How To Play In PS2 Games For Free In PC?

Are you are an ardent game lover? Then having a PlayStation 2 is surely a dream for you. Even if you do not have this amazing video game console with you, you can still play the PS2 games. Yes, it is possible to play the PlayStation 2 games if you have a laptop or desktop also. All you need for this is an emulator for PS2. Then you can download any PS2 ROMs of your choice and start playing them. These emulators help you to provide you with a PlayStation 2 platform on your laptop or desktop. Once the platform is ready, you can definitely go ahead and play any PS2 games of your choice.

Download PS2 Emulator

If you have a laptop or desktop that is operated by Microsoft Windows, then you cannot play the PlayStation 2 games there without any intermediary platform. The Windows doesn’t allow or support the games of PS2 in its system. For this, you will need to download the PlayStation 2 emulator. You must find one of the best and most reliable emulator to enjoy playing seamlessly on your PC. There are some amazing PS2 ISOs emulators available at To download and use the emulator, you must follow these steps:

Step #1: First you have to choose one of the best PS2 emulators from the and then click on it. You can find some information about the particular file i.e. the size and number of downloads.

Step #2: Now click on the download button and it will start downloading. Once the download is over, click on the .exe file to run it on your laptop or desktop. The installation will start.

Step #3: After the emulator is installed, you can see a shortcut of that on your desktop. Click on it to activate the emulator on your PC.

How to play PS2 game on a PC?

There are many amazing and more advanced games that PS2 has. All these games have better and higher graphics which you will surely love to enjoy and experience. One of the most popular games of PlayStation 2 is Tekken 4. It is fighting video game where one has to fight with several opponents to reach to the next level. It is a quite interesting and addicting game. But playing this game is no more limited to the PS2 consoles only. You can play it on your PC if you have an emulator installed. In order to play this game, you need to follow these steps:

Step #1: Visit and search for Tekken 4. You will be provided with some of the options from where you can select one and proceed.

Step #2: Click on the one with best rating and maximum downloads or the latest version. Now, you will get an option to download.

Step #3: Click on Download button and the game will start downloading. Once the download is over, select the .exe file and run on your PC. It will take some time before it gets completely installed.

How to start playing?

When the installation completes, you have to activate the emulator to start playing PS2 ROMs. This emulator plays a very important role in your PC as it helps you to provide you with a base for playing these PlayStation 2 games. Without that, your system will not support any games made for PS2 consoles. So, just like Tekken 4, you can select any game of your choice from the list and download it. Then install and activate the emulator to start playing. This emulator changes the complete interface into a PS2 console. Thus, when you start the game, the memory reads the device as PS2 console and starts the game.


This is one of the best proven ways by which you can play any PS2 ISOs on your laptop or desktop. The operating system of the PlayStation 2 is completely different than that of Windows. The games are also designed in such a manner that it can only be supported on the PS2 consoles. But these PS2 emulators available at provide an excellent opportunity for anyone and everyone having a PC to play these PS2 games on their PC. Simply download it and activate it before you download the game and start playing. is a very reliable and trustworthy site which is 100% safe to use and you can download any games and emulators from there without worrying.

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