How to Run A Successful Online Shoe Fundraiser Drive Campaign

How to Run A Successful Online Shoe Fundraiser Drive Campaign

Are looking at ways to raise money? Perhaps you’re bored of the usual marathons and yard sales? If you’re looking to organize a fun and easy event that’s for the whole community then a shoe fundraiser online could be perfect for you.

Running a Successful Shoe Fundraiser

Essentially, during a shoe fundraiser, you collect as many old pairs of shoes as you can. You then liaise with a nonprofit organization who picks them up from you and exchanges them for a dollar per pair. So you basically want to collect as many pairs as you possibly can. The following pointers should be a good place to start:

  • Find team volunteers
  • Agree types of shoes and theme
  • Spread the word online and offline
  • Place collection boxes
  • Share the story about micro entrepreneurs
  • Work with local companies (vouchers to top collectors
  • Use photos with social media

Find Team Volunteers

It’s totally possible to organise a shoe fundraiser on your own. Nevertheless, you can probably imagine that you can achieve so much more with a team of friends or community members to help you. Furthermore, it will make the whole experience more fun for you and think of what you could get done.

With a proper team, you can organize a professional-looking shoe fundraiser event over 1 or several days. With your team, you’ll also be able to reach that many more people through your networks and of course, social media. Then again, you might be able to organize a bigger event in your school gym or even your town hall. Those organizations can also leverage their networks to help you spread the word.

Agree Types of Shoes and Theme

It’s worth thinking about whether you want to focus on sneakers or just take in all types of shoes for your shoe fundraiser. Although, most nonprofits don’t accept heels when they pick up your collection. In terms of types of shoes though, there’s no right or wrong. It really depends on what you think could work for your community. For instance, are you working with your sports clubs? In that case, are most of your networks avid sports people? Then, it might make more sense to focus only on sneakers. Having said that, allowing all types of shoes except heels does give you more opportunity. Therefore, have a think before you jump in.

Spread the word Online and Offline

The success of any event, shoe fundraiser or otherwise, depends on promotion. This is also why having a team to rely on is good because they can tell all their friends who, in turn, can tell their friends. Of course, social media is key and you’ll easily be able to get people to share about your event. Make sure you include photos and short videos to build engagement and excitement about your shoe fundraiser.

Nevertheless, don’t forget offline promotion especially if you’re reaching out to your community of all ages. You can put signs up on popular shop windows and town hall post boards, for example. It’s also useful to reach out to your local newspaper teams. They might be able to include something about your shoe fundraiser event in their next publication both online and offline.

Work with Local Companies

To generate more buzz and excitement, you might be able to persuade some of your local companies to support your shoe fundraiser with, for example, vouchers. So, you could give your top donor a voucher for your local pizza place or your favourite clothes shop. You give the local company some free advertizing and you make your local supporters happy. Everyone wins.

Place Collection Boxes

Whilst your main shoe fundraiser activity might be over the course of a day or a week, it’s a good idea to also place collection boxes around your area in the run up to the event. This allows those people who can’t attend your event to still donate their old shoes. The collection boxes also serve as the perfect reminder because people see them as they drive or walk around town.

Share the Story about Micro Entrepreneurs

Don’t forget that your nonprofit organization can advise you and give you some pointers so you have the most successful shoe fundraiser possible. It’s also worth sharing stories about the micro entrepreneurs that you’re helping.

After all, your shoe fundraiser gets you money for your cause but it also supports people in emerging countries across the world. By giving your old shoes to micro entrepreneurs in places such as Africa or South America, you’re giving them an opportunity to build a business selling shoes to their communities. Your own community will love to hear about this because they’re supporting so much more than just themselves.

Parting Words on Organizing the Best Shoe Fundraiser

Parting Words on Organizing the Best Shoe Fundraiser

Overall, this is a fun project and most people will be more than happy to get involved. So, make sure you get a team together to plan your shoe fundraiser event and then promote as much as you can. Leverage social media but also work with your local companies. Of course, don’t forget to place as many collection boxes as you can. Last but not least, check in with your nonprofit organization for any final recommendations and you should be well on your way for a successful shoe fundraiser.



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