5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring an AC Repair Contractor

Being a homeowner offers a great amount of freedom to alter any area of your home, but this also comes with a great amount of responsibility.

This responsibility includes tedious maintenance tasks and not-to-mention expensive repair work when the time calls! And when it comes to AC installation or repair, this is not something you want to skimp on.

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So, with thousands of options out there, how do you go about choosing the best AC repair contractor? Here’s a good place to start…

Choosing the Best Fit: What To Ask Your AC Repair Contractor

Whether you’re in need of new AC installation or repair, the sheer amount of listing across the internet is overwhelming.

With the right type of marketing, any AC contractor could sell a ”high-quality” service online. But how do you know their services are truly legit?

Here are five worthwhile questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line:

1. What Type of Business License Do You Have?

Yes, this is an obvious question but, surprisingly, it’s often overlooked as an assumption that a contractor is working with a license. But this is not always the case.

If a contractor is working without an appropriate license they could be violating certain area codes and putting your property at risk. Always ask for proof of a business and operating license for your area, as well as online references.

Make sure to ask about worker’s compensation too, in the case of on-site accidents which could take place on your property!

2. Do You Have Past References I Can Contact?

An AC contractor should not hesitate in the slightest to offer you a contactable list of references. This demonstrates confidence in their own work and reputability.

Do a little research beforehand and go ahead and contact a few references to check up on their service, billing/costs, cleanliness, and trustworthiness.

3. Will Your Services Help to Reduce My Energy Bill?

In today’s day and age, an AC contractor should practice energy-saving techniques in all of their services. To add to this, an experienced contractor will be well-versed in the best techniques to help reduce your energy bill and offer tips on how to save power and money.

In other words, they should recommend recalibration and installation of energy-efficient technology, wherever possible.

4. What Exactly Does Your Service Guarantee Cover?

Most of the time a contractor will offer a service ”guarantee” on their website, but what exactly does this mean and what does it offer? All-too-often, this guarantee is not stated in writing in the contract.

Make sure you question exactly what is covered in both the contractor’s guarantee and warranty of service. Ensure this is stated in writing and added to the contract, in case a burden of proof falls on you!

5. What’s Not Included in the Quote?

AC installation and repair quotes tend to look pretty generic from one contractor to the next. But what’s often overlooked is what’s not included in the quote- which creates a number of loopholes for your contractor.

One of the main differences in what’s stated in a quote and what’s not is the use of old replacement components during repair work. These components include pipes, valves, connectors, safety switches, etc.

Basically, this allows contractors to cut corners without you knowing. So always ensure full clarity of your quote and full transparency of how your repair or installation is being done.

Looking For More Lifestyle Hacks?

Finding the best AC repair contractor shouldn’t be as easy as scanning the first page of Google and making a random selection. Research and careful consideration should be a top priority!

If you’re looking for more helpful lifestyle hacks on how to maintain or renovate your home, explore our Lifestyle page for more.

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