How to Use Body Language in Dating


Body language is a non-verbal communication that implies physical behavior instead of words to express or convey information. This behavior includes facial expressions, body positions, gestures, eye movements, and touches. Body language complements verbal communication in social interaction. Some researchers argue that non-verbal communication makes up the majority of information transmitted during human interactions.

Many debates are still underway about whether body language is universal. However, interpretation of body language varies from country to country. So, European and Asian women for marriage, for example, can perceive men’s gestures differently. Nevertheless, learning to decipher the secret signs that a person sends in addition to words is essential not only to improve communication, but also to understand better the needs, desires, and feelings of other people.

Body language comes in many forms and can often be involuntary. It is not always easy to understand on a date what impression you make on the person you like. To better get the direction you are heading in a relationship, you need to read between the lines. Indeed, sometimes simple movements can say even more than words and prompt you to know how to find an Asian woman to marry. Experts say that body language should not be underestimated, especially on a first date with European, American, or Asian brides.

Male and Female Approaches

Male and Female Approaches

Women are more sophisticated in courtship and use a broader range of gestures. Some body movements are intentional or acquired over time. Others are congenital and unconscious. If some gestures of a man seem pleasant for one girl, these body movements can be perceived as a sign of arrogance and insincerity for another woman. Such an unusual reaction is inherent in people by nature, at the level of animal instincts.

A Slavic, Latina, or Asian bride often makes preening gestures. She can run her hands through her hair, arrange her clothes, turn her body towards the subject of attention, and try to meet her interlocutor’s eyes more often. To attract attention, women correct their posture, straighten their backs, as well as demonstrate the height of their busts and the length of their necks. The smooth swaying of gorgeous female hips can literally mesmerize men. And this is far from the entire women’s arsenal.

In courtship gestures, the male gender lags far behind women. Many of the male gestures can be characterized unambiguously, and they are often aggressive and dominant. For example, this can be putting thumbs behind a belt, pushing the pelvis forward, placing hands on hips, or turning the shoe towards a particular woman. Most often, all this is done unconsciously, and these movements are rather intended to emphasize the man’s strength.

A behavioral anthropologist Dr. Albert Scheflen wrote in his work Quasi-Courtship in Psychotherapy that a man involuntarily straightens his back in a female company. His muscles tense up, wrinkles under his eyes disappear, and he generally looks much younger. Also, if a man opens his mouth a little while listening to a woman, it means that he is interested in what she says. Let’s see how some gestures can be used to determine what the interlocutor has on his or her mind:

A Move Closer

While dating, this is a clear sign of affection and trust. People who like each other want to be closer unconsciously. So, they gradually reduce the distance between them and enter a stage of more intimate contact. If a man finds a girl attractive, he will intuitively try to approach her. During a conversation, he will lean forward. While walking, he will try to be closer and, possibly, touch the girl’s hand. However, keeping a distance for people from Asian countries is more natural. Asian wives try not to violate the personal boundaries of even close people.

If sympathy is mutual, such behavior will bring pleasure to both people. But if a man is too actively approaching a woman, she may not yet be ready for such pressure. So, if he wants to establish contact with a girl, the distance should be reduced gradually. First, greet her and say a couple of phrases. If her posture remains open, she is in the mood for communication and does not mind continuing the conversation. However, if she suddenly crosses her arms over her chest, she is most likely not in a position to further communication.

A Look

Women’s eyes are praised in many love ballads and romantic poems. Looking into the beloved woman’s eyes and admiring them is very pleasant. It was noticed that lovers look into the eyes much more often on a date than people do it during ordinary talks. If a man looks at a woman intently and for a long time, he likes what he sees. When she speaks, the man will look at her lips and mouth more often.

If a man hides his gaze, looks at the table, and nervously wrinkles his hands, this is an alarm bell. It might be worth ending this date earlier than you planned. Widening the eyes can tell about the interest in the interlocutor and show a positive reaction to this person. Women who widen their eyes become especially attractive because, like babies, they generate a desire to protect them and offer love in this way.

Repetition of Gestures

Psychologists often use a concept of “mirroring” when people unconsciously or intentionally repeat a partner’s actions. The primary purpose of repeating gestures, facial expressions, or words is to create a trusting atmosphere. Also, the repetition of gestures is a fundamental principle of patterning when communicating. It can be manifested on a date, for example, when a man repeats movements or words after a woman, tries to guess what she wants to order in a restaurant, and takes a similar dish. So, he wants to show that he is in her league.

Eye-Rolling and Lips Pursing

It happens that a man reacts to a girl’s stories or jokes in some strange way. Namely, he can roll his eyes, curl his lips, or even make snide comments. It is a red flag that it is better to end such a date and not meet again. He might dislike the girl, and he waits until the date is over. In this case, if the man claims that everything is fine, it may be a sign of his abusive behavior. That is, he intends to show his superiority.


Gestures of courtship and demonstration of own attractiveness can be used unconsciously. To achieve a complete understanding between people, you need to understand non-verbal gestures. Moreover, it is not as difficult as it might seem. A positive attitude often helps choose the right course of action when dating. In the end, if this is not the first and not the last date of two people, it means that these gestures have already had the necessary effect.


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