Increase The Size With Jelqing



There are lots of things available in the market to increase the size of the penis like different types of pills, many types of herbs, some oils, penis extenders and penis pump. These things are very helpful to increase the size of the penis especially the penis extenders, penis extenders help the lots to increase the size of the penis. But sometimes these things do not show proper result and failed in their working. When the above-mentioned things failed to show the result those different types of penis exercises takes place. There is lots of penis exercise which are very helpful to increase the size of the penis. clinically-certified article is one of them; it is also the type of penis exercise which is used to gain the size of the penis. If you cannot understand the way of jelqing then there are lots of video of jelqing available in the YouTube but be careful always watch the real video of the penis jelqing because, in some videos they saw you the banana in place of the penis, this will misguide you. After watching that video, one thing that will come into your mind that you just have to massage your penis for a few minutes and you has successfully jelq. But the fact is that it is the penis enlargement exercise like another exercise involves the warming up, performing sets and repetitions in a certain fashion, adding in the extra exercise or two and finally cooling down.

Some misguidance in the fake jelq videos

In many jelq videos they cannot show you the warm up and warm down, they cannot take interest to show the warm up and warm down they not take it as an important part. You wrap the hot cloth around your penis and leave it there for a few minutes for the warm up and you do the same after you finish your exercise for the warm down. Lubrication is the important step which is most important in the jelqing but in some videos like the warm up and warm video, they also skip the lubrication process. You take some lubrication like water and oil and place it into your penis. Stretching is also another important step in the jelqing and its take place after the standard jelqing like after the warm-up and lubrication. Stretching is also very helpful to increase the size of the penis when we do stretching the tissues of the penis start to rebuild that cause to increase the size. The jelq video must be unique and cover all the steps of jelqing like first of all the warm up and then show that your penis must be in semi-erect state, then make the ok sign with the help of your finger and thumb, and after that draw this ok sign from the top to base which is very helpful to increase the blood flow in the penis and at last warm down the penis in the hot water and place it in the cloth and give some rest, these are the basic steps of jelqing which are very helpful to increase the size of the penis.


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