How To Prepare Your Lavender Color Wedding With Orchids And Roses

Lavender is the new color in fashion this year. A color, which looks so unique, tied up in an unfathomable spirit of royalty and calmness that you are left inspired. Every time you visit a lavender color, you are left so mesmerized that it makes you turn back to it. Whatever the setting may be, the lavender color full of spray roses with bouquets lined up in wedding roses enhances the moods throughout. The color lavender is the symbol of showing more profound love and affection. It does not matter whether you are old or young, wedding season is all about sharing the love. The wild wedding roses teamed up with orchids are the best to speak ‘love’ for you.

Wondering how to design your next wedding to a lavender party but not sure how to proceed or buy flowers from? If you are wondering where to purchase wholesale flowers, you know you have landed at the right place. Whole blossoms have a wide range of flowers ranging from tulip to calla lilies, peonies and the wildest of Roses. The orchid bouquets stand perfect for a lavender color wedding leaving the setting in a disguise of a fairytale romance. The delivery services along with the idea of receiving the freshness intact make it the most visited place. It has been winning hearts since the day it established itself online with a wide range of flowers. It remains open 24*7 with their service systems running online for queries and issues related to your choice or delivery.

There are various ideas about how you can incorporate orchids and roses and add color to your wedding. There are designs for bouquets or the colorful flowers hangings that create an effective look at your wedding. So, let’s get into what you have been waiting for!

  • Arranging a banquet set for your bridesmaid– Imagine your bridesmaid dressed in lavender dresses with a little sequence of elegance attached. In addition, she is carrying the most precious bouquet in her hands. Spray roses are the most attractive wedding roses your girls can carry. Arranged in a bunch of beautiful arrangements, these roses stand apart from the crowd every time you carry them.

  • Lavender setting for the stage– The best way is to arrange orchids and decorate the center of the stage using a different technique of arch. Don’t overdo the arch but keep it simple with flowers all around the stage to give it an elegant look. The setting looks so serene and royal that it would bring out the best in your photographs. The occasion that brings more light to the orchid bouquets and roses is the wedding season, which is filled with love and zeal almost everywhere. The color lavender brings out a lot more positive on occasion. It is believed that the lavender color makes the atmosphere more flamboyant and delighted.
  • Decorations around the wedding cake-The use of wedding roses on the top of the cake bring about more craziness at the wedding. With bridesmaid coordinating the color red, you can further enhance the creativity by styling the wedding cake. The wedding cake is something that everyone will look up to. Red roses would magnify your cake and give it a pleasant touch.
  • Getaway cars for the newlywed– One of the most sort out examples of using orchid bouquets at a wedding is decorating the getaway cars. Using the spray roses at the top of the cars and putting red heart below with a ‘happily married’ card would romanticize the whole effect. There is a lot of craze about the getaway cars, which are most talked about in the marriage ceremonies. Why not making it more happening and inviting the newlywed to a ride decked up with roses and orchids. It is not a bad idea to bestow a bouquet upon her right before she enjoys the journey of life with you. Even the orchid bouquet would be a good idea for congratulating her.


Now that you have the complete idea behind what the roses say at a wedding, do not forget to add a galore of wedding roses in your wedding. Having known how important the roses are for your wedding and how it is to suit up a lavender color wedding. It is upon you to decide for yourselves whether you want a touch of deep red tone or the lavender smell captivating the entire set up. What is more time saving is booking them online right at the place where you are with whole blossoms. Their online platform has all the range of flowers at an affordable price. They know flowers can make every human feel blessed and wedding stands the perfect occasion to feel blessed!

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