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Kim Kardashian family tree

Continuing our Kim Kardashian series let’s take a look at Kim Kardashian news and facts starting from her preschool days when Kim was best friends with Paris Hilton to Kardashian family tree and Kim Kardashian news about her career, personal life and scandals –  we got it all covered!

Kim Kardashian news about Personal life

Kim Kardashian News And Facts:

Born on October 21, 1980 a resident of Beverly Hills, California Kimberly Kardashian also known as Kim Kardashian is a name whose introduction is needed by none. An Actress, a socialite, a successful Model, and a business woman is worldwide famous for various reasons a few of them being a reality television star, her extraordinary curvaceous figure and scandals picturizing her to be an active participant in its happening.

Kardashian Family Tree:

Kim Kardashian family tree

In Kardashian family tree, she has a total of five siblings namely Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner

Kim rose to fame when her infamous sex tape was discovered in which she was seen with her former boyfriend Ray J who by profession is a rapper. The most shocking part of the incident was that the tape was allegedly leaked by her own mother Kris Kardashian for the purpose of achieving fame.

Being one of the most famous women in the world Kim is also amongst the most photographed people on earth which, makes her a stranger to none.

Kardashian Family Tree

kardashian family tree

Kim Kardashian news about her pre-schooling days

During her pre-schooling days Kim had Paris Hilton as her classmate she being a resident of the Beverly Hills she got the opportunity to have a close look of Hollywood’s pitfalls and pleasures.

Kim was not new to a celebrity kind of lifestyle as her mother Kris was a children’s boutique owner and a famous television star was also a part the celebrity circle

According to her childhood friend Nikki Lund, Kim started wearing makeup since the inception of her teenage years and was very conscious about her looks so she always used to be in a dieting mode so as to achieve the perfect body.

Like every girl of dreaming something common at the age of thirteen Kim was very particular about her looks and disliked her nose to the core and always wished to get a nose job done.

Kim Kardashian news about career:

Kim has raised her standards from being a stylist to a world fame actress. Since she possesses a perfect hour glass figure therefore she likes to flaunt her curves by wearing figure hugging dresses.

The actress mostly seen wearing corsets which makes Her waist even more curvaceous…So girls if you think that you can’t get a curvaceous waist, then this technique can be a great help for you!

Kim Kardashian is followed by almost sixteen million fans worldwide and is also having the same amount of criticizers. Well if the actress is praised for her beauty, talent and style she is equally criticized for being a scandal queen throughout her career whether it is related to her personal or professional life most of them rooting from her private moments.

Kim Kardashian news about Personal life:

Kim Kardashian first married the music producer Damon Thomas in the year 2000 but finally got divorced in the year 2004.Time passed by and after a few years she married Kris Humphries a basketball player in the year  2011 but within three months of their marriage she again filed for a divorce.

Her constant breakage of affairs and marriage made Kim Kardashian a center of controversy. Now After a number of broken affairs Kim was in a relationship with the rapper Kanye west and was expecting a baby!

In June 2013 Kim gave birth to her baby girl whom they named as north. In October they got engaged and in the following year on 24th may 2014 they both got married.

It is said that Kanye west is not the biological father of North West. According to some reports so as to get a daughter Kim used a frozen embryo which was fertilized by one of her exes.

It is still unknown that who amongst the Kim’s exes is the biological father of the precious baby north also fondly called as Nori.

Kim Kardashian child Nori

Kim expressed her fertility issues as she was desiring another baby and later on in December 2015 she gave birth to her baby boy whom they fondly named as saint west.

Despite Kim’s world famous curvaceous figure she still admits that she is slightly jealous of her half-sister Kendall Jenner’s figure as it’s the kind of figure which fits into everything just right!

According to sources both the sisters are having a tough competition as both of them are equally good as far as there career or their styling sense is concerned. There is even a tough competition between both of them regarding their followers on Instagram, snapchat and twitter.

Kim Kardashian news about scandals:

The reality TV star has been under a constant war with the Instagram owners promoting the ‘free-the-nipple’ in which she posted one of her old new pictures of her curvaceous physique

She covered her breasts and genitals with black bars thereby making a fun of the website’s restrictive photo rules. She challenged Instagram’s decency policy again but this time she was supported by the stunning Ratajkowski, who bared her breasts in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video.

It sounds like the kardashian family tree is fond of being surrounded with controversies. Recently Kim, Kardashian posted her nude selfie on Instagram which drew more attention towards her. The bold actress surely conquers the art of fetching attention.


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