How To Recycle Or Sell Your Old AC Unit?

The Air conditioners are common household appliances used across the globe. Depending upon the kind of air conditioner, and its features, it can last up to 15 years. The best of Air conditioners too need replacement at some point.

When an air-conditioner has to be disposed of, many homeowners make the mistake of disposing of the air-conditioners in the wastage dump. You should never throw the air conditioners into the trash dump. It is, in fact, illegal to discard off the air-conditioners in the regular garbage in many countries. In those countries, you can be heavily fined for doing so.

How To Recycle Or Sell Your Old AC Unit

If you possess an old air-conditioning unit, you can correctly recycle them or sell them or even donate it to the needy. This way, it is very environment-friendly too. These simple air conditioner disposal ways can be adopted.

Options For Disposal Of Your Air- Conditioning Unit

Discarding the old air conditioner by way of recycling

As already mentioned above, throwing off the air-conditioner with the rest of your garbage is illegal in many countries. The reason behind this is that the Airconditioners uses a cooling system which contains several chemicals which are harmful to the environment if left in the landfill areas. There are mainly ozone-depleting chemicals which negatively impacts the environment if not disposed of properly. Hence for the safest method to dispose of the AC, it is best to recycle the air conditioner.

The Air-conditioning units cannot be recycled if they are broken or irreparable. You can recycle it after the refrigerant has been removed from the unit professionally. To dispose of the air-conditioning unit properly, a trained and licensed technician should be present for dismantling the system. Many private companies and recycling unit companies do this job. This job can also be done at the scrap yard.

Many parts of an air-conditioner cannot be recycled, but a few parts like the plastics and metals can be recycled and used again.

Donation of an air conditioner to the needy

If someone in need can use your AC, you can consider donating or selling off the Air-conditioner unit, at the lowest price, as a part of a social initiative.

Sell off the air-conditioning unit

Selling off your air-conditioning unit is a good option. There are plenty of online websites which encourage the sale of air-conditioners. Advertising the air-conditioner and selling it online can get you great deals. There are many people online who are ready to buy a second-hand air-conditioner for themselves through buying and selling sites. In fact, some exchange offers allow you to exchange the old Air-conditioners for new ones.

Bounty programs

Your air-conditioning can get you money through a special program, which is sponsored by the local utility or the regional utility. The owner of the air conditioning appliance is paid a ‘bounty’ to allow the recyclers to recycle the inefficient air conditioning appliances. Most of the bounty programs have laid down the specifications for the appliances, which can be given for exchange for money.

The local disposal program

There are various provincial or state regulations, which need to be called for dismantling the air conditioning unit before you discard it. There is the requirement of a technician to remove the refrigerant coolant chemicals which harm the environment and safely dismantled to be put into the special trash area for electrical appliances.

Disposal of the air-conditioning unit through the retailer

When you purchase a new air-conditioner as the replacement for the old model, you can give the old air-conditioner to the retailer. These merchants may reduce the cost of the new appliance in exchange for the old air-conditioner, and you no longer need to think of ways to safely dispose of the old air-conditioner.

Some important considerations before disposing of the air-conditioner

These few considerations need to be taken into account before you discard the air-conditioning unit into the dump. These are:

  • Remove the coverings of the Airconditioner
You need to remove the covers, latches and the doors of the Air-conditioning unit to prevent any accidents like small animals or children getting trapped up inside the unit when trying to explore it.
  • Get the help of a professional
It is essential to have a skilled technician or professional to drain the refrigerant chemical which is very harmful to the environment before you consider it being dumped into the trash or recycled. The hazardous waste which is the tanks, hoses or tubes which contains the chemicals needs to be separately disposed of in a local hazardous waste collection center.
  • Take professional help to move the AC, to prevent environmental damage

The Air-conditioning is extremely heavy unit and hauling it from one place to another for selling or recycling can cause damage or leak of the harmful chemicals like coolants. Hence, it is best to seek professional help to move the Air- conditioning unit.

Many people have got habituated to the air conditioning and the comfort it provides. The air-conditioner, in fact, is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. However, many people are unaware that the coolants used in the Air-conditioning which provide us comfort, harm the environment. The air conditioner is a primary threat to the global warming scenario too.

We tend to replace the air-conditioner when it does not function properly. We usually think of disposing of it in the dumps or exchanging it for money to get a new one. Here are various options mentioned above which you can consider before you throw off your air-conditioner. These include recycling the air-conditioner for better use and contributing to the environment. It also includes contacting the regional or local governmental agencies to help you with the professional technicians to properly dispose of the Air Conditioners without harming the environment negatively. You can even donate the air condition unit to the needy if it is in the slightest working condition. These are some ways you can safely dispose of your old air-conditioner and save your environment too.

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