In Office vs At-Home Whitening: Your Best and Brightest Smile Awaits

Do you want a brighter, whiter smile? Well, you’re far from alone. Up to 80% of people say they wish they had whiter teeth.

But the best way to achieve a beautiful smile is still up for debate.

Is it better to use an at-home whitening treatment? Or should you leave it up to the pros?

Keep reading for an overview of both methods and see which is the right fit for you.


A better smile is great and all, but those pearly whites can cost a lot of green.

So between at-home whitening and in-office whitening, which is more cost-effective?

If you guessed that professional whitening is the more costly approach, you’d be correct — and by quite a lot. A professional whitening treatment can cost around $500 or more.

You’ll also need to take into consideration that insurance won’t cover your treatment, as it qualifies as a cosmetic procedure. However, your dentist may be willing to work on a financing plan that allows you to break up payments.

Meanwhile, there are a ton of affordable ways to whiten your teeth at home. Whitening toothpaste, for instance, will set you back $7 to $10. For a more powerful approach, you could buy a whitening tray for around $50 to $100.


While there are tons of effective teeth whitening treatments you can do at home, it’s true that you get what you pay for.

No matter how powerful your at-home whitening solution is, it probably won’t produce the same effect that a professional can deliver.

That’s because dentists have access to more powerful chemicals than over-the-counter trays, pastes, and gels. Some dentists even prefer to use laser treatments to burn off excess plaque and stains.


So far we’re neck-and-neck. At-home treatments will save you some cash, but professional treatments deliver better results.

Either way, you’ll have to get the best value for your money. For that, it’s important to look at the important issue of longevity.

Most professional whitening treatments can keep your smile bright for around three years. And once you’re finished with your treatment, you’ll notice the results right away.

In contrast, at-home whitening options don’t last nearly as long. In fact, they tend to last for a matter of months instead of years.

If you’re dedicated to keeping a bright smile, you may end up paying more for OTC whitening treatments than you would a professional cleaning.

Safety Considerations

You’ll be happy to know that neither solution is hazardous to your health. But you should still know what you’re in for before committing to a decision.

Some experts have raised concerns over whitening gels and toothpaste, noting that they only erase surface stains and damage enamel, ultimately doing more harm to your smile than good.

They can even worsen preexisting conditions like gum disease or tooth sensitivity.

At-Home Whitening vs. In-Office Whitening: Final Thoughts

Both forms of whitening treatment have their own advantages. For those looking to save a few bucks, at-home whitening is probably the way to go.

But for those who want to get better, longer-lasting results with professional supervision, in-office treatment is your best bet.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to take care of your teeth afterward. Read up on easy ways you can take care of your teeth and keep your smile looking great!

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