Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup

It is hard to find a person who has not heard about the “Barbie” doll. Many people also know the history behind Barbie while many others only love the doll for its flawless and evergreen beauty. Your love for that doll may be pure but have you ever considered reforming yourself into a Barbie doll?

If the answer is negative, you can look at the human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova. She has a striking resemblance with the Barbie doll. The only difference is, you assume and accordingly design your Barbie doll but her human-form does not depend on you for anything.

The Human Barbie – Valeria Lukyanova

The human Barbie resides at the Russian capital Moscow, even though she is considered as a Ukrainian-Russian. She is a model by profession and therefore, she certainly requires more makeup and facelift at times to make herself look good in the camera lenses.

real life barbie

However, it did not start in that way but more naturally. She certainly used some makeup but in 2007, when she was a beauty pageant where she won “Miss Diamond Crown of the World”.

Around this time the fame and the limelight shined upon her. Round the globe, in the world, everyone compared her with the beautiful Barbie doll.

Lukyanova had done few photo-shoots for Russian media that included erotic photos as well. The most notable of her photo-shoots was with V magazine, by an eminent photographer Sebastian Faena.

The story just doesn’t end there. Apart from the photoshoots and V magazines, she was also noticed in her pictures that were posted on the blog named Jezebel (owned by Univision Communication).

Facing the critics

  • It is rightly said, “If you have no critics, you’ll likely have no sucess.” And from where would you incur such things? Well, that’s where fame comes in and knocks the door. Thus, if you have fame, you will have critics.
  • Our “human Barbie” too had to experience the bit of it. And this occurred, when people coined her beauty as a “hoax” or the work of “image editing software”.
  • Many of the eminent editors or fashion magazines commented that Lukyanova, the human Barbie had been the target of media objectification.
  • In the latter part, Lukyanova admitted that she only had had her breast augmentation surgery but no other surgery to enhance her beauty.
  • Many editors, as well as fashion photographers, who had come in contact with the human Barbie, claimed that she naturally appears to be beautiful.
  • Certainly, neither she nor the people, who had come to contact with her ever denied the part of the makeup to make her appear like the Barbie doll.

Human barbie Valeria Lukyanova without makeup

The human barbie was naturally that beautiful to let the people go in awe. But was that even the magic of the makeup or has she been blessed with the charismatic beauty of receiving the title of human barbie that too without makeup.

barbie humana

Well, indeed, no Paparazzi was required to catch a glimpse of her makeup-less face. That is so because she herself posted pictures online without makeup. Those pictures undoubtedly revealed her true beauty and it is by no chance any less than the beauty of the evergreen and beloved, the Human Barbie doll itself.

Certainly, no one knows whether any photo editing software has been used or was used to upgrade her natural looks, but most believe that she does not need a photo editor to enhance her beauty.

Life of Valeria Lukyanova

As a model, Lukyanova is now a noticeable name in the modeling world. However, her beauty is not just restricted to her face but to her nature as well. She married her longtime beau Dmitry Shkrabov but announced that she does not like a common family-based lifestyle.

Valeria Lukyanova was born in Tiraspol on 23rd August 1985. By that time, the place was a part of USSR. Later, she moved to Ukraine and finally, during War of Donbass, she moved to Moscow.

Comments on the entitlement – “human Barbie”

Even though she bears an uncanny resemblance with the famous doll, Lukyanova hardly accepts the title “human Barbie” for herself. In her words, she feels like the title is way more humiliating and disgraceful to her beauty. However, she never opposed people calling her or tagging her with that name and indirectly prefers to enjoy the title, as the world can relate her with that name.

valeria lukyanova

Fame of the Human Barbie

  • Not only the modeling sector or the fraternity is the part that helped Valeria Lukyanova bloom but also Lukyanova tried her voice for various songs and even in front of celluloid screens as well.
  • However, the specific concept of “human Barbie” has helped all those efforts garner the worldwide fame. That does not nullify the vocal sensation, as well as the acting qualities of the human barbie, Lukyanova.
  • A lot of questions have arrived regarding Lukyanova’s flawless beauty that required a slight touch of makeup to transform her into the humanized form of the evergreen Barbie doll.
  • In order to get away from the continuous posted comments, Lukyanova rather chose to sweep them aside. And she did so by posting Instagram pictures of her parents that properly indicate where from she has had her gene and the beautiful look.

Human Barbie and Ken

Human Barbie

  • If you look at the history, you will find that Ken is actually two years younger than Barbie. However, age had never appeared as a bar for love and when you are imagining something, you can never get old!
  • Therefore, Ken is a doll that can perfectly play the role of “Prince Charming” for the magnificent doll Barbie. Well, as per sticking to the context, let’s delve into exploring the human barbie more than the doll.
  • It is not surprising that when you can find a Barbie in a human form, Ken will not be far away. However, certainly this new guy, the “human Ken” is not the lover of the real life Barbie.
  • On the contrary to Lukyanova, the human Ken was not as beautiful from the beginning. In fact, if you conduct a thorough research through the internet properly, you can find that not just one, but more than one “human Ken”s are available and all of them have had their trysts with the knives.
  • Some of them have undergone so many surgeries that none can ever relate them with their actual or previous appearances. In order to that, human Barbie and Ken do not set match with each other. In fact, it has been reported that the most famous “Human Ken Doll” had about 60 surgeries to make him appear real. That is quite astonishing, ain’t it?!

What is the diet of human Barbie?

  • The human Barbie is a complete and proper vegan. She prefers vegetables and suggests everyone be vegan.
  • She suggests everybody to try herbs, as they are healthy. In her interviews, she said eating broccoli, cauliflower, as well as cabbages, will be beneficial for everyone.

human barbie

  • She claims that the secret of her beauty and fitness is her diet and that is vegetarianism. In fact, she has even claimed that eating raw foods have helped her maintain her body and her beauty.
  • Now, there may be some different opinions but as long as human Barbie herself stands as a living proof of beauty and fitness, people can turn a deaf ear on other opinions.

Controlling the urge is important

The human barbie, Valeria Lukyanova says that it is important to maintain a balanced diet and self-controlling can play an important part there. As an example, many people have uncontrollable urge on ice-creams and other sweet dishes. She says that controlling these urges is important to keep yourself healthy and beautiful.

Being on air diet

This certainly sounds crazy but when you look at the perfectionist human barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, it would not sound impossible to you.

The human barbie, Lukyanova sometimes portrays some shocking things and images. And one of the most important among them is her diet chart. It has already been mentioned that she is a vegetarian but at times, she said to try to be on air diet.

By that means, she claims to be live without food and drinks. That is unnatural and for Lukyanova, it supposedly did not go well either because, after a certain period, she claimed to consider consuming vegetable foods once again.

No food diet is called Breatharianism and the practitioners of this cult supposedly do not eat or drink. The question regarding whether the practice is good or bad that may spark a lot of questions but according to Lukyanova, it helped her feel good.

Various odd confessions regarding the human barbie

The words of our human Barbie have always sparked various spooky speculations. Now, there are some other confessions by her had sparkled various rumors. Valeria claims to be a spiritual teacher, who can contact the aliens through the light.

At the same time, she claims to be a spiritual teacher and a healer. All those claims have not been scrutinized but for the sake of the record, these claims can be counted. In fact, she also has claimed that she could time-travel and also had some kinds of out-of-body experiences.

Are the stories of human Barbie doll true?

real barbie

  • If you are interested and believe in the gossips, you can certainly believe in the stories surrounding the human Barbie doll Lukyanova. However, there are several other people, who actually took the matter too far.
  • The matter is not only related to being a follower of Lukyanova but also stepping into her shoes. In that case, the names of Dakota Rose, Venus Angelic, as well as Angelica Kenova can be coined.
  • On the other hand, you should better know about Justin Jedlica and Celso Santebanes. Both of them spent a good amount of money to make them look like the Ken doll. However, it did not go well with the latter, because eventually, he died of several physical complications post-cosmetic surgery.
  • The human Barbie has no link with the troubles. Not everyone is blessed with a divine-like beauty. Certainly, Ms. Lukyanova has proved that her genes certainly carry the charm of beauty that cannot be defined in some other ways.
  • Alongside the natural approach, she encourages her followers to maintain a proper diet and maintain proper working out sessions, which may not make them appear like the human Barbie, but they can stay fit and sound. Staying completely fit and enjoying a good health is also very much important to flaunt an attractive look.

The concept of human barbie is never ending. And the battle goes on and on. From Valeria Lukyanova to Alina Kovalevskaya, the facination of human barbies have reached new grounds. And in the recent times, it is now Lolita Rich who claims to be the 16 year old human barbie.

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