How To Take A Girl On A Date

Have you ever seen an attractive girl in your neighborhood and wondered what to do to take her on a date? Maybe you sit by a beautiful black girl in a class, and you have no experience in dating black singles, and you are not sure how to go on with things. Or you probably had unlucky breaks in the past. Whether you are trying to get your first date or you have been to a few dates and feel like there is something you have not been doing right, the following steps will help you take a girl on a date.

1.    Gauge Her Interest

Check for positive expressions such as smiling when your eyes meet, laughter, and open body language. These are great indications that she is also interested in you. However, if she seems busy, annoyed, or closed off, you should probably leave her alone. If there are positive expressions, chances are she is interested in you, and she would not mind a date.

2.    Get To Know Her

If there are indications that the girl is also interested, it is time to get to know her better. This can come in handy when planning on what to do and where to go when you take her on a date. Seek opportunities for small talks. This could take place in the hallway when waiting for a class to start, or even at the grocery. Pay close attention to her interests as well as to what she dislikes. Additionally, when talking to her, try as much as possible to maintain eye direct eye contact and avoid staring at other parts of her body. It may make her lose interest in you.

3.    Ask Her Out

Time has come to ask her out. Make sure you look nice and clean when doing so. It creates a great impression on the outside to go along with a good personality on the inside. Girls like nicely groomed guys. Be clear when asking her out. Do not be vague. Ensure you mention the word date to eliminate any confusion. You can ask over the phone or in person, preferably in person. Do not ask her out through text. The girl will either agree to go and date or decline. It is that simple. Do not be afraid of rejection.

4.    Make Date Plans

A great first date should be the one where you can really talk, have fun, and get to know each other. It should be a relaxing date, a place where there is no much noise, and you can hear each other talking. It should be in an environment where you can concentrate on her. A cup of coffee or a picnic in a park would be fine. Look for tips online on how you make a date more exciting and memorable. For example, you can search for chubby women dating tips (if she’s chubby of course).

5.    Pick Her Up

Whether you are driving, walking, or taking a taxi, it does not matter the mode of transport, pick up the girl for the date. Do not plan to meet her at someplace.

6.    Go On The Date

During the date, you should be yourself, and be gentlemanly. Observe the following:

  • Open the doors for the girl. If she ever touches the door on a date, you will have failed.
  • Pay for her food, coffee, cab, and everything else. You should not let her pay for anything on your first date. She will be impressed.
  • Kissing on the first date is a no. No matter how beautiful she looks or how much fun you had on that first date, do not kiss her yet. It gives both of you something to look forward to. Plus, you don’t really know her very well.
  • Show her respect throughout the date. She is a woman, and you should treat her as such. She should have a good time and not worry about anything.
  • Take her home. Whether you will walk, drive, or use a cab, ensure you get her to the door of her house. Once again, ensure you open all the doors for her. Wish her goodnight but do not enter her house even if she invites you.
  • Call her the next day and let her know you had a great time and let her know of your intentions of a second date.
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