How To Unlock Nokia Asha 311?

Network providers profit more when contracts tie consumers with them. While this method provides a more convenient approach for easy transactions, this does not do well when it comes to flexibility. For example, you have to unlock Nokia Asha 311 first before you can actually enjoy benefits from other networks.

A locked phone limits your use of your mobile device. It also lowers down your phone’s value. Hence, when you have a locked Nokia Asha 311 because of an unfinished contract with your current provider, you might as well consider unlocking through a third party service.

What Are The Advantages Of An Unlocked Nokia Asha 311?

First of all, the best advantage of every unlocked phone is FREEDOM. The rest is simple perks that you can enjoy because of this unlimited freedom.

  • Travel friendly. Now that you don’t need to worry about SIM blockage issues, you can go anywhere you want internationally. This allows you to save more money by getting rid of roaming fee services. You can use a local SIM for your unlock Nokia Asha 311 anytime.
  • Increase resell value. Most second hand phone buyers look for open-line phones, which means that they can use it with the SIM they already have regardless of the carrier provider. Selling phones locked to a specific provider limits your potential buyers to people who are only using the same provider as the one where your phone is locked.
  • Change providers, anytime you want. Freedom means switching from one provider to another anytime you can without any hassles. This will allow you to avail promos from a competitor carrier, which usually provides you with more amazing deals than the one you currently have.

How To Know If Nokia Asha 311 Is Locked?

There are several ways to know whether you have a locked phone or an open one. If you are not sure about your Nokia Asha 311‘s current status, you can pick one of these ways to check.

  • SIM card test. Inserting a SIM card from another network provider is one way to check whether your phone is locked or not. Once you insert a competitor’s SIM and the phone asks for a code, it is locked.
  • Contact your network provider. Simply contact your network provider to ask for the status of your phone. Their customer service or store personnel can verify it for you.
  • DIY check. In your phone’s settings, there is a list of network operators. Check this list, and if you only see one network operator on the list, then it is a locked phone.

How To Unlock Nokia Asha 311 Phones?

Now you realized that having a locked phone with limited freedom is not your thing, you might consider unlocking it. But the question now is how? You haven’t paid your contract term in full yet. Therefore, asking your service provider to open the phone for you is out of the question. Moreover, they usually require a lot of requirements that you don’t really have time to deal with.

The next best solution you have is to contact a third-party service to unlock Nokia Asha 311 for you. They have instructions on how to unlock Nokia Asha 311 to send to your email after you’ve placed your order.

  1. Get ready with your phone details. Normally, third-party sites would ask for your phone’s IMEI number or the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. You can acquire this by dialing *#06# on your screen. You will also need your phone model and serial number.
  2. Fill out the corresponding unlock form from the third-party website.
  3. Verify that all details are correct and place your order.
  4. Wait for an instruction email on what you have to do. The site will send you an email with the code as well as how you should put in the code on your phone.

Is It Safe And Legal To Unlock Nokia Asha 311 Phones Through A Third-party Service?

Yes, it is legal and safe. Rest assured that you are not breaking the law for unlocking your phone. The United States and Canada made this legal already, though some restrictions may still apply.

What Is The Best Third-party Site To Unlock Nokia Asha 311 Phones?

If you want to unlock Nokia Asha 311, the only site that comes to our mind and is very highly recommended is no other than We recommend this site based on the testimonials and reviews of past clients who are all satisfied with the services the site offers.

Moreover, the site claims a 99.5% success rate for the codes that they use in unlocking your phone. That is a great feat already since most sites don’t offer that high percentage. If they do fail to open your phone, the site will provide a refund as long as it is within their refund policy.

The site also provides impressive customer service, which is ready to assist you with your questions and clarifications 24/7. This will make every transaction easier and smoother compared to other competitor sites. is highly recommended!

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