How To Stop Crying While Controlling Your Emotions

How to stop crying easily

How To Stop CryingNot all moments spent in a day are pleasant ones. Some moments can either make you extremely vulnerable to lose your calm and composure and cry, or even place you in such a situation where you will be expected to diffuse an awkward situation. However, once you lose control and start crying the situation can get worse, and make you the center of the drama so created!

To avoid such situations you would definitely ask yourself – how to stop crying or how to control the person in front of you? To deal with such situations we have framed this post How To Stop Crying While Controlling Your Emotions.

How to stop crying baby –

Ok so you are not a parent yet, or simply you are responsible to take care of a baby, since you are not a perfectionist in this field you might not have any idea of how to deal with it, here’s a procedure you can follow, to calm down the little one.

Start by grabbing the baby in your hands, simultaneously crisscrossing his hands around his chest.

Carefully hold the baby in a 45 degree inclined position, and start stirring and rocking him in the air, slowly and carefully. Although a little technical one, but it’s worth a try!

How to stop crying baby

How to stop crying child –

There are some children who are a little grown-up, but still won’t leave a stone unturned to create a mess by their shouts and screams. In such cases you need to first decode the message behind the various gestures the child does while crying! In case you are not able to understand the child’s gestures, all you can do is ignore the attention seeking behavior and give them a time out by sending them to their room. In solitude the child will either become calm or will sleep.How to stop crying child

How to stop crying at school –

This one’s for all those who try their best to avoid any awkward situation at school, and are seeking help regarding the same. For such kids distracting themselves from something which is making them cry would be the best.

Well school being a place meant totally for learning purposes, it would be difficult to fetch any source of entertainment, therefore you can simply concentrate on either of your subjects included in your syllabus, or you can refer the library! There in extreme silence you can easily distract yourself by issuing a book of your choice that can be a magazine or even a comic book, and get yourself free from the sorrows making you weak!

For the athletic people out there you can opt for a new sport. Learning a new sport can divert your mind from frustrations and make you indulge into something productive!

How to stop crying at school

How to stop crying over a guy –

This one’s for the heartbroken darlings out there. Alright lovelies you’ve been sharing the most beautiful moments with the love of your life, but suddenly everything comes to a halt and ends with a boom!

We know that it’s not easy to deal with such sensitive situations, and to take out your agitations and the best way out is to cry really hard, but this works the best when alone. In case you are in public and you need to refrain yourself from crying we’ll tell you how to stop yourself from crying.

In such as case, start embracing your independence at once! You need to think about the independence you have achieved after getting released from the clutches of a meaningless relationship, which did nothing but broke you into pieces. Gather those broken pieces and think about your strengths and start afresh girl! After all you deserve the best!

How to stop crying over a guy

How to stop crying easily –

This one’s especially for those people who are mocked due to their highly sensitive nature. The ones, who are not able to have a control over their tears, are without a doubt the ones with the biggest hearts! But it’s very important to have a control on the rolling tears as people generally cook up stories, which can worsen the conditions.

For such people it’s the best if they start controlling their breath the moment they feel they would cry. They should start tasking longer and deeper breaths with their eyes closed and release the air through the mouth. This is a perfect and instant solution for such sensitive moments!

How to stop crying easily

So here were a few measures you can take to prevent any melodrama which can result into a really out of your depth and uncomfortable social situation depending on the category in which you fall. It would be better to be practical and focused rather than being harsh and violent, so the next time you find yourself in such a troubling situation do give the above measures a try and share your experience below in comments


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