $150000!
  5. During the days when she was married to Kris Humphries, she was also busy in recording her episode for her reality show, they both rented a high-level suite at the Gansevoort Hotel which costed them a whopping $7000 per night.
  6. Not to forget her marriage, when she took her vows, the $10 million jewelry she wore to adorn herself for her big day, included a 6 headpiece (5 carat diamond) which was worth $2.5 million. Her engagement ring (20.5 Carat diamond) costed her $ 2 million, her earrings costed her $5 million (28 carat Diamond) along with the expenses for her hair and makeup she spent an unbelievable $150000 merely for her grooming purposes.Kim Kardashian net worth

Kim Kardashian net worth: assets, estates, properties:

Kim Kardashian net worth mansion

  • In the year 2010, in Beverly Hills where Kim Kardashian’s childhood was spent, she bought a luxurious mansion worth $4.8 million, which is located in the most posh real estate’s round the globe. The mansion is huge and is spread in an area of 4 acres and consists of 5 bedrooms.
  • Later the actress commercialized it by fixing its rent for $40000 monthly.
  • Another Estate of hers lies in Beverly Hills in the Mulholland Estates community. It is renowned as Plush estate.
  • Her mansion is known as The Mammoth Mansion which includes 4 bedrooms, dining room, media room, 6 bathrooms, several living rooms, spa, swimming pool and several fireplaces. It has huge walls all around its boundaries, and focuses on saving the environment as it consists of enormous doors and windows, which lightens the mansion naturally.
  • In the year 2013 she bought a huge mansion which has a Mediterranean twist in its structure. Its area extended to 10000 sq. ft. which Kim desires to extend it to 14000 sq. feet. Kim laid forward the idea of transforming it by giving it an Italian touch. The renovations costed her around $11 million. It is said that the villa would be a permanent residence for the star couple.Kim Kardashian net worth assets, estates, properties
  • Kim also has her property situated in Bel Air, located in a private community.
  • The luxurious states is spread huge in an area of 10000 acres. There is no breach of rules as far as the luxury is concerned for Kim, and all her villas are designed by the world’s best known architects.

The above given information about Kim Kardashian net worth was a complete breakdown of the assets your favorite star owns. We hope you like the info!

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