How To Use Vapes Correctly

Vapes used mainly to quit smoking and replace cigarettes, because there are many laws and regulations prohibiting smoking in public places. What’s more everyone’s standard of living is generally high, and the requirement of life is strict. However, with the development of the vape, it has gradually become a trend culture in European and American communities. If the vape is used improperly, it may cause danger. How to use the electronic cigarette correctly becomes the common concern. There are many types of vapes, such as high-power vapes, mechanical vapes etc. There are also many brands of vapes, such as Vaporesso, Uwell, Teslacigs, Ofrf etc.

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The Steps to Use Vapes Correctly:

  1. As with real cigarette, the vape does not need to go directly into the lungs. For small smoke, it is impossible to directly enter the lungs, but to put the cigarette holder in the mouth first. First create a vacuum through the cheeks and suck out the atomized smoke from the vape. At this point, the nicotine-containing steam smoke oil is concentrated in your mouth and nose.
  2. After the steam stays in your mouth for 1-2 seconds, see if your preference is in the lungs, and then the steam comes out through your mouth or nose.
  3. The steam must be sucked into the mouth very slowly and gently. A strong sucking like a regular cigarette is not enough. Here are the reasons:
    • The atomizing core needs to be heated slowly for a few seconds, otherwise it will have a poor effect.
    • Strong vape smoking may cause smoke to get into your mouth.
  4. The vapor of vapes is liquid steam fumes, not solid particulate fumes from combustion, which leads to two results:
    • The droplets of liquid smoke are much larger than the particles of cigarette solid smoke, so it does not penetrate deep into the lungs. Their diameters differ by a factor of ten (10 microns versus 1 micron). This means that nicotine in electronic cigarette smoke is not easily absorbed by the lungs, and its absorption process is slow.
    • The absorption of nicotine in the mouth, nose and lungs is similar. To maximize the absorption of nicotine, take advantage of these three parts, otherwise nicotine is difficult to absorb.
  5. Vapes do not necessarily need to enter the lungs. Sucking can generally meet the needs of smokers for nicotine (especially high-concentration smoke oil), or add a little bit of lungs, use the nose to exhale smoke. It can also increase the absorption of nicotine. For smokers who have lungs (such as emphysema) because of smoking, you can refer to this point. After all, it is not advisable to inhale vape vapor into the lungs.The absorption of nicotine is very fast when using cigarettes. It lasts about 8 seconds in the brain, which is more than three times faster than the rate of nicotine injection (30 seconds). Smokers’ demand for smoking is also due to its extremely fast rate of nicotine absorption. In the case of proper use of vapes, especially high-concentration smoke oil, the absorption rate of nicotine can reach 30 seconds. This is basically enough to meet the needs of smokers. High-end vape players include nicotine absorption speed in optimizing vaping.
  1. The time to vape is much longer than the time it takes to smoke cigarettes. The average nicotine content of a vape is only 10%-50% of that of cigarettes, so vape players need to take longer, usually 12 minutes for vapes and 5 minutes for one cigarette. In addition, the electronic cigarette atomizer sucks for two seconds at a time, because the atomizer heating process takes 1 second, and this process does not produce smoke.

Small smoke can be sucked for 4-8 seconds at a time, depending on the quality of the equipment, the nicotine content of the smoked oil and the skill of the player. Generally it takes 4-5 seconds to suck. So you can see that vapes need to be sucked slowly and gently for 5 seconds, while regular cigarettes require only 1-2 seconds of rapid lung suction, which are completely different in use.

Larger vapes are more efficient, and we usually need 3-4 seconds to inhale. Generally do not need lung suction, the time is not shorter than 2 seconds, of course, these depends on personal preference. vapes are prone to lung discomfort or cough in the case of direct lung aspiration, and nicotine absorption is not good. If the time is too short, the nebulizer will work poorly.

How To Use Vapes Correctly - 1

Please note that older vape players use more inhalation methods when using larger and more specialized vape devices, which are quite different from Sub ohm tank. It refers to the direct use of tanks. The atomizer of the substrate core (ohm ohm refers to the heating core) is generally fastened to the atomizer base platform by thread or AIO (direct plug type).

Generally, the air is fed up or down, and the heating part has coils and grids. The refill portion does not last long and needs to be purchased repeatedly, so the average cost of use is also high. It is the most convenient to use, including the oil filling design of some atomizers, and the veritable lazy cancer gospel.

In short, while enjoying the vape, it is advisable for us to learn how to use the electronic cigarette correctly, avoiding the danger caused by improper use.


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