Is It Possible? A Guide on How to Change Your Eye Color


Determining eye color before birth is one of the most unpredictable factors in a person. It’s something that may not be within our control. Eye color gets determined by genetics and the environment.

In fact, about 15 genes determine a person’s eye color, with brown being a dominant trait and blue as recessive and rare.

With those established, it may seem that one’s eye color may stay as it is as a person grows up. But is this permanent or can you learn how to change your eye color.

Believe it or not, it is possible to change the color of your irises. The following set of approaches we will explore can shed light for you and show you how to change your eye color.

1. Diet and Detoxing

What you choose to eat can change eye color over time. This becomes one of the selling points for certain nutritional diets. Especially with the high carb low-fat diet and raw veganism.

Consider the story of Fully Raw Kristina. After taking on a diet her eye colors shifted from a café brown to a more clear hazel-to-blue. She then consulted an iridologist and proved that your eyes can also reflect the state of the internal organs.

You can let your body get rid of toxins with a healthy diet and detoxing. This sign of health not only manifests through how you feel, but it also reflects in the color of your eyes. You can say it is a bonus to having a body that is healthy and clean.

2. Clothing and Makeup

Through the use of clothing, you can also change the shade of your irises. Combining this with makeup, you can bring out a different sparkle or vibe to your eyes. You need to focus on the right color combinations in conjunction with lighting and weather.

For those with blue eyes, wear warm-colored eyeshadow to intensify the color. Orange tints or neutral tones for a casual style or metallic colors like gold or copper during special occasions.

Brown eyes gain a brighter look when coupled with eyeshadows with cool shades like purple and blue. Go with the jewel shades for dark brown or black eyes. Utilize browns on casual days or blues for the adventurous.

For gray eyes, green shades are a must to add accent. With gray being somewhat in between, the color you pick can set out the shade your eye color would take.

3. Contact Lenses

Are you are looking for a more immediate effect? You can consider having colored contact lenses.

These lenses come in different colors and shades that fits your fancy. There are some that have rather striking patterns to go with.

Contact lenses tend to come in two forms. One is the cosmetic lenses, which one can wear for fashion. The other is the corrective lens, which is for people in need of sight correction.

The immediate effects show when wearing these lenses. Keep in mind that it’s a temporary measure in changing eye color. When you end the day and you need to remove the contact lenses, you revert back to your original eye color once more. In here, you can get quality lenses.

4. Emotions

Moods and emotions can also impact the color of your eyes. In fact, these emotions bring about immense effects on various parts of the body. Here is how it goes.

When one feels rage or happiness, there are notable changes in breathing and heart rate. Aside from that, the color of the irises also change. The colors become intense and vivid, going either darker or lighter in shade.

Moments of happiness bring out the most vivid colors in people’s eyes.

5. Laser Enhancement

For a more permanent approach, you need a medical procedure to change your eye color. One of the methods that can achieve such a result is laser treatment.

This procedure uses a low energy laser to disrupt the top layer of pigment on the iris. This causes the scavenger cells to remove tissue. With this treatment, brown eyes turn blue over the course of two to four weeks, with the procedure taking about 20 seconds per eye.

While this procedure looks promising, a lot of eye doctors raise concerns about this procedure. If you plan to go for this approach, consider a medical consultation first before pushing through with it to know the risks involved.

6. Aging

A person’s age can also be a factor in eye color change. Consider looking at infants at age 3-18 months when born with blue eyes. Their blue iris comes from a lack of melanin. However, their eye colors change and become hazel as they grow older if the number of melanocytes increases.

Notably, the time when the color locks in is when children reach 12 years of age.

For those born with brown eyes, the color doesn’t undergo any changes during their growth. The one major advantage with having brown eyes is that you have a lower risk of contracting eye disease.

7. Spells

If you are looking for a different approach, you might consider the use of spells to learn how to change your color. Practitioners of white magic can make use of an eye color spell to get the needed result. If this approach tickles your fancy, you can give it a shot and see how the results would go for you.

Learn How to Change Your Eye Color Today!

Whether you choose to enhance it or change its color, your eyes can still dazzle people. It is a part of your charm and overall being. But before taking any ventures, know what each task entails and take note of the consequences as well before proceeding.

With these procedures, you now know how to change your eye color to what you desire.

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