How to professionally create new email id for your business?

Why is it important to create new email ID for your business? Statistically, 75% of the customers prefer doing business with a brand that has a professional email ID. Some random name followed by is not an excellent way to express your business. Let us see in detail how a new email ID for your business should look.

Keep in mind the purpose when you create new email ID

Say, your business brand name is LaserGrid. The customer support email ID should be,, or any other term that indicates the purpose of the account. This style of naming gives a professional look and avoids confusion among the customers. It also gives authenticity to your business.

Say, you are a B2B business looking for companies to sell your product. When a client receives a business proposal from, it would look too informal and a little over the top like a scam mail. However, if your email ID was,, or even, it would give an authentic look.

Hosting to create new email ID

The process of creating a custom email ID is similar to setting up your business website. It would help if you had a reliable hosting service provider. The first step to create new email ID is choosing a service provider and picking a package. Usually, a small business goes with a basic package with a limited number of email IDs. Some might opt for a separate email hosting plan, security blocking, specific spam settings, etc.

Create new email ID with a professional domain name

Some businesses buy domain names from others to match the name with their brand name. Say, the brand name is LaserGrid, and the same is currently in use by another company. You can either buy the domain name or set up something closer to the brand name, like,,, etc. Some hosting service providers offer domain when you buy web hosting. It is easier to find matching names in such packages.

Avoid confusing domain names when you create new email ID

Many companies choose to add an ISP email address as their business ID. sounds professional. But, the customer might assume that you work for Verizon and not LaserGrid. What if you stop using Verizon service? It would be best to move to your domain name, hoping no other company is currently using it.

Create new email ID with formal format

Do not show your imagination and quirkiness in the email ID. might lead to much confusion. Also, make sure to keep it simple. You cannot expect the customers to type It could be as simple as or

Use your name and appropriate profile picture

Add credibility to your email ID by creating a professional signature, profile picture, full name, job position details, etc. When they receive a mail, it should look professional and authentic. Even a moment of doubt about your authenticity can make you lose large deals. When you pick a profile picture, make sure to have a formal photograph or any picture related to your work. A picture that might look funny to some might be offensive to others. Avoid using pictures that represent you as a part of a specific community, team, religion, etc.

Avoid embarrassing name when you create new email ID or could sound fun, but not professional. You should be able to share your email ID with a group of people without embarrassment. Also, your client should be able to share it with their network without shame. Also, avoid pop culture references in your email ID. might sound bold as Game of Thrones is still relevant. Over time, this might make you look like an obsolete business.

Security factor of your email ID

When you create new email ID for your business, the focus should not be just on the name. Yes, the name makes a big difference, but security is also essential. The business email accounts should have secure passwords, spam filters, two-way authentication, and others. Any breach in the email account could lead to legal, financial, goodwill, and sales loss.

A few reliable hosting providers offer spam assistance. You can also choose packages that come with additional filters and required security settings. Do not go easy on the security factors, just because it is for a suggestion mail ID. A breach at can affect every part of your business.

Choosing a hosting service provider for your email

Cost is an important factor, especially if you are a small and growing business. Beyond the budget, the main elements are the availability of the domain name, security, support, and ease of setup. Choose a hosting service provider who offers multiple access to the webmail client, an adequate number of email accounts, scalability, etc.
It is possible to change the hosting service provider when you feel so. However, it is best to spend time in choosing the right service provider in the first place.

Get professional help, if needed

It is not easy to pick the right hosting provider, package, and other requirements. If needed, you can talk to a support guide from the hosting provider to learn more about the process. Some might even offer to set up the email account and create direct links for ease of use.
A namesake professional email ID is not enough. You should share the email ID with your clients and send market-specific information via the same. Email IDs are to create an open channel of communication and be responsive throughout your business hours. If you fail to respond to a mail sent to your business ID, you will most certainly lose the customer.

Do not fall behind in this technically advanced marketplace. The business email ID is not just for new and upcoming businesses. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores should also keep a digital front and be visible for customers on the internet.

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