Jennifer Lopez Net Worth: One of the Most Successful Hollywood Stars

The sensational Hollywood star who commenced as a dancer and rose to fame as an actress in 1997, Jennifer Lopez has not only been a multi-talented star but also one of the leading Hollywood stars. Born on 24th July 1969, Jennifer Lopez first made debut through a dance on a TV show In Living Color before starring in the film Selena. Since then, the inception of success has been rising for this singer cum actress. Over the years down the lane, Jennifer Lopez net worth is calculated to be $380 million and rising.

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth Sources

Jennifer Lopez is one of those mastered celebrity who has been paving a pathway for success through her dancing, singing, acting as well as designing clothing. As per the sources conducted by Celebrity Net Worth, Jennifer Lopez net worth has been $380 million as of June 2018 and presently acquiring $400 million.

In Forbes magazine, it has been stated that in the year 2017, she earned nearly $38 million making way for becoming the 65th highest-paid celebrity in the world. Her main and primary sources of income have been through music and television.

It is noted that Jennifer has gained a cumulative of $2.9 billion and heading her way to become one of the finest latin actresses in the world. In the recent sources, it has been revealed that she was paid nearly $15 million for her role in the movie “Monster in Law”.

As per sources or might be rumours, Jennifer charged nearly $2 million for each movie. It is not the only movie that she has gained her net worth from. Music, television appearances, as well as lucrative sponsorship deal too, have been the pathway of Jennifer Loper net worth.

Talking about music, Jennifer has released nearly 8 studio albums till date and has sold over 80 million records globally. In the year 2017, she made $26 million to standardise her residency in Las Vegas. And this has been due to the process where she charged $350,000 per show.

She had been only for one tour which was known as “Dance Again World” where she acquired $76.8 million. Also, in 2002, Lopez perfume “Glow” had been sold for over $100 million per year. Not only this, she had been doing brand endorsement deals where she was appointed as the Global Brand Ambassador of L’oreal Paris in 2010, which has the reported earnings of $6 million every year.

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth Figures and Facts

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth – $400 million

As per taking about the facts and figures of her net worth with other celebrities, it is a quite roller coaster journey. Jennifer Lopez has 2.4 time bigger net worth than Angelina Jolie’s whose net worth is $160 million. Taking about that, Madonna’s net worth is double the net worth of Jennifer Lopez. Maddona’s net worth is known to be $800 million who has sold nearly 250 million records worldwide till date.

Again when it comes to being in terms of facts and figures with Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez is much lower in the number. Beyonce acquires the net worth of about $900 million which is nearly $500 million more than that of Jennifer Lopez Net Worth. Speaking of that Lopez net worth is higher in terms of Lady Gaga net worth which is $275 million.

Jennifer Lopez net worth timeline

Let’s take a quick run through of Jennifer Lopez’s net worth over the passing years in her timeline. With the passing years, let’s view how Jennifer has reaped the sweetest fruits to success.

Jennifer Lopez net worth in the year 2001 was $12,136,522

Jennifer Lopez net worth in the year 2006 were $51,234,332

Jennifer Lopez net worth in the year 2011 was $95,194,234

Jennifer Lopez net worth in the year 2014 was $163,441,164

Jennifer Lopez net worth in the year 2015 was $183,690,870

Jennifer Lopez net worth in the year 2016 were $210,720,660

Jennifer Lopez Net worth in the year 2017 were $380 million

Jennifer Lopez net worth in the year 2018 is $400 million

Jennifer Lopez Music and Worldwide Tours

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

  • In May 1999, JLo created her first debut single “If you had my love” and immediately that got on top of the Billboard Charts. Not only this, it was among the that topped the Billboard Hot 100 since Britney Spears. Within a period of 4 months, she released “Baby one more time”.
  • In a month later, she debuted “On the 6” was released with the status of Latin pop Artist. This album has been sold 3.42 million units worldwide. Lopez has embarked on nearly 5 tours which have undoubtedly added to her current net worths. Her first tour, “Let’s Get Loud” was in 2001, which gained her $765,000 as per to Money Nation.
  • A decade later, 2012, JLo, made way to her first worldwide, the Dance Again World Tour. After nearly 78 shows, she earned nearly $50,362,300. Its regarded as her highest earning tour.

Jennifer Lopez Movies and TV Shows

  • Lopez played the character of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in Warner Bros in 1997 when she was 28 years old when she portrayed as the late singer. She is known to be the highest paid Latina film actress where she tends to charge $ 2 million per film.
  • She has been the part of the films like “Out of Sight,” “Maid in Manhattan,” “The Wedding Planner,” “Antz,” and “Ice Age: Collision Course”. She has been earning an estimation of nearly about $90 million for making an appearance on the big screen.
  • Not only this, she has been the judge on “American Idol” for 3 years where she charged $12 million per season. As well as $36 million for serving as a mentor.

Looking through the statistics of Jennifer Lopez’s net worth, she has been earning and acquiring much wealth taking her net worth to $400 million. Out of which, here the top ones where she acquired the most.

Earning of JLo in 2018 has been acquired with the assets of $15,320,000, the Manhattan Condominium

Earning of JLo in the year 2017 has been the total worth of $38 million which involves the ticket sales of her live concert as wells her record sales.

Earning of JLo in the year 2016 has been a total of $39.5 million which included her assets, box office sales, record sales, as well as ticket sales.

Earning of JLo in the year 2015 has been a total of $28.5 million which included box office sales, record sales of 3 albums, asset and sale of the asset.

Earning of JLo in the year 2014 has been a total of $27 million that included the salary of her 72 shows, record sales of her released singles and albums.

Earning of JLo in the year 2013 $45 million with record sales and box office sales as well as the judge of Americal Idol.

Earning of JLo in the year 2012 has been a total of $52 million that included her ticket sales, box office sales, salary as the judge of American Idol and sale of her “Glow” perfume.

Earning of JLo in the year 2001 has been a total of nearly $ 25 million that included her salary as a judge, others as well asset.

Final Words –

Jennifer has always loved her lavish lifestyles and has been maintaining the same ever since. She has been following her successful mantras which has embraced her fabulousness, making it, and working with what you have got. She is one of those successful Hollywood stars who not only has been known for her songs but also for her acting skills. And with so much talent and popularity, she has marked her status to become one of the successful and richest singers in the world.

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