Important Blackjack Facts: Strategies And Tournaments

Blackjack had emerged as one of the most popular and interesting casino games gamblers enjoyed. Unlike the regular real money casino blackjack game, a blackjack tournament on a real money casino app Ontario often involves many players. It also operates a different rule, and there are many tips and strategies for winning a blackjack tournament game. This piece will show you some important and not-so-obvious facts about the blackjack tournament. And if you read to the end, you’ll also learn the basic strategies that come in handy when preparing for a blackjack tournament. Let’s dive in. 

Blackjack Tournaments Are Played Among players

If you’re preparing for your first blackjack tournament, it helps to know that the tournament is played between players in the back of your mind. Unlike the regular blackjack game that involves a player vs. casino, different players compete in a blackjack tournament for a fair share of the prize. Each player must pay an entrance fee to join the contest. The number of players that compete may be as much as eight, and there are often up to 3 stages depending on the number of players that start the round. 

Here is how the tournament works. A button is placed in front of a player, meaning that this person is dealt the first hand. The button is then moved around the table as the hand passes. This shows that the betting order changes with the button and the passing continues until one player emerges the grand winner. Moreover, it would be interesting for every gambler to know that Endemol bets on gaming, and leads $14 million round in social casino startup plumbee.

Understanding Position in Blackjack Tournaments Is Crucial

It is important to master how the seat position works in blackjack tournaments. The punter who wagers first in each hand rotates around the table. In this case, the player with the first-base button is often the first to draw a bet and the first person to play their hand. Once that round of play ends, the button is moved by the dealer one position to the left or the player to bet first in the new round is selected at random. The first player is often at a disadvantage in a blackjack tournament as the player doesn’t get to see other players’ bets before deciding. The good thing is even if you’re the first player in the first hand, all hope is not lost. While some use dice, others use high carding. 

The last hand is the most crucial stage where seat positioning comes into play in a blackjack tournament. This is because anyone who plays the last hand gets to see other opponents’ bet, and at this point, you are equipped with enough knowledge to help them overthrow the current chip leader and consequently emerge as the winner. The knowledge of button movement can also help ease your game if you sit at a table with a stronger opponent. 

In a nutshell, seat positioning helps you understand that if you are dealt the first hand in the last round, you had better wager so aggressively that you make it difficult for opponents to overthrow you. If you have the opportunity to play the last hand, then you have an unfair advantage always to tilt the leaderboard in your favour. 

Card Counting Is Not Supported in Most Blackjack Tournaments

No strategy guarantees a win in a blackjack tournament. However, mastering some basic skills of regular blackjack games could help increase your winning chances in the blackjack tournament. One such skill used by an advanced punter is card counting. In essence, card counting involves keeping a mental tally of the cards that are played to ensure that the probability of certain cards being dealt can be estimated, giving an advantage to the player. With the knowledge of card counting, pro-blackjack players can lower the casino house edge by keeping track of the ratio of high-valued cards to low-valued cards.

While there are no federal, local, or state laws that prohibit players from resorting to card counting (unless a card counting device is involved), most casinos prohibit the use of card counting, especially during blackjack tournaments. This is because most operators consider card counting a form of cheating in a blackjack tournament. Adopting the strategy gains an unfair advantage over other punters playing on the same table. Our opinion is that this is a weak logic as players are merely using their brains. 

The Elimination Blackjack Is the Most Popular Blackjack Tournament 

While tournaments come in different formats, the most common type of tournament you will come across is the elimination blackjack tournament. The crucial consideration in an elimination blackjack tournament is the elimination hands. Typically, during a tournament, the hands are evenly spread out. However, the tournament’s goal remains the same: the player that has the lowest number of chips as the hand is completed gets eliminated. Most tournaments often consist of 3 to 5 elimination rounds. At the end of the last round, the player with the highest chip goes home with the grand prize and it is as pleasant as a first deposit welcome bonus.

Blackjack is a pretty straightforward game with easy rules. However, the game becomes more difficult when betting head to head against other pro gamblers. In that case, you will need to equip yourself with all the information you can muster to improve your winning chance. Many tips should follow you into a blackjack tournament. Here are some that work for us: 

  • If many chips are required to make it, you should consider doubling down on more unlikely starting cards.
  • Ensure that you know how long the elimination rounds last. It would help if you prioritized staking high chips towards the end when other players would have used up their best hands. 
  • Don’t lose track of the opponent next to you, especially if you top the leaderboard or are close to it. 
  • Always ensure that you do not lose focus of the chip count of other players. 
  • Know when to bet big and bet small.
  • If it’s up to you, choose the best position. 
  • Learn the basics of card counting.
  • Blackjack tournaments are all about fun, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself and sharpen your skill.
  • You must remember that the tournaments are arranged for entertainment purposes. So, ensure that you have fun!


Did you find it surprising that a blackjack tournament is a player vs. player game? How old are you when you discover it is not all casinos that permit card counting? Those are five important facts on strategies that help improve your winning chance in a blackjack tournament. We also sprinkled some tips that can shoot you to the top of the leaderboard. Let’s continue the conversation in the comment box. 


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