7 Simple And Safe Ways On How To Whiten Teeth

how to whiten teeth

how to whiten teeth

A face with a good smile gets all the attention, so to grab it all, believe it or not, we humans spend around 38.5 days of your life, in brushing our teeth. And even pay sound money for dental treatment.

Did you see! people around the globe are very much concern about the looks of their teeth. So here, I am going to tell you some of the very safe methods on how to whiten teeth.

Know Your Teeth:

Enamel is the outer layer of teeth, even stronger than your bones, which actually protects your teeth from decay.

What Makes It Yellow: First, I want you to know what makes your teeth look dull and yellow. There are certain foods which can crumble your enamel and steal the white looks of your teeth. Though you can treat it with some natural and homely products, sometimes carelessness erodes this white layer and revels the yellow coloured and bony structure behind it.

So, folks if you want to know how to whiten teeth naturally then let me tell you, you are at the right place. Because I am going to begin this with how to whiten teeth naturally:

How To Whiten Teeth:

1. Naturally with Kaolin Clay:

Kaolin Clay possesses natural ability of genteelly polishing your teeth. With this, it removes the yellow layer over your teeth softly. Though you can go for any clay, kaolin will give you the best results.

What you have to do:

You just have to brush your front teeth with the clay and let it join the saliva. Mouthwash with plain water.

how to whiten teeth

2. At home with Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar aka ACV is acidic in nature, which makes it a good fighter against bacteria. Due to this property of ACV ,it is used as cleaning and disinfectant product. ACV contains a good amount of acidic acid, magnesium, potassium and healthy enzymes which kills bad bacteria.
As I have already told you ACV is acidic in nature, it is not advised to use it on a regular basis as it can even erode the enamel layer of the teeth and make it soften. You can use it one in a week or even one in a fortnight for better results.

What you have to do:

Take a half a cup of ACV mix it with the same amount of water. Swish the diluted mixture and mouthwash it properly. Do not forget to wash your mouth with plain water once done with diluted ACV.

how to whiten teeth

3. At home Oil Swishing and Pulling:

I know! I know! You will be a little shocked with this, however oil pulling in the most effective and known teeth whitening technique. This customary technique also removes toxins from the body and also recovers oral health.
In India where we prefer sunflower and groundnut oil, there are many who even go for coconut oil for its rich taste. Some even conceder sesame oil as it fights with Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria causing plaque.

What you have to do:

For oil pulling all you have to do is, take 1 teaspoon of coconut oils, swish it in your mouth and push and pull for 15 to 20 minute. That’s it! But remember it will not whiten your teeth overnight, you have to do this on regular basis and then only you will get sparkling teeth.

how to whiten teeth

4. At home with Baking Soda:

This is the most effective answer to how to whiten teeth at home. Every home has baking soda and here we are going to use the same. Baking soda is an important component in many of the toothpaste as it has teeth whitening properties. Baking soda is alkaline in nature and hence it prevents the growth of oral bacteria.

Though science does not believe the magic of baking soda, studies have proven that a toothpaste containing baking soda as an ingredient can whiten your teeth better than the one that does not contain.

What you have to do:

Ok! Here you just have to make a paste with baking soda and water. Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with 2 teaspoons of water and brush your teeth with the resultant paste.

how to whiten teeth

5. Naturally with Citreous Veggies and Fruits:

This one is the best method on how to whiten teeth at home. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can gift you with a healthy and sparkling teeth. Chewing raw veggies and fruits takes off the layer of plaque and helps your teeth stay white.

If you love strawberries then you can use its antioxidant property as a teeth whitener.

You can even go for leafy vegetables, rich in potassium and magnesium to keep your teeth healthy and white.

Carrots and sweet potatoes can even make your teeth white.

What you have to do:

All you have to do here is to chew some raw fruits like strawberries, orange, pineapple and veggies like celery and carrot and here you will get healthy twinkling teeth.

how to whiten teeth

6. At home with Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide:

Here comes the surprise entry! Now must have heard how hydrogen peroxide used in as an ingredient in many of the toothpastes can erode the layer of enamel. But the major difference lies in the concentration.

Yes! The studies have shown that if used in higher concentration hydrogen peroxide can put your teeth whitening process at risk. We have seen many of you using it by keeping the level of concentration at 3%, which is really not good.

If you want to choose toothpaste then go for the one having 1% hydrogen peroxide.

What you have to do:

At home, all you have to do is take some hydrogen peroxide, keep the level of concentration at 1 to 1.5 percent and trust me nothing can give you better upshot than this. All you have to do is mouthwash with this very much diluted hydrogen peroxide and you are done.

Note: Hydrogen Peroxide is also good for our body. Harvard University in the year 2009 has proven that our internal organs like, abdomen, endocrine gland or the thyroid gland and lungs need hydrogen peroxide. It powers the immunity, defends your body and also acts as a healing agent.
Keeping all this in mind we can also suggest dilute hydrogen peroxide to the one suffering from certain gum diseases. However, all these you have to do keeping the concentration of the substance in mind.

7. At home with Activated Charcoal:

Yes! Let’s move on to the next very important beauty product, activated charcoal! Charcoal is something you will find at every home today. It’s activated and toxic trapping properties made it’s a very popular cleansing and whitening products.

However, it is also a controversial product as some also believe that its access use can also effect you teeth negatively same as hydrogen peroxide.
Same as oil pulling, activated charcoal mixed with the saliva and makes your discoloured teeth white. Activated charcoal also deal with food poisoning as it gets combines with the poisonous substance reducing the risk of food poisoning.

What you have to do:

With activated charcoal, you just have to rub your teeth gently and leaving it to work for 5 minutes. And after that normally wash off your teeth, mouthwash, and gargle with simple water.

Note: Yap! There is a very important thing which you should always keep in mind before going with activated charcoal. You should not use activated charcoal as your regular toothpowder.
I have already told you how activated charcoal can help you out with food poisoning, similarly if one takes it in access it will get bind with whatever comes in its contact i.e; even with healthy vitamins and minerals. So, it is better to be careful with its overuse.

how to whiten teeth


Some Bonus For You:

Apart from these teeth whitening techniques and products, there are some special mentions, keeping these simple and very small things in mind you can keep your teeth healthy and white for long.

Whiten teeth naturally With Improved Eating Habit:

• Teeth also have some life and they can get aged or we can say they become pal or yellow due to the factors like thinning of the enamel or aging.

• You’re drinking and eating habit plays a very major role in keeping your teeth white. Those who love to drink tea or coffee will have to be a little careful as it can make the teeth yellow. Even poor diet can make your teeth look bad.

• If you love to smoke than white teeth can become your far-off dream. Excess smoking and chewing of tobacco can even make your teeth lose its attraction.

• Sugar can be your big enemy if you are looking forward for bright teeth. Yes taking surplus sugar in your diet, nurtures Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria causing gingivitis and plaque. However, brushing your teeth just after the intake of any sugary food, can save your teeth.

Whiten Teeth Naturally with Calcium Rich Diet:

• Yes! Food rich in calcium like broccoli, cheese, milk etc can make your teeth white. How? Remember I have told you in the binging discoloration of teeth sometimes occur due to the erosion of the enamel, so calcium makes the enamel strong and hence gift you with strong and white teeth.

Whiten Teeth naturally With Nuts:

How knows getting white teeth would sound so tasty. Yes! If you want to keep your teeth healthy white or want to get rid of teeth discoloration chewing some nuts can even help you. Chewing nuts like almond and walnuts can make your teeth strong and bright.

how to whiten teeth

Regular Brushing:

Yes we all know, prevention is better than cure, and what could save your teeth better than brushing it. So, the easiest answer on how to whiten teeth at home Regular brushing of teeth with a toothpaste having ingredients like backing soda, activated charcoal and dilute hydrogen peroxide can help you make your teeth look white and beautiful.

how to whiten teeth


• Many of the normal toothpastes contain Fluoride, however just like hydrogen peroxide you have to be a little careful with this one as well. If you are the one taking fluoride regularly and that to in a greater quantity and using toothpaste high in fluoride then you can face yellow teeth sooner. So, it is better to go for the fluoride toothpaste once or twice in a week.

Because We Care:

• There is hundreds of study which tells that extra treatment of teeth for whitening can even damage it. There are many teeth whitening products that can even damage enamel. As per the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry so as to get the white teeth, people cross the line and at the end, they see the dentists with over bleached damaged teeth tissues.

They further state that the teeth whitening products dentists use at their office are safe, however as we know excess of anything can be bad even these very safe products turns harmful due to its overuse.


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