How To Shrink A Cotton Shirt By One Size?

How To Shrink A Shirt

One of the biggest tragedies of a shopaholic person is when you ordered a cotton shirt but its bigger size than you expected or a shirt you bought off by giving atrial and it expanded later after wearing it twice.

In any of these cases, you don’t have to worry as you can shrink your shirt. Yes. you heard it right. To shrink a shirt, you will need 3 essentials:

  1. Your shirt you want to shrink
  2. A large Pot
  3. Hair Drayer

Few things you have to keep in mind before going ahead with the procedure. You have to check if the shirt is ‘Pre-Shrunk’, which means that it cannot be shrunk further. You cannot shrink the shirt more than once, it will damage the quality. Colored shirts might lose color, you gotta be careful mixing two three shirts together. If you have checked list these pointers, we can go ahead with the procedure. Also, not all fabrics can be shrieked.

Here is the step you should follow to shrink a shirt:

Boil water in the pot:

It should have boiling water temperature. Be careful putting the shirt inside the pot, it can burn your hand if not handled carefully.


Boil the shirt in the pot for 10  minutes minimum:

Also it depends on what’s the size of the shirt you want to shrink. Bigger the shirt, longer the amount of time you have to boil the shirt in the pot but don’t expand it more than 20 minutes.

After boiling the  shirt:

Take it out carefully, and let the water drain.


Use the hair dryer:

To dry the shirt and make sure the hair dryer is on maximum level. After you have dried the shirt. let it

There you go:

How To Shrink A Shirt

You can also expand the shirts with the same procedure but you will have to add hair conditioner in the boiling water and you don’t need to hair dry the shirt immediately.

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