Johnny Depp Tattoos, Oscars: Accolades And Inked Memories

Our lovable Captain Jack sparrow, aka Johnny Depp is back!!!

Johnny Depp Early Life, Daughter, Son, Wife

We don’t need to introduce our lovable captain as he is loved and appreciated by all people, of all ages and throughout the world. This Charismatic actor with his super versatile qualities has successfully made it to everyone’s heart and rules the Hollywood industry. Therefore here we will be jotting down Johnny Depp tattoos, Oscars to make you aware about the fluctuations he experienced and the way he preserved his memories.

So below we will be describing Johnny Depp wins and loses throughout his career and will also be telling that how good Johnny Depp is at expressing and preserving his most precious moments and people in his life.

Johnny Depp Oscars Facts

Johnny Depp Oscar

  • Johnny Depp has been probably one of the most successful actors of all time
  • With the kind of roles he plays, he has definitely made it to the versatility club.
  • Johnny by his outstanding performances left no stone unturned to give his best shot and to inspire people worldwide, however he could not make it huge in the awards category.
  • Wait! We are not saying that he hasn’t won any awards! He has won, in fact he has bagged loads of awards, however his number of nominations for awards are what outstand his lists of accolades won in his career.
  • Although he was nominated for a number of movies since his inception in the fields of acting, however he won his first award (Jupiter award) in the year 1995 for being the best international actor for portraying the role of Don Juan DeMarco.
  • Since then there was no looking back for young Johnny. He continued making appearances in multiple movies.
  • Fluctuation is not a new concept in the Glam world. Something similar happened with Johnny since then.
  • He was nominated for several awards and won quite a lot of them.
  • However to every one’s surprise he could not make it for the Oscars!
  • Even after being nominated for the Oscars for his multiple outstanding performances, surprisingly every time he came back empty handed!
  • We hope Johnny’s fate shines on him and get him an Oscar as, he truly deserves it!

Johnny Depp Tattoos

Johnny Depp Tattoo

Tattoos are generally considered to be one of the best mediums to express out deep buried emotions. Below are some of the expressions of our favorite pirate which he expresses in the form of tattoos:

  • Native American Head: the first tattoo when he got it inked in the year 1980
  • 3 Small Dots: since number 3 is lucky for Johnny therefore while shooting for the Curse of the Black Pearl, he got 3 dots inked at his left ankle.
  • Jack and Flying Bird: inked at the right forearm, it shows a flying along with his son’s name added to it.
  • The Brave Symbol: it served the purpose of the movie “The Brave”
  • Heart and Betty Sue: a heart with his mother’s name Betty Sue, inscribed in it.
  • Inverted Triangle: just above the “Betty Sue” tattoo there’s an inverted triangle which embraces the rights of workers.
  • Wino forever: his upper right arm got inked when he was engaged to Winona. However he got a laser treatment when the duo split their ways.

Johnny Depp Tattoos body art

  • Three rectangles: right index finger in inked by 3 rectangles. Johnny’s school books were inked with the same design all over. He once illuminated it as “Permanent phone doodles” but still the actual meaning is still mysterious.
  • Number 3: His left hand is inked with number 3. It was randomly done by one of his friend.
  • Lily-Rose: he got his daughter’s name inked near his heart. The letters are designed into rose buds.
  • Skulls and crossbones: Which means the certainty if death. The tattoo is inked at lower leg at the right side.

Johnny Depp Tattoos

  • Question mark: The right ankle is inked as such, which serves a part of the brave mark
  • Silence Exile Cunning: inked at his arm, it means “Silence Exile Cunning”
  • Three hearts: The upper left arm is inked as such which represents his family, His wife Vanessa and his kids.
  • Gonzo Fist: his left leg in the front is inked as such. Above this tattoo of his there is some writing which has not been decoded.
  • Skull: located in right arm in the upper side. It is not only a skull but also has cross bones.

Johnny Depp Tattoos arm

  • Salve ogum: Left arm towards the outer side is inked as such. The Portuguese word Salve means hail or save.
  • Sailor and woman: The tattoos embodies his grandparents’ youth. The sailor depicts his grandfather whereas the woman with a bag depicts his grandmother.
  • Writing: as said by Johnny he likes covering himself with tattoos which expresses what he has deep inside him.

These were the accolades and one of the most cherished (Maybe not all) moments and people in Johnny’s life, which definitely obligated us to pen down over here! We hope you liked it!

Loves to write and keen learner to approaches follow.

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