Kelly Evans Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know

Kelly Evans pregnant? For some reason, this rumor began about the CNBC news anchor Kelly Evans expecting her fourth child. But this rumor is not valid. Kelly Evans pregnant rumor is false.

Kelly Evans is a popular figure in the news and journalism industry. She is almost the face of CNBC.

Evans has a long relationship with the business news channel. Previously, she worked from London for the European division of CNBC but then moved to New Jersey in 2013.

She is a famous personality in American business news. Evans and her partner have not confirmed the Kelly Evans pregnancy rumor. They already have three lovely kids.

Evans is very private about her personal life, and there isn’t much information available online. But from her posts on Instagram, it doesn’t seem that she is pregnant.

She posts lovely pictures of her family on Instagram. She also shared photos of her pregnancy with her previous children online.

But there is no validation to the claim that Kelly Evans is pregnant.

Who is Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans is a famous business news anchor from America. She is attached to the CNBC news network. She also co-anchors the Power Lunch on the CNBC platform.

Evans worked in the Wall Street Journal. Kelly Evans pregnancy is an interesting question that many people are asking.

Even though she has three kids, the rumor that she is expecting a fourth is uncertain. The story is supposedly confirmed on Wikipedia.

But on other sources, no such rumors are corroborated. Therefore, it is challenging to state whether Kelly Evans pregnancy is true.

The couple has not made any comments, neither accepting nor denying it. Her career started in 2007. She wrote columns for the Wall Street Journal.

Her area of expertise is economics and real estate. She also worked in the Global Economics Bureau. She has been a moderator in many high-profile debates.

Kelly Evans Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know

Kelly Evans – Business News

Kelly Evans is a capable and charming news anchor on CNBC. She reports on various financial and economic news worldwide and in America.

She hosts a beautiful show with her colleagues. Her new colleagues are Melissa Lee and Tyler Mathisen. They report on various financial situations and critical news.

They also advise the audience on insight and information about the stock market. Those interested in learning about stocks, investments, and when to do these can follow them.

‘The Exchange’ and ‘Power Launch’ show that focus on these aspects. Not only do they focus on the finances, but they also discuss the trending political developments and concerns.

Reporting from home

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the landscape of the work environment. Since everyone was confined to the limits of their home, they had to work from home.

Kelly Evans is no different. When the pandemic hit and worldwide governments implemented lockdowns, news reporting had to be done from home.

The process of carrying the office back home was not easy. The environment was different, and sometimes family members of pets would inadvertently pop up.

There have been many funny scenarios of news anchoring done from home that resulted in comical moments.

For Kelly Evans, working from home was challenging but not altogether undoable. She persevered, balancing her work life and home life.

She hosted her shows with her colleagues from her house. To do work from they needed to use a different set-up.

Figuring out these things was a process, and Evans had opened up about her struggles to some sources during interviews.

Is Kelly Evans pregnant in 2022? So far, there hasn’t been any affirmative news. Evans herself hasn’t clarified it.

Though there is no other evidence online, people might come to know about it afterward. She is very private about her personal life.

Kelly Evans Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know


Kelly Evans has written a lot of famous pieces for CNBC over the years. It is her style of news anchoring and reporting that garnered her so many praises and accolades.

The highlight of her career was hosting the Presidential debate in 2012.

She has recently made headlines with her writings such as ‘The Completely Misunderstood U.S. Economy’ and ‘The Word that’s Actually being Avoided.’

Is Kelly Evans Pregnant?

Is Kelly Evans pregnant? No! she is not pregnant now as far as her online media is concerned. She has three kids with her partner Eric Chemi.

Evans sometimes posts on Instagram about her children and family. But she isn’t very active. There have been these rumors about her pregnancy, but that is incorrect.

Real estate is also an essential facet of their discussions. Kelly Evans has three kids as of 2022. Her first child is named Paul, and he is three years old.

The second child is Greg, who is almost two years old, and the third is Annie, who is nearly 4-5 months old. She is a proficient news anchor and an exemplary mother.

Whenever she posts on Instagram with her children and family, her fans love to see it. But the rumors of Kelly Evans being pregnant 2022 are false so far.

Is Kelly Evans pregnant again? No, she isn’t pregnant now. She has three kids who are still relatively young. She is a loving mother and a capable news anchor and reporter.

Her career is flourishing, and everything looks suitable for her life. She was the moderator during the debate of Republican Party debate in 2012.

Kelly also moderated the discussion between James Carville and Ann Coulter. She has an outstanding career record and is very popular in the news industry. You can follow her on many news media platforms.

She also has an Instagram and Facebook account but is not very active on these platforms.

Final Thoughts

Kelly Evans pregnancy is a rumor that other sources haven’t substantiated. You won’t find a lot of information on Kelly Evans’s pregnant.

But you can follow her social media to stay updated about her writing pieces. Her writing reflects expertise and knowledge. You can follow her work for this reason.

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