How to play Teen Patti for real money

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Teen Patti is a very popular Indian gambling card game usually played in a group of between 3 to 6 people. For online gambling fans, Teen Patti can now be played online for real money! It’s a fun and fast paced card game, closely related to Poker, but in the Indian version there are some subtle changes that makes Teen Patti quite unique.

Play Teen Patti for real money

Teen Patti has gone viral! The app has been downloaded for Android or iPhone millions of times and is being played online by college students, teenagers, young folk and old folk alike. Teen Patti holds mass appeal, not only for Indian players, but in fact, by card game enthusiasts across the world. Most of the Teen Patti apps don’t offer real money gambling, and so the question remains, what about Teen Patti fans that enjoy real money gambling? The great news is that Teen Patti is now available at online casinos in India! Have a look through recommended casinos and play Teen Patti for profit, test your skills and maybe win a few thousand extra rupees!

Rules of the game

The game is usually played between 3-7 players with a deck of 52 cards. Every player is dealt three cards which are placed face down by the dealer. The person to the left of the dealer is the first to bet, and the rest of the game is played anti clockwise. 

The minimum bet for Teen Patti is called the Boot Amount, usually the boot amount is around ₹150 which is then placed into a money pot by each player. After the minimum bet has been decided, for the next stage of the game, the dealer begins dealing the cards to the players in a counter clockwise direction until every player has 3 cards. The players then decide whether to play Blind or Seen. When players place their bet without looking at their dealt cards, they are said to be playing Blind. In this case every other player must match their bet by doubling or quadrupling the bet amount. When a player decides to play Seen, this means that they’ve decided to look at their cards. In this case the other players must match their bet by doubling the bet amount. 

A Compromise or Slideshow can be requested when all players are playing SEEN. In this case, the next player in the round has to bet double and can request a Compromise. If the players deny the Compromise, then the game continues, but if the other players agree to Compromise, the next player will reveal their cards and the weaker hand folds. If both player’s have the same cards, then the player who requested the compromise has to forfeit the hand.

Play Teen Patti for real money today!

You can play online Teen Patti from plenty of sites online. However, most of these sites offer free online games and you won’t be able to walk away with real money wins. If you want to play Teen Patti for real money gambling, then we suggest trying one of the casinos on our pages. Register, make your real money deposit and start playing Teen Patti for real wins today!


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