Is It Ok To Give CBD Oil For Rats?


CBD oil is sparking interest everywhere in the health and wellness industries of both humans and animals alike. With the latter, the most common usage of CBD oil is with the cats and dogs. Today, however, advancements in science, research and technology are also bringing up new opportunities for the use of CBD oil in other animals such as rats. There are various labs now across the state that focus on mice and rats as their subject to potentially gain insights on its benefits. 

That said, while much has yet to be known about the potential CBD oil has for cat and rat use, you’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in learning more. This article will give you everything you need to know to decide as to whether or not CBD oil is safe for rats. 

Yes, Without THC 

The breakdown from experimented rats is that yes, it’s alright to give CBD hemp oil to rats. But, this comes with the caveat that the CBD oil itself has to be as pure as possible. Note that CBD isn’t the only compound found in the marijuana plant, as there are many. But, CBD oil is one of the safest, being that it’s nonpsychoactive. 

Henceforth, for you to say that you have entirely safe use of CBD oil for your pet mice and rats, do ensure that it’s without THC. If you can recall with human consumption, THC is that component of the marijuana plant that makes it addictive or psychoactive. This negative feeling can still be felt with rats, so you must make this choice as carefully as possible. 

CBD’s Interaction With The Rats’ System 

Just like with human beings, the effects that CBD oil can have on rats comes from the very manner of how CBD interacts with the various systems in the body. The debate in this matter is centered on studying whether or not CBD triggers the same receptors as its euphoric counterpart, THC, does. That way, as more and more CBD oil products for rats will be manufactured, it can also be tailored such that those with THC can be avoided altogether. In doing so, whatever products are released in the market made specifically for rats, it already comes with this assurance of safety. 

The CB1 cannabinoid receptor, which is also responsible for THC, did not respond with rats. Instead, it is the serotonin and pain receptors in rats that positively responded to a dose of CBD oil. 


Common Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets 

The benefits that are experienced by other pets, such as cats and dogs, from using CBD oil are also that which are imminent for rats. There is a promising possibility, therefore, in the widespread use of CBD oil for rats.

Some of the most common benefits that CBD oil can bring for rats include: 

  • Alleviation of seizures due to other health conditions such as liver, kidney and hereditary illnesses of rats 
  • Manages anxiety and depression in rats 
  • Pain, notably when your pet mice or rats has suddenly slowed down in movement and have lost their appetite 
  • Stops the spread of cancer cells 
  • Treats nausea 
  • Alleviates autoimmune and inflammatory diseases 
  • Curbs bowel-related diseases 
  • Protects the nervous system from the onset of neurodegenerative diseases 
  • Promotes cardiovascular health 

All these benefits are even more evident when CBD oil is directly injected into the rats through an IV. This fact is consistent with normalized serotonin levels in the rats, which also leads to decreased injuries. 

Quality Is Key 

As you would do with yourself and any other pets, never give to your mice or rats that you know to be unsafe. So, when experimenting on which CBD oil products to provide to your rats, always have in mind quality. Never skimp on this, else you’re exposing your beloved mice to the dangers that come along with poor quality CBD oil. 

First off, you have to learn to check the labels. Do make sure that the CBD oil you’re buying is 100% organic. It should also have no traces of THC, as aptly mentioned above.  

Also, at all times, do seek the professional medical advice of a doctor. Don’t do this yourself, as you’ll want to increase the possibilities of ending up with the right choice. 


With more nations and states legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes (even recreational for some), it’s not a surprise that there’s also a widespread demand for its use. Today, CBD oil isn’t just for use with human beings. But, other species of animals are gaining benefits from it too, rats included. However, all you’ve read above shouldn’t be made to substitute sound medical advice from your veterinarian. If you love your pet, couple your knowledge from reading this with that advice your veterinarian will also give you. 



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