40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body

Most of us make the mistake of taking our body for granted. However if you come to think about everything that your body does, you might realize how amazing it is. Know about the Smallest Person In The World. Your body is constantly doing a million things that you are not aware of- for instance digesting breakfast, growing fresh skin, and moving oxygen to cells from head to toe!

interesting facts about the human body

The human body is several things: a walking-talking chemistry set, a mechanical device, a sustainable life-form, and a constantly altering biological phenomenon. you may also find interesting to know about the Top 5 People With Highest IQ In The World. When it comes to the human body, there’s a lot to be acquainted with. Were you aware of these interesting facts about the human body?

  1. Every day our mouth produces around one litre of saliva!
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  1. Our brain is at times more active while we’re asleep than when we’re awake.
  1. There are 67 types of different bacteria in an average person’s belly button.
  1. Nerve impulses travel at the speed of up to 250 miles per hour to and from the brain; this is faster than a Formula-1 race car.
  1. When we blush, the lining of our stomach also blushes.
  1. The human brain is capable of reading up to 1,000 words per-minute.40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-7
  1. We lose around 4kg of skin cells every year!
  1. Babies can’t shed tears till they are at least 1 month old.40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-8
  1. We can see ultraviolet light; the ability to detect UV Light is filtered out by our eye’s lens. Some people undergo surgery to get the lenses removed and can spot ultraviolet light.
  1. In an average lifespan the human heart beats over 3 billion times.40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-9
  1. Our left lung is around 10 % smaller than the right one.40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-10
  1. Humans are the best long distance runners on earth. They are even better than any 4-legged animal.
  1. Human teeth are as strong as shark teeth.40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-1
  1. The human body gives enough heat in 30 minutes to boil a gallon of water.
  1. Humans have equal amount of hair on their body as chimpanzees. Although most are so fine that they are practically invisible.
  1. According to scientists our nose can recognize a trillion different types of scents!40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-5
  1. Human bones are just as strong as granite. A block of bones (size of a matchbox) can support 9 tonnes of weight.
  1. Our blood makes up about 8 % of our body weight.
  1. The focusing muscles in our eyes move approximately 100,000 times every day. To give the same workout to our leg muscles, we need to walk at least 50 miles.
  1. Our body creates 7 miles of new blood vessels for every pound of muscle or fat we gain.
  1. We share 50% of our DNA with bananas.40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-2
  1. Loneliness is actually physically painful. The way we struggle to avoid physical pain, we have a similarly prevailing drive to bond with others and look for companionship – to avoid the pain caused by loneliness.
  1. Studies suggest that kids tend to grow faster in the spring season as compared to other other seasons throughout the year!
  1. Our body produces 25 million new cells every second. In every 13 seconds, we produce more cells than the number of people in the United States.
  1. We humans are bioluminescent which means that we glow in the dark. However, the light we emit is thousand times weaker than what our eyes are able to see.
  1. Did you know that the hardest part of our entire body is the enamel on the top of our tooth!3c959489dc8e0d167cf99d4e9e1eb7f0
  1. In a day, our blood travels 12,000 miles around our body. That’s 4 times the distance across the United States from coast to coast.
  1. On average, men have bigger noses than women.40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-3
  1. About 90% of the cells that make us are mostly bacteria and fungi.
  1. We can see our nose all the time however our brain constantly ignores it!
  1. Human body has enough iron inside it to make a 3 inches long nail.
  1. In an average lifetime, our heart pumps enough blood to fill up 100 swimming pools.
  1. It is impossible to hum when our nose is plugged close!
  1. It is impossible to sneeze with open eyes!
  1. The human eyeball weighs about 28 grams.
  1. The strongest muscle in our body is the tongue.
  1. The tips of our fingers are strong enough to support the weight of our whole body.
  1. Fingernails grow almost four times faster than our toenails!40 Interesting Facts about the Human Body-4
  1. Kidneys filter approximately 1.3 liters of blood every minute and release 1.4 liters of urine every day.
  1. The cornea in the eye is the only part of the body that does not get any blood supply. As, it takes oxygen directly from air.
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