How to Read Horoscope

A horoscope is a diagram that represents the positions of the Sun, the Moon, and astrological aspects and planets at the time of a person’s birth. The chances are that you have been reading your horoscope wrong this entire time and the reason for it is misinterpreting your zodiac sign. Common horoscopes that you can find in the newspaper are written for the rising signs while you are most likely thinking of your Sun sign. An astrologer wouldn’t be able to tell you much with your Sun sign alone, and if you would like to know how to read your horoscope correctly, it would be best to contact a professional. A website like Hot5 is a great way to start, as it can redirect you to the best psychic reading websites that can give you a better insight in your natal chart.

The Ascendant

The rising sign, often called the ascendant, is a personal point in astrology that is commonly found in the first house of the natal chart. It is the fastest changing point in the horoscope as it moves faster than the Moon or Sun do. If you have ever had your horoscope read by someone that only asked for your birth date, then you should know that they didn’t do a very good job. To properly read the natal chart, it is crucial to know the time when the person was born because the ascendant is the point that was rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

However, knowing your Zodiac sign is only a small portion of knowing how to properly read your natal chart. Many different aspects can influence on the reading of your horoscope, such as your date and even your place of birth. To do that, you should also refer to the other parts of the chart, like the planets and your houses.

12 Houses

Another important aspect of your natal chart are the twelve different houses, as they point to various aspects of your life. They influence your astrology chart through depending on the different signs ruling over each house.

  • The first house represents you at the moment of your birth, and the planets and signs in this house influence your personality. It shows your physical appearance, your temperament, attitude, your overall identity.
  • The second house is dedicated to your personal assets and money, and your attitude towards the material.
  • The third house shows transportation and communication. It will point towards your learning style, the manner of speech and your self-expression, as well as how others communicate with you.
  • The fourth house represents your home and your family, your background and your childhood. Inner emotions awakened by these areas are represented in this house.
  • The fifth house tells of romance and love affairs, as well as children and your relation to them.
  • The sixth house represents your health and well-being throughout life.
  • The seventh house shows what you need in a long-term partner as it represents the committed relationships or marriage.
  • The eighth house represents rebirth and regeneration. Birth, decay, injuries or surgeries can be found in this house, alongside sex.
  • The ninth house displays long distance travels, whether physical or emotional journeys.
  • The tenth house represents your social status and your career, and can also reveal how aspiring and ambitious you are.
  • The eleventh house represents hope and when and whether your dreams will come true.
  • The last house represents secrets, such as hidden emotions or the hidden aspects of someone’s past.

Zodiac Planets

The last part of an astrological chart are the planets, and they can be divided into two types: outer and personal planets. Among the outer planets you can find Jupiter that will point out to your personal growth, Saturn that shows your personal rules and responsibilities, Uranus that reveals your capacity to grow and learn, Neptune that refers to your imagination and ideals, while Pluto represents your ability for deep and personal inner growth and change.

When it comes to the personal planets, Sun will represent basic purpose and identity, the Moon will display how you react to events in your life, Mercury shows how you perceive others, Venus represents your comfort zone while Mars represents your actions and your will.


The reason that astrology and horoscope reading are important is that they can help you re-evaluate yourself and be more determinate when making decisions. It is important to know that horoscope reading is not absolute and that many different things affect your natal chart, even the astrologer interpreting it. That’s why you should use it as guidelines to point you in the right direction in your life.

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