Keeping Safe: Why You Should Lock Up Your Firearms

When it comes to gun safety, safe is the key word. While for many people guns mean protection, guns themselves need safeguarding. To achieve this, there’s no better solution than a gun safe. There are many options to consider when deciding upon the best gun safe for your own individual needs. This includes the type of firearm you have and where you plan to locate your safe, as well as price and aesthetic considerations. Below, we look at five reasons which should make you decide to choose safe storage and help you find your best solution.

Defend Against Misadventure

Without a safe and secure place to store a firearm, you will always be at risk of an accident. From a gun dropping on the floor, to the inquisitive hands of a toddler, accidents can occur in many ways. Whichever way you look at it, a gun safe is worth the expense of becoming just another statistic in the local press.

Protect Your Family

Accidents are not the only way in which harm can befall your family from your side-arm. While some people choose to own a gun for self-defence against intruders, this very reason can make gun ownership a risk. If your gun is not safely stowed away from prying hands, it could easily fall into the wrong hands and prove a severe threat. If a burglar has easy access to your weapon, the gun will do exactly the opposite to what you intended of it.

Protect Your Guns

Preventing harm from guns is one thing, but you will also want to prevent your guns being harmed too. Many safes are designed to protect their contents from damage by fire and flooding. Furthermore, many modern safes now come fitted with a dehumidifier for extra protection. Not only does this keep your guns in good working order, it prevents against the premature ageing of your safe as well.

Law and Order

Further to carrying the relevant gun licence, many States demand you keep your firearm secured at all times. When it’s not in use, this means storing it in a secure location such as a locked cabinet or fingerprint gun safe. You will also need to consider where you store your ammunition. This should not be stored in the same site as your gun to provide further security.

Convenient and Accessible

How many times have you played a game of hunt the car keys? It’s incredibly easy to mislay even the most important of possessions which have become familiar in everyday life. After years of owning a handgun, absent-mindedness could also strike here as well. But while a gun safe will prevent misplacing your firearm, many people fear it comes at the expense of slow access. However, with modern technology such as biometric scanners to unlock safes, this is far from the truth.

Locking up your firearms is not only prudent, it’s the smart move for many other reasons. As such, it should be a priority for all responsible gun owners. And in an age when accidental shootings are becoming all to familiar, responsibility is a must.

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